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  1. 1. Cancer, What We Know to Date Hunter Ryden cancer is a disease that has paved a path ofdestruction for human beings. To be able to cure it, youneed to understand it. Cancer is when a cell starts toreplicate faster, this happens due to a break in the geneticcode. The use of drugs and radioactive materials canincrease your chances of cancer, though anyone can get it,even though they don’t use drugs or work withradioactive materials. Cancer was named after a crab inthe greek myths. This monster was an annoying adversaryto the hero Hercules, like him we will crush cancerunderfoot. so how are we going to do that? well, we havealready found many treatments that have the possibilityfor curing cancer, but there is no treatment that works100% of the time. if you catch it before it spreads, it canbe removed as a tumor, but if you don’t catch it before itspreads you have only a small chance of surviving. peoplesurvive cancer that has spread all the time, but often in theprocess they either lose a couple bodily functions, havethe cancer still in their body, but not spreading, or both. Ithink there should be a bigger chance of surviving cancer.Thanks to modern science, we have more reliabletreatments. We now have genetically modified t cells thatcan eliminate breast and prostate cancer, and we can
  2. 2. remove some cancer cells thru surgery. we can kill cancercells with chemotherapy and radiation there are also many fundraisers for cancer to supportthe finding of a cure. one example would be the Susan B.Komen Run that happens annually. There are many otherOrganizations that are also dedicated to supporting the finding of a cure. Many kids are also helping earn moneyto find a cure, such as a kid named Alex Scott, who madea lemonade stand and sent the money she collected to anorganization as a donation. There are many people the aredevoted to raising money to find a cure. People also have made many things to support cancersurvivors and cancer fighters. For instance jewel pen’ssong flower. and some running groups are dedicated to torun for the cause. there is also the paralympics whichsupport all diseases. if you are not healthy you have a greater chance ofgetting different kinds of cancer. if you are a smokeaddict you have a bigger chance of getting lung andtesticular cancer. if you are overweight and middle agedyou have a higher chance of getting breast cancer. cancer has a long history. it was known as early as1500 b.c. in ancient egypt. texts described a tumor that“had no treatment”. later in greecehippocrates thoughtthat the body was made of four fluids; blood, phlegm,yellow bile, and black bile. he thought that too muchblack bile in any given area caused cancer. and in ancientegypt it was thought that the gods gave people cancer.
  3. 3. inthe 1800s to early 1920s they thought that repeatedtrauma was the cause of cancer. during the fifteenthcentury scientists developed a greater understanding ofthe human body and disease. in 1728-1793 surgeon johnhunter described that you could remove some cancersthrough surgery.though i have done this assignment i have gained anumber of questions such as can plants have cancer? canother animals have cancer? if so which? are their animalsthat can’t if so maybe their immunity hold the key to ourcure?