Employee Engagement In Todays Business Senerio


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Speakers presentation for National HRD Networks webinar on Employee Engagement In Todays Business Senerio

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Employee Engagement In Todays Business Senerio

  1. 1. National HRD Network Webinar on Employee Engagement in  Today's Business scenario  June 26, 2009 J 26 2009 3:00‐4:00 PM IST
  2. 2. Meet the Speaker Mr. Anand Pillai is currently the Sr. Vice President and Global Head of Quality, Talent Transformation & Leadership Development at HCL Technologies, thus leading the two critical functions of People and Processes. He is a key member of the Blue Ocean Task Force at HCL Technologies and is driving the competency of “Blue Ocean Thinking” in the company. With more than 25 years of rich experience in the corporate world, Anand has handled challenging assignments in general management and as head of sales operations in companies such as Honeywell, Tata Unisys, Hughes Network Systems and Bay Networks. Anand has been a much sought after speaker in many national and international forums. He has been the distinguished speaker at the recent Fortune Innovation Forum in NY, USA (the only non American speaker to be invited) and also at the Fortune Global Forum in New Delhi, NASSCOM, CII, etc. He also has given guest lectures at the country’s premier institutes such as IIM‐Ahmadabad, SPJIMR, IMT, etc.
  3. 3. High Engagement Workplace Harsh reality today
  4. 4. Employee engagement! “Loyalty is a thing of the past. Loyalty It appears every man, woman pp y , and child is ready to quit y q their job at the first opportunity” – Electronic Recruiting Exchange, November 2003
  5. 5. Employee engagement! 76 % of executives want more satisfaction, satisfaction not money!! – Global Study of 20 000 Executives Korn Ferry 20,000 Executives, International
  6. 6. ENGAGEMENT ( Singapore/USA) ENGAGED 6% 29% NOT ENGAGED O G G 77% 55% ACTIVELY DISENGAGED 17% 16% Source: Gallup poll 2003 /First, Break All the Rules, Marcus Buckingham
  7. 7. Engagement In Singapore 3 Yr Trend Sept ‘03 May ‘02 Aug ‘01 Engaged 6% 4% 6% Not engaged 77% 84% 73% Actively disengaged 17% 12% 21% Source: Gallup poll 2003
  8. 8. High Engagement Workplace Impact of this reality
  9. 9. Engaged Employees Have a passion that drives them to: • Build and innovate • Find new and more effective ways to accomplish their roles • Move the organization forward
  10. 10. Not Engaged Employees • Stuck in low-risk, low-commitment mode • Don't feel a connection with or from their company, manager, or coworkers • Don't feel a sense of achievement
  11. 11. Not Engaged Employees • Become fixated on the activities of their roles instead of the outcomes • Are just concerned about doing the minimum they need to do to get by
  12. 12. Actively Disengaged Employees • Are the "cave dwellers“ – C i t tl A i t Vi t ll E thi Consistently Against Virtually Everything. • Are busy acting out their unhappiness • Every day undermine what their engaged coworkers accomplish
  13. 13. Employee engagement and personal life Satisfaction In Personal Life: Engaged 65% Not Engaged 36% Actively Disengaged 24% Source: Gallup So rce Gall p poll 2003
  14. 14. Business impact of engaged work force • 50% Lower Turnover • 56% Higher Customer loyalty • 38% Higher Productivity • 27% Higher Profitability
  15. 15. Business impact of engaged work force Disengaged Employees cost • US economy 350 billion $ $/yr • Singapore economy 6. 9 billion $/yr in lost productivity
  16. 16. Meet the Speaker Mr. L Selvam George is Founder & Chairman, 5E serpraise. Before this he was heading the Human Resources and Government Markets Functions at 3M India Limited (earlier called Birla 3M) – a subsidiary of 3M, Minnesota, an organization whose foundation stands on innovation and growth comes from employee pride. George holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics (1976), B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering (1979) and M.Tech in Aircraft Structures (1981). After which he pursued a post‐graduate course in Human Resources Management at XLRI, Jamshedpur (1983) – in line with his passion for people development. He is also a visiting faculty in many management institutes and resource person for many corporate training programs.
  17. 17. Employee Engagement In g g Today’s Scenario. -L SELVAM L.SELVAMGEORGE CHAIRMAN & PRIME SERVANT www.5eserpraise.com
  18. 18. CONTENT: 1) What is “engagement”? 2) How it was nurtured in the past? 3) What is “special” about today’s business scenario? 4) Couple of suggestions.
  19. 19. ENGAGEMENT: “en” “em” Verse “engagement” “Retention”
  20. 20. In the Past: 1) “If you feel bad, it is your problem”. (Leadership Quotient). 2) “ I am there for you 24/7” 24/7 (Welfare Orientation/ Humane approach). 3) “The typewriter is not complete without Z The and good typist knows” ( Task/Personal Identification) )
  21. 21. Today’s Scenario: 1) 50’s (Industrial) 2) 60’s (Psychologist) 3) 70’s (Corporate Warfare) 4) 80 s 80’s (Internal Systems) 5) 90’s (Knowledge worker) 6) 2000+ (Asset Building)
  22. 22. Suggestions: 1) Increase Interdependency. (Free Agents/ 4 F Principle) 2) Help Identify and Follow the Passion.
  23. 23. THANK YOU georgeselvam@5eserpraise.com @
  24. 24. Thanks Thank you for your participation For Question & Feedback For Question & Feedback  please email at ankur@hrtalks.in