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Platinum Sponsorship Keynote: Driving Innovation with Artificial Intelligence


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2018 HPCC Systems Community Day Platinum Sponsorship Keynote

The fourth industrial revolution is here – powered by algorithms and fueled by data. Artificial Intelligence is pushing its way to the center of tomorrow’s business value chain, disrupting business models, delivering engaging products and promising experiences like never before. To uncover unmet customer needs and establish market differentiation companies must take an AI-first, human-centric approach to create real value. Intelligence must begin with humans – empathizing with and designed for actual people – not just for customers, but also for the millennial workforce. Our Platinum sponsor, Cognizant, will deliver a keynote on how to innovate to survive and prepare to thrive in this growing age of artificial intelligence (AI).

Badhrinath Krishnamoorthy (Badhri) is a Global Business leader in Cognizant’s Artificial Intelligence & Analytics Business Unit. In this role, he drives strategic initiatives, business growth, and key customer & partner relationships. His focus areas include the creation of innovative next-generation Data & Analytics solutions that can deliver business value to clients, provide advisory to business & IT leaders in the business transformation, developing strategic partnerships and building thought leadership in Big data and Analytics domain. Badhri is an evangelist of our “Applied AI” solutions. Badhri has played diverse roles spanning delivery, consulting, business development and P&L responsibility across different industries including Manufacturing, Technology, Insurance, Life Sciences, Retail and Consumer Goods. Badhri was also responsible for establishing strategic partner ecosystem for Information Management & Analytics. Under his visionary leadership, Cognizant has attained industry level recognition by winning prestigious industry awards such as Cloudera Data Impact award, Teradata EPIC awards, Informatica Innovation awards, CIO 100, TDWI, Cognos Excellence Award, and several Partner awards. As a global citizen, Badhri has held leadership roles across different geographies including the United States, UK&I and India. Badhri is a regulary speaker in industry conferences and partner events. Badhri has an Engineering degree from Madras University and a Masters and Business Administration from Purdue University.

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Platinum Sponsorship Keynote: Driving Innovation with Artificial Intelligence

  1. 1. Driving Innovation with Artificial Intelligence © 2018 Cognizant 1 Badhri Krishnamoorthy, Practice Leader, AI & Analytics @ Cognizant
  2. 2. © 2018 Cognizant
  3. 3. AI promises to disrupt every aspect of business and life © 2018 Cognizant3
  4. 4. AI will augment and enhance, rather than automate and replace, our human experiences © 2018 Cognizant4 AI to offer personalized customer experiences and digital business model transformation AI FOR GROWTH AI FOR HEALTH AI for intelligent, autonomous business processes & machines for productivity improvement AI FOR SPEED AI to develop and deploy agile, responsive, self-healing software, systems and IT processes
  6. 6. © 2018 Cognizant6 The power of AI requires new approaches to ensure it achieves sustainable success Personalization and Transparency are essential to growing client and user trust Without this, we risk: • Consumers rejecting AI and governments regulating it. • Minimizing its power and promise to transform business.
  7. 7. © 2018 Cognizant7 Type a message... How we may help you today? Thanks for shutting off my cable!!!An Angry Consumer Types… The AI Chatbot Responds… We’re glad you’re please with our service.
  8. 8. There are systemic biases in the results 8 White 74% African American 12% Asian 4% White 96% Other 4% GOOGLE CENSUS Race Male 66% Female 34% Male 83% Female 17% GOOGLE SURVEY Sex Male 70% Female 30% Male 91% Female 9% GOOGLE SURVEY Sex
  9. 9. AI isn’t the future. Rehumanizedartificial intelligence is…
  10. 10. All big business decisions are bets on human behavior
  11. 11. Human Context is unique in that it discloses what is meaningful in the world around us Big Data Thick Data 37.7530º N, 108.5226º W Going out to connect with nature Moving at 0 miles per hour Stopped to remove a tree that’s in his way 12 sudden stops in past 30 min Enjoying the off-road Thick Data is unique in that it discloses what is meaningful in the world around us
  12. 12. Transformation Starts and Ends with Human Needs © 2018 Cognizant12 HUMAN NEEDS & EXPECTATIONS PRODUCTS Connected, Smart and Autonomous Things PROCESS Smart robots and interactive services to maximize productivity EXPERIENCE The “moment of truth” is in the end-user interaction INTELLIGENCE AI and insight driving decisions and actions TECHNOLOGY Blockchain, AR/VR, Sensors
  13. 13. An Evolutionary View of Intelligence © 2018 Cognizant13 Data Science: Designed to provide insights from the historical debris of human activity Human sciences: Outside-in observational analyses capturing who we are and what we are doing Behavioral Sciences: Thick Data allows us to develop a deep understanding of behavioral insights Neuro Sciences Neuro sciences provided the first inside-out look at how we think about our activities Curated Intelligence: All three unifies the systematic identification of the human condition Past Present Bio Sciences: Bio sciences looks at how our activities are hardwired to our biology (dna, circulatory, immune, skeletal and respiratory systems) BioS HumS NeuS Intelligence Data Science + +Human Science Human Science Data Science Neuro Science Bio Science + + Tomorrow
  14. 14. © 2018 Cognizant14 The path to Rehumanizing AI: A Digital Data Backbone Data Platform: Massive Data Processing Capability Governance: Ethical transparency, risk, compliances, causality with real-time monitoring Data-IQ: Ensuring right level of data quality and sufficiency
  15. 15. The solution is to engineer a modern Adaptive Data Foundation capable of delivering intelligence across the enterprise
  16. 16. Approach to build an Adaptive Data Foundation © 2018 Cognizant16 Establishing the blueprint AI driven Unified Data management Digital Engineering Responsive Data Architecture Intelligent Data Management Delivery at Scale
  17. 17. Approach to build an Adaptive Data Foundation © 2018 Cognizant17 1. Cloud-enabled Data Architecture for scalable and low- cost data platform 2. Universal Data Security model for hybrid deployments 3. AI Driven Data Integration Framework Establishing the blueprint Responsive Data Architecture
  18. 18. Approach to build an Adaptive Data Foundation © 2018 Cognizant18 1. Universal AI enabled metadata & Cataloging 2. AI driven metadata management for self-healing DI and DQ 3. In-built data governance for seamless user experience 4. Governed self service AI driven Unified Data management Intelligent Data Management
  19. 19. Approach to build an Adaptive Data Foundation © 2018 Cognizant19 1. Enable experiments as a service – rapid data preparation for analytics data sets 2. Dev. Ops workbenches & Data. Ops enablers 3. Asset based development Digital Engineering Delivery at Scale
  20. 20. © 2018 Cognizant20 Finally, it’s exciting to be standing at World’s Busiest Intersection today… AI provides the ability to manage the digital data explosion Digital provides a monetization channel for AI’s insights to find a moment that matters Digital Meets AI AI Meets Digital
  21. 21. Thank You