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LearningExpress Library 3.0

  1. 1. LearningExpress Library Your lifeline to test prep, tutorials, and career resources from Owens Community College Library
  2. 2. Overview O Why use LearningExpress Library? O How do I get there? O Registration O Finding your topic: Using Learning Centers O Example: EMT-Basic Exam O Example: Finding practice tests for the TEAS test O Using My Center O Job and Career Accelerator
  3. 3. Creative Commons image by dirac 3000
  4. 4. Registration O Registering O Provides instant online scoring O Gives you customized analysis of your strengths and weaknesses O Personalizes recommendations O Saves tests and answers on the My Center page The first time you access LearningExpress, you will need to register for an account.
  5. 5. Registration O Be sure institution is set to Owens Community College O Fill in all required fields O You may use any email; it will be your user name O Last two fields are optional
  6. 6. Using Learning Centers O Some tests aren’t available, like the TEAS test, but you can prepare by using guides for similar tests, like the Nursing School Entrance Exam. Choose “Career Center” to browse occupation and entrance school exams. O Content divisions found in the bar across the top of the page. O Select the area in which you are interested, or search in the search box at the bottom of the page.
  7. 7. For example… The EMT-Basic Exam O Click on Emergency Medical Services O Study materials and practice exams available (more details on next slide) O Select the module by clicking “Launch” O Click on “Career Center” O Then, “Prepare for an Occupation Exam”
  8. 8. For example… The EMT-Basic Exam Study guides are indicated with the icon pictured above. Practice exams are indicated with this icon.
  9. 9. For example… Preparing for the TEAS O From the Career Center page, select “Prepare for an Entrance Exam” O Select “Prepare for Nursing School Entrance Tests” O Choose to view study materials or practice tests at the top of the page O Select the desired modules by clicking “Launch”  No module specifically uses the name TEAS  Owens nursing faculty recommend using Nursing School Entrance Exam prep
  10. 10. Using “My Center” O Select “My Center” from row in upper right O You can now view and access all of your modules
  11. 11. Job & Career Accelerator O Job & Career Accelerator O Resume and Cover Letter tools O Job application guidance O Career exploration O Software tutorials O Interview tips O Job, scholarship, and internship searching O To get started, click on Job & Career Accelerator, in the list of centers
  12. 12. After you graduate… O LearningExpress Library is still available through the Ohio Web Library!