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Ninja Stick


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Its about controlling yourself!
This is my first presentation and im really nervous!
I am looking forward to your comments and suggetions! Pls give some comments

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Ninja Stick

  1. 1. Stick-icide!
  2. 2. Never get too close to him!!!
  3. 3. Or do you want to know what happens if you get too close!?
  4. 4. He doesn’t like people who sneak up to him!
  5. 5. Be careful! He’s a good Boxer!
  6. 8. Are you Red-Y! For more!?
  7. 9. Wow, that’s a nice approach!
  8. 10. Master? You got to be kidding me!!!
  9. 11. Betrayer!!!
  10. 13. Moral of the story: Trust No one!, Don’t be over confident!
  11. 14. What do I look like, a babysitter, think of a moral yourself!
  12. 15. His name is smarty pants!
  13. 16. If you want the second part, contact me at
  14. 17. MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!