Corporate Wellness – Making an Impact


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Corporate Wellness – Making an Impact

  1. 1. Corporate Wellness – Making an Impact Vishal Bali CEO Wockhardt Hospitals Group
  2. 2. 21st Century Workforce Sedentary Stressed Longer Work Hours Obesity Lifestyle Diseases
  3. 3. Change Drivers • Week is getting longer • Technology is introducing new health concerns • Employee stress levels are high
  4. 4. Today’s generation of children may be the first in modern history to live shorter lives than their parents
  5. 5. Average Indian takes 4000 steps daily compared to a healthy goal of 10,000 steps
  6. 6. CFO’s Understanding of Impacts of Ill Health • 96% higher medical costs • 90% employees have more trouble focusing on their jobs • 86% more absence, effecting operating performance • 84% effects bottom line beyond healthcare costs alone
  7. 7. 70% of all illness is lifestyle related and 50% of all medical costs are associate with preventable illness
  8. 8. Physically Active employees reported to work nearly 70% more than inactive employees
  9. 9. Most Illnesses are avoidable Sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition, smoking & alcohol account for majority of illnesses
  10. 10. You have heard these • “ I need to simplify” • “ I am too stressed” • “ I just need more hrs in the day”
  11. 11. Corporates need to change directions of their healthcare agenda from Reactive to Proactive system
  12. 12. Ask Questions to Yourselves • Do you have a corporate wellness program in place? • What have you done to express the importance of wellness to your employees? • What incentives do you offer employees to be active ?
  13. 13. Every 1$ spent on health promotion in the workplace $16 is saved through less absenteeism
  14. 14. Companies with an employee fitness plan cut their health costs by 27%
  15. 15. Bring Wellness to your employees •Hire a personal coach, nutritionist, fitness instructor to educate your employees •Utilize a medical providers corporate wellness package •Offer medical flex plan incentives in co-operation with your insurance/TPA provider •Build on site facilities including a healthy cafeteria and gym
  16. 16. Corporate Wellness Programs •Disease Prevention/Management •Emergency Response Training •Healthy Lifestyles •Injury Prevention/Management •Mental Health
  17. 17. Smoking Cessation – Corporate Goal •Post 1 yr of quitting risk of heart disease is half of a smoker •Within 5 yrs of quitting risk of premature death is lower by 50% •15 yrs later risk drops to that of a non smoker
  18. 18. Benefits of Walking 1 hr walk •Decreases heart disease by 30 – 40% •Stroke •Breast Cancer 20% •Diabetes 50%
  19. 19. Workplace Wellness Programs •Improve Employee morale •Reduce company healthcare costs •Increase productivity at many levels
  20. 20. 3 keys to success •Keep it simple •Communicate effectively •Reward Healthy behavior – Celebrate Success
  21. 21. Wellness - Return on Investment • Motorola’s wellness programs saves the company $3.93 for every $1.00 invested • Johnson & Johnson’s Health and Wellness Program has produced average annual health care savings of $244.66 per employee • Northeast Utilities WellAware Program which in its first 24 months reduced lifestyle and behavioral claims by $1,400,000. • Caterpillar’s Healthy Balance program which is projected to result in long-term savings of $700 million by 2015.
  22. 22. Wellness is a Choice!