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Save 30 min per emp per day giving over 10 times ROI


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Best HR & Payroll Software
Thank you for allowing me to introduce you to HRMantra
I would like to brief you about the HRMantra's product. We are into to this business( Hr & Payroll software ) since 15 years. We have a complete hire to retire web based HR Payroll software with free mobile application exhaustively covering every corner of HR and Payroll domain with more than 10 modules.
Request your time for a free online demo.
Following are the modules that we cater to:
1. Core and HRIS: This is the heart of the system wherein employee database is stored and Exit formalities are taken care.
2. Staffing: E recruitment module wherein on boarding formalities are taken care of.
3. Leave
4. Attendance: wherein the module is synced to the biometrics as well there are various methods like single sign on or login logout facilities are enabled.
5. Admin: Wherein claims, assets ,travel expense and helpdesk formalities are take care of.
6. PMS: Performance of all employees are taken care of it could be any structure followed in the company i.e 90 degrees,180, 360 degree.
7. Training: E learning module wherein everything related to the training of an employee is taken care of and it is linked to the PMS cycle.
8) Payroll

HRMantra Software Pvt Ltd
Email id :
Call :+91 9167796002 / 9167747782

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Save 30 min per emp per day giving over 10 times ROI

  1. 1. Save 30 min per emp per day & get over 10 times ROI www.hrmantra.comWorld's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software
  2. 2. 2 About Us World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software  HRMantra is the World’s most Powerful HRMS Software which can handle any kind of complexity in HR policies easily and rapidly implemented.  We have for more than 15 years laser focused into HR domain.  We are zero debt, profit making Private Ltd. Company operating from owned resources in Mumbai, Bangalore & Delhi.  We have invested over 750 man years in the development of the HRMantra Software.  Mr. Pankaj Bhargav who has over 28 years of rich experience in diverse function leads the company from the front with tons of passion, focus, hard work and zeal. He is ably supported by a well experienced senior team of development, support and sales staff.  Man-Days Invested: 2.5 Lakhs , Team: 75+, Projects: 300+
  3. 3. 3 Milestones World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software • 1996- Company Formed • 2000- Ventured into HR software development • 2006- Developed India's 1st fully web based HR & Payroll software • 2007- Offered India's 1st HR & Payroll software on SaaS • 2008- Rated in the top 8 SAAS vendors in Asia-Pacific by Springboard Research • 2009- Launched worlds 1st HR software for cell Phones • 2010- Received " Top 10 Mobile Apps " award from NASSCOM & IAMAI • 2011- Became ISO 27001 certified • 2012- Crossed 1 Lakh users & introduced HR professional Training Course • 2013- Created an inbuilt report designer tool with 350+ ready powerful reports • 2014- Launched a simple and easy global user interface and converted the entire code-base in C# language • 2015- Received the HR excellence award from Conference Asia. Revamped the mobile App to include Social HCM features
  4. 4. 4 Vision • We envision a future where 1 in 10 employees worldwide uses HRMantra Mission • We will strive to keep innovating rapidly and incorporating best practices thereby creating a support free software to give great ROI World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software
  5. 5. 5 Modules World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software
  6. 6. 6 WORK FLOWS Attendance Candidate Letter Claim Employee Info Exit Escalation Extra Worked TNI FBP Helpdesk Admin IT Investment Leave Leave Credit Leave Encashment OD PMS Appraisal PMS Confirmation PMS PIP Project Resource Requisition Resignation Escalation KRA Approval KRA Review Timesheet Transfer Escalation Travel Booking Travel Expense Travel Request Training Request Training TNI Note: around 30 workflows which is ESS enabled World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software
  7. 7. 7 EMPLOYEE SELF SERVICE (ESS) World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software
  8. 8. 88 www.hrmantra.comWorld's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software
  9. 9. 9 HRIS MODULE World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software  Infinite hierarchies (org units) can be created along with complex escalation settings  India’s most comprehensive employee data with more than 450 attributes  Smooth exit formalities with clearance process  Organizational & employee reporting charts  Seamless employee movement across legal entities
  10. 10. 10 Attendance Module World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software  Pickup attendance thru any biometric system, smartphones, webcams or login- logout  Create flexi Shifts with any possible grouping of Weekly offs & public Holidays  Define OD / OT / Extra Worked Hours according to individual company policy  Set extremely powerful late coming, early going, absenteeism & regularisation rules  Attendance cutoffs periods could be different for different locations
  11. 11. 11 Leave Module World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software  In just 1 click all employees can apply for leave  Leaves can be approved for all in 1 click using email or from smart phones  Define leaves policies in just 1 form for all your employees globally  Use formulae to define as on date balance, carry forward or leave lapsation policies  Create various prefix, suffix, sandwiching, deduction or leave intimation rules
  12. 12. 12 ADMIN Module World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software  Set complex claim rules for each claim type along with claim workflow.  Track assets given by the company by assigning the allotter and revoker  Eliminate Inter- departmental Grievances by helpdesk management  Set different travel policy for each possible employee in the organization  Attach supporting document to avoid paperwork & easy assessment
  13. 13. 13 Project Module World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software  Maintain timesheet for each employee  Request for resources through applications and approvals  Drill down analytical form for checking employee wise project wise time invested  Maintain client details and project profitability  Generate over 27 detailed reports related to project management
  14. 14. 14 Payroll Module World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software  Create an automated Loan-Emi calculation with the help of formulae builders  Configure numerous Bank-statement format and Pay-Slip format  Hassle free Investment declaration and approvals along with documentation  Salary, FFS and Increment related process all in just few seconds  More than 65 Statutory Reports just for payroll
  15. 15. 15 Performance Management System Module ( PMS) World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software  Define multiple task cycles and multiple review structures for each employee  Bell curve with deviation analysis, Auto normalization & succession planning  Define competencies, KRA’s or Balanced Score Card as per your company policies  Design Appraisal form, confirmation form and Performance Improvement Plan  Directly nominate an employee for training from PMS form
  16. 16. 16 Learning Management System ( LMS) World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software  Design Training program calendar and conduct cost analysis for each program  Evaluate trainee and trainers performances  Maintain nominated and attended records  TNI applications and approvals can be set  Maintain internal and external faculty details
  17. 17. 17 Staffing Module www.hrmantra.comWorld's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software  Manpower budgeting.  Staff requisition workflows & IJPs  Direct integration with jobsites for downloading CVs & uploading requisitions  Candidate online testing, interview scheduling & reference checking  Convert selected candidates data to employee without any extra efforts
  18. 18. 18 HRMantra Mobile app World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software
  19. 19. 19 Contact us World's Most Powerful HR & Payroll Software Mumbai Head office : Telephone : 022 2860 8888 +91 9167 796 002 / 9167 747 782 Delhi: Telephone : +91 91677 47783 Bangalore: Telephone: +91 91677 96002 Email: