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Institute for Innovation


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Value Proposition

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Institute for Innovation

  1. 1. Innovate to Win! Competitive Value PropositionYour clients need innovation strategy and tools to Institute for Innovation is a consulting practice offering acompete in the New Economy. You must Innovate to Win! proprietary group intelligence system and software through a network of certified innovation strategists.Our Certified Innovation Strategist program provides youwith innovation methodology, tools, and software to We provide unique solutions for Strategic Foresight, Productincorporate into your consultancy or organization. Development, Technology Commercialization, and Business Model Innovation in Commercial, Public, and Social Sectors. Unique Methodology State of the Art ToolsIdea Accelerator Methodology™ features bisociation Idea Accelerator Software™ facilitates crowdsourcing interaction thatbrainstorming® a proprietary technique that helps “connect empowers stakeholders in small and large organizations to create an openthe dots outside the box” to discover “the next big thing”. innovative culture with collaboration technology and user-friendly templates.This unique approach accelerates discovery of many future Our innovation toolkit includes:possibilities, breakthrough ideas, and value-added solutions future trend database—ideation software—innovation balanced scorecardbased on future-focused research and knowledge discovery. mind mapping—innovation stakeholder assessments— scenario modeling Strategic Partnerships ExpertiseThe Certified Innovation Strategist Program extends Dr. Howard Rasheed, Managing Partner, is internationallyyour consulting competencies with patent-pending known as “The Innovation Strategist”. His co-authored bookmethodology and access to Idea Accelerator™ software. Yes You Can serves as a basis for his keynote address: “Opportunity Never Knocks”. His upcoming book entitled:You can enhance organizational ROI and consulting Innovation Renaissance: 7 Strategies for Winning the Futurerevenue with our Software as a Service (SaaS) model. provides a blueprint for innovation in the New Economy. offices in Raleigh and Wilmington, NC 877-789-8899