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Cubix micro system case study


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HR & Payroll Software
Thank you for allowing me to introduce you to HRMantra
I would like to brief you about the HRMantra's product. We are into to this business( Hr & Payroll software ) since 15 years. We have a complete hire to retire web based HR Payroll software with free mobile application exhaustively covering every corner of HR and Payroll domain with more than 10 modules.
Request your time for a free online demo.

Following are the modules that we cater to:

1. Core and HRIS: This is the heart of the system wherein employee database is stored and Exit formalities are taken care.

2. Staffing: E recruitment module wherein on boarding formalities are taken care of.

3. Leave

4. Attendance: wherein the module is synced to the biometrics as well there are various methods like single sign on or login logout facilities are enabled.

5. Admin: Wherein claims,assets ,travel expense and helpdesk formalities are take care of.

6. PMS: Performance of all employees are taken care of it could be any structure followed in the company i.e 90 degrees,180,360 degree.

7. Training: E learning module wherein everything related to the training of an employee is taken care of and it is linked to the PMS cycle.

8) Payroll

HRMantra Software Pvt Ltd


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Cubix micro system case study

  2. 2. About Cubix Microsystem • Businesses of all sizes face one common challenge - that of robust, scalable and cost-effective IT infrastructure. As infrastructure grows, complexities increase. This, in turn, poses new challenges which need to be overcome. Designing, procuring, deploying and securing IT infrastructure is a nightmare, best left to specialists. • Cubix Microsystems is the last word in IT infrastructure consulting. With over 300 years of collective experience within the core team, Cubix can design and implement IT infrastructure solutions to deliver a cost-effective, agile and scalable solution to meet the needs of today, and tomorrow. • Cubix associates with leading equipment manufacturers to deliver innovative, effective solutions with precision and commitment. • High-performance Connectivity solutions include KVM Switches and KVM Access over IP Solutions, WAN Traffic Management and SSL VPN products. Coupled with Bandwidth Management solutions, customers can harness the full power of their network and support many different services and applications at scale. www.hrmantra.comCall +91 9167796002 / 9167747782
  3. 3. Problem Faced by Cubix Microsystem • A completely new HR infrastructure that could handle payroll, benefits, personnel data, staffing and more had to be instituted in a matter of months, without sacrificing functionality, precision or security. Importantly, this new infrastructure needed to operate • Affordably and effectively replace a manual leave management system • The staffing is much time consuming job in case of larger companies. This process of collecting applications and shortlisting the candidates can be handled easily. • Most of their employees travel a lot across the country & hence they wanted a web based travel & expenses software. • They were doing some of the above work using paper or on excel or were using various client server softwares to handle such varied issues thereby wasting colossal amount of time & money & the management was not getting factual MIS in time. There was a lot of time getting wasted in doing master entries & import export across multiple such softwares creating a lot of stress & increasing errors. www.hrmantra.comCall +91 9167796002 / 9167747782
  4. 4. Intro about HRMantra • People-related costs now constitute the majority of total corporate expenditures, and leading firms have embraced the need to better manage their human capital and build a more effective workforce. • HRMantra believes that achieving workforce excellence should be the ultimate goal of human resources (HR)—regardless of company size, industry segment, or geography. HRMantra is enabling firms to transform their HR functions from predominantly administrative departments to functions that develop and deliver programs to improve worker efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. • Human Resources Management System (HRMantra HRMS) is flexible enough to meet your needs now and adaptable enough to change with your business. With every new update, we increase the quality and innovation of our products—and the impact they can have on your bottom line. www.hrmantra.comCall +91 9167796002 / 9167747782
  6. 6. Home Pages and its Advantages • Custom event reminders can help employees view the event which will remind them of the things they need to prioritize and act on the same which can save a lot of time of an employee as well as the HR. • News and Events and Single Liner Messages in the homepage can be used for employees to circulate various messages and Important Notices which actually takes a lot of time of the HR. • Chatting facility can help employees share important information specific to the organization instead of going place to place to find a certain employee to share the information which in turn saves a lot of time. • Tasks can be set for an employee or an employee can set a task which saves time of the superiors going to individual employee reminding of the pending tasks. Employee surveys can be conducted, voting system can be used for getting an approval of employees on certain policies which needs to be implemented. www.hrmantra.comCall +91 9167796002 / 9167747782
  7. 7. Mobile Application And its Uses • Employee can login through the mobile application and mark their attendance. • They can put their leave application from the application. • Attach and apply for the expenses they incur on travelling with scanned copies of tickets and other bills. • They can view reports specific to them like the salary slips, monthly timesheets, leave reports etc which in turn can save considerable amount of time of an employee. They can view the task set for them for the day and act on the same. www.hrmantra.comCall +91 9167796002 / 9167747782
  8. 8. Workflows OVER 30 WORKFLOWS FOR EVERY EMPLOYEE. • Workflows are basically the to do list on daily basis. Registering attendance, IT Investments, Leave application, Requisitions, Timesheet entries , Transfer workflow etc. • HRMantra has over 30 workflows which helps the organization and its employees saving time in putting in their applications and waiting for approvals. Employees through workflow can put in an application which can have multiple levels of approval system. • All the workflows have parameterised formula builders hence there is no restriction of having multi hierarchical, multi escalation workflows or cross functional escalation based workflow ( Major USP of HRMantra). www.hrmantra.comCall +91 9167796002 / 9167747782
  9. 9. On Boarding Process • Induction process can easily be handled through the system and policies can be circulated to all the employees from the system thus saving a lot of time of going through the complete induction process. On an average saves 3 -4 days of an employee only in induction programme. • Online tests which had been a paper pen test for all the employees ( major nemesis for HR) can be handled through the online test bar which can help you conduct instant tests ( Subjective as well as Objective) and get the results within no time thus saving a lot of time in analysing the talent index of an employee. • Auto reporting structure enabled system. This helps an employee see his reporting structure as and when he logins to the system thus saving his time to find out whom he needs to report for the required purpose. www.hrmantra.comCall +91 9167796002 / 9167747782
  10. 10. Auto Escalation Enabled Workflows • Paperwork Approval Routing – Web-based workflow solutions take automation a step further by eliminating the clerical aspect of maintain your HRMS. By automating transactional processing, you can improve service delivery to and productivity of the entire organization. • For every 30 workflows there is an Auto Escalation option in which the escalation levels can be set and as per the escalation the application put in by the employee would move for approval which is Email as well as SMS driven thus taking the headache put of an employee of whom to put in the applications and then run behind the managers for getting an approval reducing the time of an employee in such mundane work and thereby increasing the productivity. www.hrmantra.comCall +91 9167796002 / 9167747782
  11. 11. Employee Self Service • Give your employees the power to view and request for changes through self service technology. Employees and managers can access personal information and make changes directly, HR saves time and expense associated with paper forms and manual processes. • Employees can view their Career graph, Monthly timesheets, Salary Slips, Investment Forms, Appraisal Forms etc thus removing the headache of an employee running to the concerned HR department for the above mentioned reports and in turn saving a lot of time of an employee in such activities. www.hrmantra.comCall +91 9167796002 / 9167747782
  12. 12. Attendance , Leave and Payroll Process • Automates all the three major aspects of an organization: • Attendance-Direct integration with Biometric system which in turn helps recording the attendance of an employee which can be viewed on a real time basis by an employee as well as his superior in the attendance calendar on the homepage. Deduction policies for late coming, early going, missing minutes can be set in the system automatically. 80+ Attendance rules and Shift Roster can help save a lot of time of an employee in case of multiple shifts ( Majorly used in manufacturing industries for workers). • Leave- Leave entitlements can be hierarchy specific and leave structures can be set as per the policy specific to the hierarchies at which the employees are working at. Multiple leave masters can be created and multiple approval structures can be set for the same which in turn saves time of an employee to write a leave application and then go to the concerned department for taking an approval. www.hrmantra.comCall +91 9167796002 / 9167747782
  13. 13. Payroll Module Payroll: • Loans/advance workflow helps set loans and EMI rules specific for employees taking loans or advances and deductions are done based on the EMI rules set by the company thus removing the headache of the financial team maintaining the data of all the employees who have taken loan and looking for the stipulated period for which they have taken the loans for. • IT Investments can be declared by the employees with the supporting which can be scanned and attached thus reducing the paper work involved in asking for the supporting of the actual investments done. • Data automatically flows from the attendance and Leave module based on the biometric output and salary is processed based on the information gathered by the system . Current speed of the system is 0.3 seconds for processing the salary of single employee thus saving a huge amount of time in salary processing. www.hrmantra.comCall +91 9167796002 / 9167747782
  14. 14. Admin Module • Claim Management: Employees can put in their claims with supporting documents which can go for an approval. • Asset Management: Employees can see what assets had been issued to them during their joining and have to be responsible for all the assets allotted to them. • Helpdesk Management: Employees can put in requisitions for various activities like conference bookings, visiting cards, assets not in proper conditions which saves a lot time of employees in such activities. • Travel Management: Employees can apply for expense reimbursements as well as request for Itinerary booking to the Admin department. www.hrmantra.comCall +91 9167796002 / 9167747782
  15. 15. PMS , Training (LMS) • PMS: Productivity being the major importance in today’s organization PMS is completely automated in HRMantra. Rating structures, KRA and competency forms ,Review Structures and Task Cycle can be set as per the policies of the company. • Employees can view their performance evaluation forms, rate themselves, set their goals for the periodical year which in turn can go to multiple levels for approval. • Approvers can see the real time BELL CURVE and rate the employees nominate an employee for a training program through Training Need Identification which can save a lot of time during appraisal period. • Suggestions would be taken by the appraiser which would be highlighted to the employee in portal which would help an employee understand his performance and his areas for improvement thus saving a lot of time in making an employee understand his area for improvisation. Employees can monitor their own performance on regular basis based on tasks set for them. www.hrmantra.comCall +91 9167796002 / 9167747782
  16. 16. Training (LMS) • Hierarchy specific articles can be published and be stored in article section which can actually used as and when required by the employees for their referrals so a vast pool of library can be maintained which is a part of learning management system. • Training Program can be designed for employees and the cost estimation can be calculated which can save lot of time and money thus increasing the productivity of an employee. www.hrmantra.comCall +91 9167796002 / 9167747782
  17. 17. Every Organization Should have HRMantra Looking at the competitive aspect of the business we suggest all the organization should have HRMantra as employees in every organization are the biggest assets and we show how HRMantra can add value and in turn can easily save 30 minutes of an employee on an average per employee per day which saves 600 minutes per month (considering 20 working days in a month)thereby increasing the productivity of an employee as well as HR department wherein the concerned department can invest their time in implementing various methods for employee retention and other important aspects. www.hrmantra.comCall +91 9167796002 / 9167747782