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110626 items dotcorp-v10-en


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New gTLD opportunities for public and private organizations du to the ICANN decision in June 2011.
gTLD Team consortium

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110626 items dotcorp-v10-en

  1. 1. dotCorp   dotBrand   A  strategic  approach  to     promote  your  company   in  the  new  age  16, rue Kléber – 92442 Issy-les-Moulineaux – FranceOffice : 46 ave Pierre Brossolette – 92240 Malakoff - France+33 (0)1 4985 0326 - -
  2. 2. ◼  Major  extensions:  .com,  .org,  .net  and  Internet  and  the  governance  of   na<onal  extensions  extensions   ◼  A  growing  market   ◼  Decision  in  2007:  Open  extensions  to   The  extensions  in  internet  are  the   result  of  an  historical  process   local  authori<es   driven  by  ICANN   –  Objec<ve  formally  adopted  in  2008   ◼  .cat  in  opera<ons   –  Launched  in  2006  /   ◼  Ini<a<ves  from     –  Paris:  .paris      /   –  Berlin:  .berlin  /   –  London:  .london  /   –  Barcelona:  .bcn  /   –  New  York:  .nyc  /  connec<   –  …  
  3. 3. ◼  The  dotCorp  reinforce  the  presence  of  theWhy  to  launch  your  dotCorp    name  on  the  Global  Internet  or  .brand   ◼  It  affirms  a  local  and  common  iden<ty  recognized  and  promoted  by  everybody   The  internet  is  evolving  fast.  All   public  and  private  players  are   looking  for  a  well  know  brand  on   ◼  It  reinforce  the  internal  coherence  and  the the  web      percep<on  of  global  community  within  the  group   ◼  It  can  gather  formal  and  informal  structures  by  the  simple  use  of  dotCorp   Major companies ◼  A  solu<on  to  protect  against  Internet are going to have  aTacks  (Phishing  …)   their .corp or .brand ◼  It  emphasizes  the  visibility  of  brands  on  Internet  
  4. 4. ◼  Governance  of  naming:  ICANN  Organisa;on  or  the  ICANN   ◼  Extensions:  “ TLD”  (Top  Level  Domains)  system   –  gTLD  (generic  TLD:  .com,  .net,  .org  …)   –  ccTLD:  Country  Code  TLD  (.de,  .es,  .fr,  .it  …)   –  …  and  now  CityTLD  (named  «  dotCity  »)   A  country  or  a  city  who  wants  to   ◼  Rela<ons  between  names  (ie:   manage  its  own  extension  (or   www.items-­‐  )  and  internet  technical   TLD)  needs  a  technical  operator.   addresses  (  performed  by  a   In  most  of  the  cases  in  Europe,  it   «  registry  »:   is  a  non  profit  organiza<on.   –  .com  and  .net:  Verisign  (US  Company)   –  .org:  Afilias  (US  coopera<ve  organisa<on)   –  .de:  DENIC  (Non  profit  company)   –  .es:  (Governmental  structure)   –  .fr:  AFNIC  (French  Associa<on)   –  .it:  CNR  (Research)   –  .uk:  Nominet  (Private  non  profit  company)   –  .eu:  Eurid  (European  Consor<um)  …   ◼  Domains  are  sold  to  end  costumers  by   «  registrars  »:   –  Specialized  companies   –  ISPs  …  
  5. 5. ◼  Strategy  Defini<on  The  work  that  has  to  be  done   –  Defining  the  dotCorp  /  dotBrand  branding  concept   –  Posi<on  regarding  other  comparable  ci<es   –  Generic  Business  Plan   The  key  point  is  to  define  a  strategy  and  to  launch  the ◼  Governance  Defini<on    process   –  Opera<on  (Who?  How?)   –  Promo<on  &  Sponsoring   Registrars   ICANN   –  Technical  operator   ◼  ICANN  Applica<on   –  A  document  to  prepare  including  answer  to  many  ques<ons  :   •  Strategy   •  Finance   •  Technical  Opera<ons  …   –  185.000  €  for  the  deposit  of  the  applica<on  form  (official  launch  of  ICANN  process)  Companies   Opérateur   de  registre  
  6. 6. ICANN Finalizing Applicant TIMETABLE Guideline AGB opened Book for public ICANN comments Meeting Singapore Communication Campain Application Registration opened for 45 days Evaluation Launch Official End Final AGB Board launch of registration May 2011 adoption applications registration2011 12/1/2012 12/4/2012 2012 Application Nego- Ope- document setting up ciation ration APPLICANT TIMETABLE
  7. 7. Strategic  assistance  
  8. 8. ◼  Internet  ITEMS  Interna;onal  The  company   ◼  Telecommunica<ons   ◼  Television   Convergence  is  the  key  word.  The   ◼  Somware  &  Informa<on  Systems   ques<on  is  to  propose  concrete   proposal  to  get  value  from  :    The  impact  of  Internet  on  the   whole  economy    The  weight  of  the  internet  and   somware  culture  in  business   models    The  changes  in  usages  for  people   and  organiza<ons  (public  and   private)  
  9. 9. ◼  ITEMS  choosen  by  ICANN  for  2ITEMS  Interna;onal  Strong  Connec;ons  with  Icann    strategic  reviews   –  ccNSO  review  in  2010   –  ASO  Review  in  2011   ◼  Strategic  consul<ng  for  AFNIC  (2007-­‐2011)   ◼  Consul<ng  with  an  Interna<onal  player  :  Affilias   ◼  Assistance  with  two  Regions,  one  city  and  one  company  in  the  perspec<ve  to  launch  their  own  extension  
  10. 10. ◼  ITEMS  has  setup  an  Ad-­‐HocITEMS  Interna;onal  Ad-­‐hoc  team  to  assist  projects    interna<onal  team  :  20  consultants   ◼  Team  includes:   –  Strategic  gTLDs  experts   –  Legal  experts   –  English  na<ve  interna<onal  consultants   –  Consultants  with  experience  to  fill  complex  applica<ons  for  interna<onal  calls  for  tenders   ◼  ITEMS  maintains  a  con<nous  rela<onship  with  the  ICANN  organisa<ons  including  the  board   Website soon