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Increasing efficiency series 1

HR INC Consultants present a series of beneficial articles about How To Increasing Efficiency for you company.

Starting off with Sales Team!

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Increasing efficiency series 1

  1. 1. WATCHING OUT FOR SALES SUPERSTARS Increasing Efficiency Series 1 HR INC Consultant’s
  2. 2. DID YOU KNOW? 85% of Sales are generated by ONLY 20% of the Sales team? In most companies
  3. 3. Translation ×Turnover is abysmal. ×Part of your team is acting like Cash Cows supporting the other non-performers.
  4. 4. The Possibilities Are Endless What if the entire team produced good results? What if you hired the wrong resources? What if your team only had the top performers? What if you could determine this without repeating the same mistakes?
  5. 5. Best Scenario Skyrocketing sales Turnover dramatically reduced Profit margin over the roof! Worst Scenario ×Turnover continues to eat up your profits ×Increased stress on top performers to deliver consistently ×Burn out for the team
  6. 6. Pick the Right Team All for One. One for All. Pre Established Network Adaptability to Explore New Markets Conformity to Process Intuitiveness to Market
  7. 7. Increase Efficiency of Current Team HR INC Consultants Speak
  8. 8. What Can You Do? Become Process Oriented Work around the Sales Cycle Use under performers for Upselling and Cross selling Creative Motivation Periodic Training Try different Product Positioning
  9. 9. “May The Force Be With Your Team!” Get Your Complete Free EbookCopy Today! Shoot Us A Mail At HRINC-CONSULTANTS@GMAIL.COM HR INC Consultants