Muslims of past and the muslims of today (haris)


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A brief Overview of The Muslims of Past and the Muslims of today...

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Muslims of past and the muslims of today (haris)

  1. 1. In the name of allah, the most gracious, the most merciful…
  2. 2. Presented to: Mam sumaira NawazIslamiat What we were before & what we are today ??? A brief timeline of muslim history
  3. 3. The glorious past… :)
  4. 4.  The time when the world was sunk in barbarism  fights over small things for years  all kinds of sins happening  daughters were buried alive  extreme hardships for the slaves Advent of last prophet
  5. 5.  Just in that darkness a light lightened the entire world  our holy prophet (p.b.u.h) came to this world  at the age of forty, started propagating islam Advent of last prophet
  6. 6.  muslims of that time  hardships they faced  example of hazrat bilal (R.A.)  Physical and emotional hardships  forced to leave their families New muslims
  7. 7.  stood firm in their cause  had firm believe in allah and his prophet  numerous sacrifices  paid a heavy price for Islam  main cause of their advancement: UNITY Firm in their faith
  8. 8.  Treaty Of Madina ( Greatest victory ) jang-e-Badar: 313 muslims on one side and a large enemy on the other side  khandaq war: 3,000 muslims vs 24,000 kuffar  yarmok war: 32,000 muslims vs 900,000 romans  hence proves numbers never win…. but…. The will always wins…. The historic wars
  9. 9.  firm belief  unity  courage  fear of the doomsday  selfless acts The key to their success
  10. 10. The Examplary era
  11. 11.  Disputes over different religious acts  some neglected to pay zakat  successor to holy prophet : (hazrat abu bakar R.A.)  announced to fight with the people who neglected to perform the basic prayers  managed to unite muslims in very short time Circumstances after holy prophet (p.b.u.h)
  12. 12.  Islam started spreading far and wide  large area was conquered & islam spread speedily  Afterwards Muslims spread every where on earth & spread the message of islam  recognition of islam as the most convincing religion  Rome, iran, Egypt, india, china … all were evaded by muslims Spreading Islam
  13. 13.  In the era of hazrat umar the best rules of government were promulgated which are still a guideline for eVery government Great Justice system  Corruption free leadership equality in law  exemplary system of government Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth
  14. 14.  Advancement in education  First message of Allah to Prophet (p.b.u.h) was about acquiring more and more knowledge  Great Muslim Scientists originated  very advanced study of science  wrote more than 100,000 books (approx.)  breakthrough researches  muslims were the torch bearers of knowledge till 16th century Knowledge is power
  15. 15. The downfall of muslims United-we stand…. Divided-we fall….
  16. 16. muslims started becoming ease loving people  not much importance was given to defence system  not acting completely on their religion which was the binding force Dreadful wars started in muslim world Circumstances after golden era
  17. 17.  in pursue of lands of far and wide, education was left far behind  no major universities were built  all the money the muslims had was spent on building monuments  books & libraries were destroyed  the remaning muslims’ treasure of books were being sold to west in pennies Education… ;.(
  18. 18.  muslims were in desperate condition  west unitedly hatched conspiracy theories against them  started interfering in the government  muslims were deprived of education Conspiracy of the west
  19. 19.  justice was not accessible to all  might was always right  the leaders were corrupt  under full control of west  western forms of government were introduced System of government
  20. 20.  a large number of different maslaqs  disputes over religious basics  sectarian disturbances Religion… : (
  21. 21. The Muslims of 21st century
  22. 22.  degrees but no education words but no actions  mosques but very less Namazis the courage to fight… but with ourselves Today…. We have
  23. 23.  we were assigned to show right path to others  but today we look to west for help  standing in front of white house with begging bowls  we were the ones who eliminated slavery  but today we are slaves of America…. Dependent on west
  24. 24. a person being killed don’t know why is he being killed  the person who kills don’t know why is he killing  have u ever wondered that why terrorism is just in Muslim countries …. I’m a muslim & I’m not a terrorist
  25. 25.  disputes between muslim countries  no unity…  wars are being imposed on us…  banner of terrorist is imposed on us Divided….. We fall
  26. 26. What can we do to achieve greatness again ???
  27. 27. root causes of our backwardness Why always….. Weeee….
  28. 28. I hate two faced people…. It makes it harder for me to decide, which side to slap first….. TWO FACEd
  29. 29. backbiting
  30. 30.  If We ruled the world in past…  then why putting a question mark on our future ???? extremism
  31. 31. there’s still some light……… Muslims never give up
  32. 32. A dedicated leadership……… What we require
  33. 33. Education………… Kal’m momin ka hathyar hae… What we require
  34. 34. Firm believe on allah………… What we require
  35. 35. Be the true muslims What Iqbal said
  36. 36.  end up all internal disputes  join hand in hand against all conspiracies  we can still change our destiny united….. We stand
  37. 37. Thank you questions and discussion session Hrs© creatives united….. We stand“Main koi bhikari thori hoon jo signal par khara hoon ga… :p “