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Aims conference 20 3 12


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Aims conference 20 3 12

  1. 1. Opening up AIMS’ future success… Managing Social Media in a Small Business: It’s more than just Marketing… 20 March 2012 Copyright © 2010 MA Consulting International Ltd 1
  2. 2. Proposed Agenda • Introductions •What is Social Media? •Why a social media policy? •What to write in the policy? Copyright © 2010 MA Consulting International Ltd 2
  3. 3. What is Social Media ? Copyright © 2010 MA Consulting International Ltd 3
  4. 4. Why do you need aSocial Media Policy?• An office worker was fired after her employerdiscovered her sex blog.•A waitress was fired for venting about a customeron Facebook.•A woman lost a job offer at Cisco because ofsomething she said on Twitter.•These incidents illustrate why it might be wise tocreate a social media policy for your employees•A social media policy outlines for employees thecorporate guidelines or principles of communicatingin the online world. Copyright © 2010 MA Consulting International Ltd 4
  5. 5. Writing a Social Media Policy• The 1st line of defense to mitigate risk for both employer andemployee.• More than just telling employees what they can and cannot do oncompany computers• Different Networks have different implications for differentcompanies.•You can write one complete social media policy that addresses allcurrently available social mediums.•Or you can write policies as you need them•Social media is about sharing and collaboration. Bring in your mostactive social media employees to collaborate and help craft your socialmedia guidelines.•The policy should be more about what employees can do and bestpractices for social media use versus all the things employees cant orshouldnt do on social media Copyright © 2010 MA Consulting International Ltd 5
  6. 6. What to Include?1. Remind employees to familiarize themselves with the employment agreement and policies included in the employee handbook.2. State that the policy applies to multi-media, social networking websites, blogs and wikis for both professional and personal use.3. Internet postings should not disclose any confidential or proprietary information to the company or to any third party that has disclosed information to the company.4. If an employee comments on any aspect of the companys business they must clearly identify themselves as an employee and include a disclaimer.5. The disclaimer should be something like "the views expressed are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of (your companies name)." Copyright © 2010 MA Consulting International Ltd 6
  7. 7. What to Include?6. Internet postings should not include company logos ortrademarks unless permission is asked for and granted.7. Internet postings must respect copyright, privacy, fair use,financial disclosure, and other applicable laws.8. Employees should neither claim nor imply that they arespeaking on the companys behalf.9. Corporate blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, etc., couldrequire approval when the employee is posting about the companyand the industry.10. That the company reserves the right to request certainsubjects are avoided, withdraw certain posts, and removeinappropriate comments. Copyright © 2010 MA Consulting International Ltd 7
  8. 8. Together we can make thefuture what we want it to be MA Consulting International Copyright © 2010 MA Consulting International Ltd 8