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Webinars in international companies


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Presentation held online at the Internetionalisation conference in Stavanger Norway on March 10, 2016
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Webinars in international companies

  1. 1. webinars for companies around the world Hróbjartur Árnason University of Iceland
  2. 2. CC Some rights reserved Tristan Ferneon Flickr Locally distributed organisations
  3. 3. CC Some rights reservedPeter Fiskerstrandon Flickr Globally distributed organisations
  4. 4. Eimskip as an example
  5. 5. Some issues for distributed organisations • Leadership • "Using words to get things done" • Motivating and modeling behaviour of groups • Distribution can lead to isolation • Creating and sustaining… • culture • quality • purpose • Gettig things done • Projects across the company • Getting from information to action (Transfer)
  6. 6. Two problems Information overload How do you motivate highly qualified people We forget that our collegues read 10s or 100s of emails a day, 100s of facebook updates, some blog posts together with reports, articles, news ... All day long they check for updates on their, laptops, tablets, smartphones, televisions and newspapers ...and they need to process it all. "Why engage highly educated and skilled staff if you just want to tell them what to do?" "If you have many smart people in the organisation you probably want to benefit from their "smartness"!"
  7. 7. Do we always use the most modern and appropriate technologies to communicate? The British kept an empire working with mail
  8. 8. How can webinars help?
  9. 9. Mindmapping during a webinar Participants work together on a mindmap Co-creation fosters engagement
  10. 10. Getting order on our ideas F2F
  11. 11. Getting order on our ideas ONLINE with
  12. 12. Webinars with distributed collegues
  13. 13. Lessons learned • Interactive webinars are a good way to work WITH distributed collegues in active ways Facilitators need to see benifit for themselves (motivation) We need a clear path Clear ideas about forms and methods Tecnological support We need support for facilitators • New ways and methods are stressful, so facilitators reduce their actions to the familiar and „essential“ • Checklists • Co-Pilots
  14. 14. Webinars can spur engagement and motivation
  15. 15. More information: • On our blog: • Join or Facebook Group "Effective Webinars“ • Check out links to useful sources ==> • Email me: 10. March 2016 Hróbjatur Árnason Univesity of Iceland