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Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group HRC Innovation Award 2010 Presentation


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Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants worked with its fully-insured employee health plans to provide coverage for medically necessary treatments for transgender employees and dependents -- meaning that the plans required regulatory appoval in each state. In addition, Kimpton now grosses up employees' income to offset imputed income tax from domestic partner health insurance.

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Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group HRC Innovation Award 2010 Presentation

  1. 1. KIMPTON’S FOCUS ON EQUALITY Considering Benefit Needs for All Kimpton Employees
  2. 2. Kimpton’s Focus On Equality • Kimpton has always held diversity and inclusion fundamental to its values • In conjunction with KPRIDE, Kimpton began to integrate diversity and inclusion into its benefit offerings • Domestic Partner Benefits • Tax Equalization (“grossing up”) • As early as 2006, Kimpton sought to add transgender benefits to its medical plan
  3. 3. The Process • Kimpton worked through its broker, Gallagher Benefit Services, and directly with its medical carriers to establish transgender benefits • In subsequent benefit renewals, Kimpton has made the transgender benefit an essential component of its benefits offerings
  4. 4. Breaking New Ground • As result of Kimpton’s perseverance, Aetna broke new ground • In 2008, for the first time in Aetna’s history as an insurer, Aetna began covering transgender benefits on a fully insured basis • Kimpton became the first employer to have the fully insured benefit available through Aetna
  5. 5. Insurance Carriers Offering Transgender Benefits • Kimpton established transgender benefits through Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, and Blue Shield of CA • April 8, 2008, Kimpton amended its fully insured medical plan to include transgender benefits through Anthem Blue Cross • October 1, 2008, transgender benefits available through Aetna fully insured medical plan • October 1, 2009, transgender benefits available through fully insured Blue Shield of CA medical plan
  6. 6. Basis Used By Carriers • Basis for Criteria • Criteria and requirements were based on guidelines established by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) • Previously known as The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association's Standards of Care for Gender Identity Disorders