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Open Repositories 2019 closing keynote, Heather Piwowar


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The Breakout Moment 
for open repositories is now.
June 2019.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Open Repositories 2019 closing keynote, Heather Piwowar

  1. 1. Heather Piwowar @researchremix Impactstory The Breakout Moment  for open repositories is now. How can we build the best future for our users?  Open Repositories #OpenRepo2019
  2. 2.
  3. 3. @jasonpriem @researchremix
  4. 4. Time Growth/revenue/adoption hockey-stick-hockey-ice-sport-147984.svg
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. How is this relevant for repositories?
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Time Growth/revenue/adoption
  10. 10. what do i mean by hockey stick moment for open repositories?
  11. 11. First, right now, content in repos is used by more people than ever. Huge recent influx.
  12. 12. Second, open repos are uniquely positioned with trends to be fundamentally important going forward, with huge growth in users and influence.
  13. 13. let’s dig into those two things
  14. 14. first, open repository data is reaching more people than ever before
  15. 15. i'm in lucky position to know this, because I'm the "last mile home" a bunch of this content right now, via the unpaywall database
  16. 16. approach and early code based on: BASE dissemin Open Access Button uses data from: Crossref DOAJ PubMed EuropePMC and thousands of OAI-PMH repos!
  17. 17. can’t out-Google Google
  18. 18. but the thing is: we did.
  19. 19. together, because Unpaywall is the result of the work of everyone in this room, we did.
  20. 20. Unpaywall is currently used by: Web of Science Scopus Europe PMC Dimensions Lens OCLC ProQuest Kopernio Open Access Button CORE OpenAIRE BASE The Internet Archive The British Library and over 1,200 academic libraries worldwide Allinthelast2years!
  21. 21. As well as the following reports: - EU Open Science Monitor - State of OA paper (Piwowar 2018) - Leiden university rankings - recent Nature News take on OA by country and more...
  22. 22. 2 million calls/day
  23. 23. Nature August 2018 (online was titled “How Unpaywall is transforming open science”)
  24. 24. Europe PMC pages that link to free PDF jumped from 4.6mil to 7.3mil
  25. 25. Let’s let all of that sink in for a minute. Those integrations mean a LOT more users for open repositories. When you add new content to your repos, it has the potential to help so many more people.
  26. 26. That’s thanks to you. That doesn’t happen without the work you are doing.
  27. 27. NONE of those integrations happen when just Google solution. we all out-googled google because we, together built a great, open API based on the shoulders of others’ open work.
  28. 28. A moment for tech stack :) - python - flask - sqlalchemy - sickle - postgres (including custom queue) - on heroku - MIT licensed
  29. 29. - open API - redirection url - CSV download (5k DOIs) - full data dump every 6 months (100million DOIs) - extension for Chrome and Firefox (200k+ users) - subscription to weekly update feed + uptime contract
  30. 30. short on time, but feel free to ask me more in question time: - history, why did we do this - tech deets (deduping, version detection) - sustainability as a nonprofit
  31. 31. ok. but that's not enough to be a hockey stick moment. has to keep growing. fast.
  32. 32. Time Growth/revenue/adoption hockey-stick-hockey-ice-sport-147984.svg
  33. 33. so the second point i want to make is that I think there will now be huge continual growth in the importance of open repos.
  34. 34. trends i see
  35. 35. and how i think open repositories are uniquely placed to capitalize on them
  36. 36. * Who owns the research output? for-profit publishers? authors? researchgate?
  37. 37. Repositories are key as mandates for Open Access, Open Research Data, etc continue.
  38. 38. * Who owns the pipes? That’s who controls the metrics, the costs, and often the licenses. People are starting to care.
  39. 39. JROST Invest in Open Infrastructure SCOSS 2% fund Suber on Plan S ...
  40. 40. Repositories are the most Open Infrastructure in scholcomm, as far as I can tell. By far.
  41. 41. Open Source, non-profit. You have experience everyone else needs to hear.
  42. 42. TALK. WRITE. PROPOSE. Keep it up. And keep choosing open partners (for metrics, CRIS, etc) who use open licenses. Non-commercial restrictions hurt.
  43. 43. * Posting preprints
  44. 44. Popular! You are a natural host, and also have the most related know-how. Champion this on your campuses, it is a natural place for repos to lead and to dramatically expand users.
  45. 45. * Big Data and tools to support it
  46. 46. BigQuery, Redshift, Apache Spark Learn them. Super fun! Slice and dice your own data That’ll help you put it out there in ways others can use it effectively. OpenAIRE doing great stuff here.
  47. 47. * Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Natural Language Processing
  48. 48. all about data! data sets! data about datasets! text as data! ORs have so much.
  49. 49. Put out those Datasets CORE doing great stuff here Partner with other repos Partner with NLP teams on campus Become ML savvy Host ML/NLP competitions
  50. 50. Users in your institution for posting Users around the world for discovery and use! Scholars, meta-researchers, public.
  51. 51. summary: trends supporting huge growth in OR users * no more publishers owning content * open nonprofits owning pipes * preprints * big data * machine learning
  52. 52. Time Growth hockey-stick-hockey-ice-sport-147984.svg
  53. 53. How are you going to have time to do all of this? To engage with these new “users” of open repositories and your know-how?
  54. 54. You know best. But one observation: satisfice on customizations where that isn’t the best way to grow your userbase by 10x ... think about “users” most broadly.
  55. 55.
  56. 56. Think Big.
  57. 57.
  58. 58. his-nhl-career/
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  62. 62.
  63. 63. Time Growth hockey-stick-hockey-ice-sport-147984.svg
  64. 64. Time Growth
  65. 65. Time Growth
  66. 66. Time Growth
  67. 67. Time Growth dental-care-hygiene-health-clean-oral-brush
  68. 68. Time Growth
  69. 69. You can still do Great Work
  70. 70. “The Alchemy of Great Work” on youtube (3 minutes)
  71. 71. Find a way to make it yours
  72. 72. Think Big
  73. 73.
  74. 74. thanks! Thanks to conversations during this conference, the open science community, and those who release their articles, datasets, and photos openly. for api, dataset, and browser extension I have stickers! Come up and grab one after :)