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Save your employees time and maximize your business productivity through HRMantra


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Best HR & Payroll Software
Thank you for allowing me to introduce you to HRMantra
I would like to brief you about the HRMantra's product. We are into to this business( Hr & Payroll software ) since 15 years. We have a complete hire to retire web based HR Payroll software with free mobile application exhaustively covering every corner of HR and Payroll domain with more than 10 modules.
Request your time for a free online demo.
Following are the modules that we cater to:
1. Core and HRIS: This is the heart of the system wherein employee database is stored and Exit formalities are taken care.
2. Staffing: E recruitment module wherein on boarding formalities are taken care of.
3. Leave
4. Attendance: wherein the module is synced to the biometrics as well there are various methods like single sign on or login logout facilities are enabled.
5. Admin: Wherein claims, assets ,travel expense and helpdesk formalities are take care of.
6. PMS: Performance of all employees are taken care of it could be any structure followed in the company i.e 90 degrees,180, 360 degree.
7. Training: E learning module wherein everything related to the training of an employee is taken care of and it is linked to the PMS cycle.
8) Payroll

HRMantra Software Pvt Ltd
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Call :+91 9167796002 / 9167747782

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Save your employees time and maximize your business productivity through HRMantra

  1. 1. Save your employees time and maximize your business productivity
  2. 2. Features Core HRIS Recruitment Leave Attendance Payroll PMS LMS
  3. 3. WORKFLOWS Attendance Candidate Letter Claim Employee Info Exit Escalation Extra Worked TNI FBP Helpdesk Admin IT Investment Leave Leave Credit Leave Encashment OD PMS Appraisal PMS Confirmation PMS PIP Project Resource Requisition Resignation Escalation KRA Approval KRA Review Timesheet Transfer Escalation Travel Booking Travel Expense Travel Request Training Request Training TNI Note: around 30 workflows which is ESS enabled
  5. 5. ESS Features RMS  Candidate Details  Online Test  Requisition History  Positions Opened (IJP Handling / external positions) HRIS  Employee self Details  Induction Process  Career Graph  Online Test (Induction Tests , Psychometric Test , Skill Related Tests  Transfer application & Exit Workflow
  6. 6. ESS Features ATTENDANCE  Attendance Calendar  Set Accounting Year  Monthly Timesheet  Employee Related Application ( OT, OD, Regularization ) ADMIN  Claim Management ( Medical Claim, LTA, Mobile ,Books and Periodicals etc.)  Helpdesk Management  Asset Management (Asset Allocations , Asset Inventories , Asset Revocation  Travel Expense Management LEAVE  Leave Balance & History  Leave Application
  7. 7. ESS Features PAYROLL  Salary Processing  Loans / Advances  Tax projection and consultation  IT investment application & statutory Reports (PF, ESIC Reports) PMS  Performance evaluation form  Goal / KRA setting and Competency setting  PIP status  Self Review History LMS  Self Training Nomination  Training Calendar  Training Evaluation / Performance  Training attended
  8. 8. Employee Engagement Tool Flash a bilinear which would be visible to all the employees so any mergers or acquisitions done by your organization. Conduct Employee Surveys and record their suggestions. Share Greeting Cards on anniversaries and birthdays. Multiple articles can be stored for multiple departments. News and Events can be flashed for all the employees. Flash video enabled thought for the day which changes on a daily facility. Internal chatting facility for all the employees
  10. 10. STAFFING (RMS) Man power budgeting. Assign requisition. Publish requisition. Candidate Screening. Interview scheduler. Salary Fitment. Convert candidate to employee. Email/SMS to candidate.
  11. 11. Staffing module can be mapped to any job sites like Monster or Naukri for importing downloaded CV’s directly into HRMantra. Also, the candidates can fill their profile sheets and submit their resumes online. As a result of this, candidate details such as official, qualification, academic, experience etc. are maintained in this module. There is a detailed page for campus recruitments as well. You can also set your Consultant related information and import candidate CV’s provided by them. All the Head of Department’s can fill the talent requisition application forms giving details of the number of employees required to be filled for a particular position along with their experience, age band, set of qualifications, skills and functions that they should possess. Searching for candidates based on a particular criterion is very easy through the search engine option. But the best part is you can also do a candidate search based on the requisitions that have been approved by the HR. After short listing the candidates, you need to send them for screening. From the screening list you can select candidates who need to be called for an interview. Recruitment Management system (RMS)
  12. 12. HR can send email / SMS to candidates in one click asking them to appear for an interview which can be taken online. Also, if you want to make the candidates appear for any Aptitude, IT, etc. related tests then you can create online tests wherein you can design the tests as per your requirements. Once all the interviewers have finished taking the interviews for a certain position then the HR can select the candidate who has got the best rating and create an offer letter from the software. One click Candidate to Employee conversion can also be done. Another important feature here is that you can publish approved requisitions to your employees and they can apply for a certain vacant position that is higher compared to their current position within the organization. Recruitment Management system (RMS)
  13. 13. Performance Management system (PMS) Set the Rating Tables as per the nomenclature required by you. Create multiple questionnaire for multiple employees. Competency masters can be set as per the company’s policy and can be mapped across different hierarchies. KRA and KPM’s can be set as per desired policy and weight age can be defined as required. Multiple review structure enabled(90,180,360) Task Cycle can be set as per policies followed . Succession Planning can be done.
  14. 14. HRMantra helps in keeping an all round tab on the performance of your employees by getting them appraised in an unbiased manner by their bosses, their subordinates, their clients, their peer group, the HRD and the employee himself. These performance reviews are online, can be customized to each position and done whenever required. The performance chart of the appraised employees can be viewed through 3D customizable dashboards. This will help you in monitoring in which direction your employee’s performance is moving in terms of Readiness, Final Rating and Potential. You will also quickly know percentage of pending appraisals as also eligibility for appraisals department wise. You can do inter year analysis of performance to check which employees performances have degraded or improved dramatically compared to last year. Performance Management system (PMS)
  15. 15. You can create any number of appraisal levels like self, HOD, peer groups or sub- ordinates giving you the options to set 180 or 360 degree appraisal system. Each of the appraisal levels can have different weightages and select whether one appraisal level can see the other person’s evaluation or not. You can create competencies matrix and map it to a role giving different weightages to each competency. Similarly create the key result areas (KRA’s) at any organizational hierarchy level and for each such department for a certain KRA you may have many key performance indicators or measures. You can create goal setting with the help of KRA’s and there is also a balanced score card with its 4 perspectives. In order to identify training needs of an employee at the time of appraisals, create a competency development method and decide its options. Performance Management system (PMS)
  16. 16. The KRA form can be opened for the employee to see and set KRA’s by self. You may have different appraisal formats for different organizational hierarchies and user levels so as to get an accurate performance evaluation. In the final appraisal form, the appraisal committee can review the scores of the appraise and the appraisers. After checking their scores they can give recommendations and also decide what kind of training programs he needs to undergo to be able to handle his next job assignments properly. You can also do succession planning with the help of color-coding theory. Performance Management system (PMS)
  17. 17. Learning Management system (LMS)
  18. 18. You may have many training cycles within a training year. Create any number of training topic hierarchies like category and sub-category within those topics. A training program can consist of many training topics and these programs can then be set at your company, department or designation levels. Also create training cost heads and the cost structure for each of these heads based on a formula. For a set of training needs identification question group, create a set of questions, which an employee can answer subjectively or in response to some objective options. You can also set the details of the internal or external training faculty with details like the kind of training topics they conduct along with the fees charged and the number of programs conducted. Employees can fill up TNI application forms and HR can nominate employees for a training program thus from 4 different lists: TNI by self, TNI through appraisal, TNI through HOD and employees not identified for training. Learning Management system (LMS)
  19. 19. If a training program can have only 10 participants, then HR can choose employees from these lists and send an email to them saying they have been nominated for that training program. On completion of the training program, the employees can give their feedback of the program online and the faculty can also rate the performance of the participants. Evaluate the actual cost of the training programs conducted and compare the same with the estimated cost giving the justification for the cost escalation in the remarks column. An employee can view the training program calendar online which is dynamically created and there are a whole lot of ISO standard training program reports already created. Learning Management system (LMS)
  20. 20. 1. Fact Sheet: Revenue, Location presence, Partnership, Certifications Revenue : Confidential (Private Limited company ) Partnership : Business partners like Tata Teleservices, IDS ,Sunlabs Certification : ISO 27001 5001 , CRISIL Certified Location Presence : Mumbai (HO) , Delhi, Bangalore. 2. Resources: Longevity, Experience, Education Longevity : Average experience of 6-7 years Experience : 15 years Education : As per Industry standards 3. Clients: Work done, kind of association and Longevity Customer base across different sectors , large and small databases( largest group company handled - Sahara Group ). Some customers are also our business partners like TTL ( tata teleservices ) Facts as required
  21. 21. 4.Product Roadmap More workflows on Mobile App to make your employees more dependent on mobiles. , GUI changes, Unicode, Social HCM, IOS based application etc We kindly request to schedule an online demo to demonstrate our HRMS automation capabilities . 5. Cloud Vs In Premises model Commercial deviates rest product remains the same with free upgrades Saas : on a monthly billing and implementation cost ( 1 year payment in advance) In premise model : License Cost + implementation cost / Hardware required Facts as required
  22. 22. 6. Commercial model Kindly await till our online demo (it depends on customers requirements on features, modules , Saas or onsite demo ) 7. Support Model We have Monday to Friday (10 -7 pm ) support on helpdesk, telephonic,Email Onsite support is not required however on a customer requirement it is given on a per manday billing Lot of other tools inclusive in the package like audio video tutorials almost on every page along with Help files and FAQ's. Facts as required
  23. 23. Thank you Nishith Mishra Sales and Marketing Executive +91-9167700849 HRMantra Software Pvt Ltd +91-22-28608888