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A day in the life


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Published in: Education
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A day in the life

  1. 1. “ A Day in the Life” Digital Media: Period 3 By: Heather Peterson In group with: Sara Reyes & Paola Rodriguez
  2. 2. Welcome to Westside!
  3. 3. We Have Lots of Fun Activities
  4. 4. And Good Food Too
  5. 5. Westside Has Awesome Places To Hang Out
  6. 6. The Way Westside Stays Healthy
  7. 7. We Have Great Technology
  8. 8. You Can Enjoy Pretty Hallways On The Way To Your Classes
  9. 9. We Even Have Benches In Case You Get Tired On The Way To Class
  10. 10. Westside Is Patriotic!
  11. 11. And The Best Thing About Westside… The People !