www.connXus.comConnXus (www.connXus.com) provides a web-based platformthat connects small, minority- and woman-owned (“MWB...
www.connXus.comConnXus was founded by a former Chief Procurement Officer and Minority Business Owner whounderstands both s...
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Conn Xus Two Page Customer Summary 08222012


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Supplier Diversity Made Simple: Overview of ConnXus, an online platform that matches corporate buyer needs with diverse supplier capabilities.

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Conn Xus Two Page Customer Summary 08222012

  1. 1. www.connXus.comConnXus (www.connXus.com) provides a web-based platformthat connects small, minority- and woman-owned (“MWBE”)businesses with major corporations seeking to expand theirsupplier base and meet supplier diversity objectives.ConnXus.com revolutionizes the concept of supplier diversity byfocusing on aggregating corporate purchasing demand andmaking it easy for major corporations to locate, evaluate andengage performance-rated small, minority- or woman-ownedbusinesses across more than 400 categories includingconstruction, transportation, information technology,consulting, marketing and temporary staffing.Our scalable technology platform facilitates the process of matching buyers and qualified suppliersbased on profile compatibility. The system also enables buyers to post RFP/RFI opportunities for whichsuppliers submit bids. In addition to targeted, demand-driven supplier outreach, we also offer a host ofadditional procurement services to buyers including RFP/RFI development, Supplier qualification andvalidation (revenue, references, certifications, etc.), Tier 2 program management, Diversity spend audit,validation and reporting. Services are provided on a subscription basis.ConnXus is Supplier Diversity made simple. As noted below, ConnXus product offering encompasses afull cycle supplier diversity solution, from targeted diverse supplier outreach to spend tracking &reporting. For as little as $49 monthly per user, you can leverage the platform to search forperformance rated diverse suppliers or post bid, RFP or RFI opportunities.Product DescriptionDiverse Supplier Locator Empowers procurement staff to identify and qualify diverse suppliers nationally or locally across over 400 spend categories.Tier 1 Reporting/Data Scrub Comprehensive validation and classification of the accounts payable vendor master files, providing reliable, clean data for diverse spend reporting.Tier 2 Reporting Platform The ConnXus Tier 2 reporting package exists to assist a company’s ongoing efforts in supplier diversity by helping to push the diversity goals down supply chain and identify additional areas of diverse spending. The ConnXus Tier 2 package allows for quarterly or monthly reporting of Tier 2 spend from designated prime suppliers. The program administration services include inviting/training primes, supplier follow up and quality assurance auditing.Private Label Portal The ConnXus Private Supplier Diversity Portal provides diverse vendors looking to conduct business with “Your Company” a means of registering their diverse business, listing any certifications and allowing themselves to be located by procurement professionals within “Your Company” for their diversity inclusion program. With the Private Supplier Diversity Portal, you not only get the power of ConnXus, you get the branding, look and feel of “Your Company”, as the portal will be made to look exactly like the rest of the website.
  2. 2. www.connXus.comConnXus was founded by a former Chief Procurement Officer and Minority Business Owner whounderstands both sides of the table. As a former Fortune 1000 CPO, he understands the challenges andcomplexities that major corporations face in meeting supplier diversity goals as well as the frustrationfelt by those business owners trying to jump through the multiple hoops to get connected. The ConnXus solution is viewed as a complement to the major certification and support organizations such as the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) for numerous reasons highlighted by the following:  ConnXus makes it easy and affordable, for the tens of thousands of corporations and other buying agencies whose supplier diversity programs are under-developed or nonexistent, to identify, evaluate and engage diverse suppliers.  ConnXus provides an alternate supply source for the numerous mid-market companies lacking sufficient sourcing & procurement infrastructure to implement an effective supplier diversity program.  ConnXus adds value to well-developed supplier diversity programs by creating an alternate source of supply not previously identifiable through traditional sources.  ConnXus provides value to organizations such as the NMSDC and WBENC by identifying and qualifying new non-certified suppliers who are prompted to become certified in order to do business with most connXus buyer members.  ConnXus provides value to the NMSDC and WBENC by recommending these organizations certifications as standards for those corporations or buying organizations with nonexistent programs, policy or infrastructure.ConnXus exists to deliver Supplier Diversity results for companies that are ready to “walk the talk”. Ifyour company is ready to “walk the talk”, please contact us please contact Josh Francis atjosh@connxus.com or call us at (513) 204-2873.