An event of my life, 2005


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I was fallen into a severe RTA (Road Traffic Accident) in 2005 between two buses. Everybody had given up hope of my survival. By the grace of almighty God, I was saved and thus I'm here in front of you and enjoying with you thereby. Here are details of my injury and events.....

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An event of my life, 2005

  1. 1. An Event of My Life
  2. 2. I was trapped between two buses I myself was a victim of chest trauma following collision between two bus (city and trans silva) at Shahbag beside National Museum in 2005. Findings were: 1) Transient black out (about half an hour) 2) Severe respiratory distress 3) Huge surgical emphysema 4) Hemoptysis
  3. 3. X-ray Findings were: 1) 3rd, 4th, 5th ribs fracture on right side, 2) Clavicle fracture on right side, 3) Total Nine (9 not 9th) ribs fracture on left side including 1st rib (broken into 3 pieces). 4) Lung laceration with hemopneumothorax and bronchial tear revealed by hemoptysis.
  4. 4. Management: I was taken to ICU, BSMMU. O2 saturation was not maintaining. I was then taken to ICU, NICVD. Bilateral tube thoracostomy was done. Tracheo-bronchial tree becoming full of blood repeatedly. About 7/8 bags of blood was transfused. Due to severe pain, I could not expectorate blood of bronchial tree properly. So taking respiration becoming difficult again and again.
  5. 5. Management (cont..): Everybody (Prof. Nabi Alam Khan, Prof. Nasir Sir, Prof. Elahi sir and so on…) had given up hope of my survival. Furthermore, 1st (Left) rib fracture is invariably associated with neuro-vascular shattering and limb loss. But miracle, I had none and I survived. Simply, bilateral Tube Thoracostomy were only intervention.
  6. 6. I was saved By the grace of almighty God, I am here in front of you and speaking thereby. Credential: Bilateral Tube thoracostomy (Chest Drain)
  7. 7. Grateful to… (from BSMMU) 1. Prof. Siraj Sir, Professor, Ortho 2. Dr. Awal, Ortho 3. Prof. Fazlu Sir, Prof of Anesthesia 4. Dr. Lelin, ENT, my classmate 5. Dr. Chanchal, anesth, my clasmate 6. Dr. Aminul bhai, BIRDEM 7. Dr. Zinnah, Urology 8. Dr. Rajkumar, Neurosurgery All my beloved doctors and teachers of BSMMU
  8. 8. Grateful to…. (from NICVD) 1. Prof. Nasir sir, Prof. of cardiac surgery, 2. Prof. Zulfikar sir, cardiac surgery 3. Prof. Nazmul Sumon, Cardiac surgery 4. Dr. Kalam bhai, Cardiac surgery 5. Prof. Elahi sir, anesthesia 6. Late Prof. Nabi Alam Khan sir 7. Prof. Hasan sir (Performed my IT drain) Dr. Manun, Dr. Nirmal, Dr. Rampada, Dr. Saleh, Dr. Gani bhai and all doctors of cardiac surgery of that time. Sorry for not mentioning all names.
  9. 9. Grateful to… (Professor of other institutes) 1. 2. 3. 4. Prof. Mahiuddin sir, NIDCH Prof. Kamrul sir (RS), NIDCH Dr. Akram bhai (Kaysar), NIDCH Prof. Sanwar sir, Surgery, Square, donate me 10.000/- taka at that time. 5. Prof. Kader Khan sir, Surgery 6. Prof. ABM Jamal, Suhorawardi Hosp 7. Prof. Nazmun Nahar, Pediatrics Many more were there. The names of all them could not be recapitulated. I’m sorry.
  10. 10. Grateful to….. (Govt. Officials of that time) 1. Dr. Khandaker Mosharof Hossain, Health Minister, 2. Amanullah aman, Deputy Minister 3. DAB leader of NICVD Dr. ….. Don’t know the name. Sorry.
  11. 11. Grateful to… (my family members) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Ratan, brother, served me continuously, Mukti, wife of Ratan, Chanchal, brother, donate 40,000/- taka, Ujjal (Laxman), brother, donate 30,000/Kallani di, Pulok da and others – all relatives of Banani (wife of chanchal) 6. Kaku (Manindra), Dadu (Nagendra) and all others.
  12. 12. My Acknowledgements All mentioned above persons (actually many more) had visited me, served me and prayed for my recovery. I am very much obliged and grateful to all of them. Please accept my greeting (all involved persons) through this presentations. Best of luck……