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Integrating CRM and Sales Systems to Drive ROI and Increase Sales Projection Accuracy by 10x


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As part of the 2018 HPCC Systems Community Day event:

CPL Online was formed in 2010 and specialises in bespoke digital services and products as well as e-learning training for the hospitality sector in the UK. In 2015, CPL Online introduced a series of added-value reporting and data-analysis functions for their clients thanks to the open source Big Data platform, HPCC systems®. These developments have allowed their clients to gain a better understanding of their workforce and benefit from significant cost savings. Since then as well as expanding those features they have now fully integrated their CRM / Visual Studio Team Services / Accounts into the same BIG Data platform to create analytics that run our business. In this presentation David Dasher, Chief Technical Officer, CPL Online, will explore how they use data from multiple external sources to build a Realtime P&L that can not only show sales per product to date but profitability and direct costs apportioned per product and as a business. The presentation will focus on the challenges CPL faced and how they have gone from ‘struggling with SQL’ to ‘flourishing with HPCC Systems’. He will also explore the way in which CPL Online have built algorithms around the data allowing them to process and analyse vast amounts of data in real time. David will show real life examples of how this unique data is used to track user trends, such as spotting unusual or suspicious training activity and also highlighting the best performing staff as well as building internal systems to help various teams run the business.

David Dasher is the Chief Technology Officer and Founder of CPL Online, the leading provider of e-Learning and digital services to the UK’s hospitality sector. That since 2018 has been part of CGA Group. With over 25 years’ experience within the IT sector, he has worked extensively in the UK’s corporate sector developing database, marketing, and management solutions. Under David’s leadership, CPL Online has established itself as a market leader and enjoyed several years of strong year on year growth. David particularly enjoys opportunities to express his commercial and technological instincts to ensure impactful real world application of CPL Online initiatives. This is most clearly seen in him personally generating over £1m worth of revenues in 2016/2017 while remaining closely involved in the company’s big data engineering operations. This hand-on approach has been fundamental in ensuring that CPL Online continues to lead the way in product design and development. David sits on the Community Advisory Board for HPCC Systems® (LexisNexis® Risk Solutions) and was the 2015 recipient of the community-wide Innovative Use of HPCC Systems award.

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Integrating CRM and Sales Systems to Drive ROI and Increase Sales Projection Accuracy by 10x

  1. 1. David Dasher Chief Technical Officer Integrating CRM and Sales Systems to Drive ROI and Increase Sales Projection Accuracy & Next Generation Reporting Engine.
  2. 2. “to be the world’s leading provider of e–learning and staff engagement solutions for the food, drink, hospitality and retail sectors.”
  3. 3. Great clients
  4. 4. E-Learning E-Learning Bespoke E-Learning Custom Course Tool Data Big Data Database Design & Dev Insight & Analytics Visualisation Dashboard Big Data Database Design & Dev Insight & Analytics Visualisation Dashboard Learning Technologies Digital Promotions Live Action Videography 2D Animation Websites Employee Engagement Apps Gamification Quiz Comms Incident Reporting Surveys Library Software Design & Dev
  5. 5. 29 million Logins 7 million Courses
  6. 6. • Strategy for our Management, Sales and Operations Teams • Cost Saving and Revenue Generation Analysis • Actual Usage by Product and Client What we have built for our clients: • Real time profit and loss by: TeamProduct Division ClientPerson All driving profitability!
  7. 7. Reporting to Board of Directors OperatorsArea Managers Site Managers Supervisors HR Team members
  8. 8. Data Source Face to face training company Sage Accounts Management Accounts Excel Budgets Production SQL Sales Ordering Platform Production Excel Documents External APIs
  9. 9. Data Source CPL Online Sage Accounts Management Accounts Excel Budgets Visual Studio Team Services Production LMS and Associate Products External APIs Dynamic 365
  10. 10. Generic Query Data Sources Thor ROXIE ETL Raw SetPersist Library Indexes BookingCourse Project Lookers Sales Person Analysis Course Analysis
  11. 11. Interlok
  12. 12. Interlok
  13. 13. HPCC Systems Monitoring
  14. 14. • Inaccurate Budgets • Poor future planning • Generalized P&L • Long wait time for P&L • Poor YOY comparison • Clients already left when low usage is discovered • Basic Commission Calculations Sales Performance
  15. 15. • Realtime P&L – Simulated P&L • Actual Sales Performance – What if (Simulated) • Product Usage – Clients / Budget / YOY • Client Issues / Product Issues – Time Spent / Cost • Product Performance – Quartiles • Sales Objectives & Performance against budgets Outputs Using Full Absorption Costing Analysis by employee driving…
  16. 16. Stages: A Detailed Walkthrough SageDynamic 365 VSTS ExcelExcel Sage Interlok Thor ROXIE Visualisation WebCRM
  17. 17. Stages: ECL
  18. 18. Stages: Indexes
  19. 19. Stages: Queries
  20. 20. Stages: Queries
  21. 21. Stages: Queries
  22. 22. Stages: Real Time Performance
  23. 23. Stages: Realtime P&L
  24. 24. Stages: Commission
  25. 25. Operational Analysis
  26. 26. Operational Analysis
  27. 27. Operational Analysis
  28. 28. Operational Analysis
  29. 29. Operational Analysis
  30. 30. Operational Analysis
  31. 31. Operational Analysis
  32. 32. Operational Analysis
  33. 33. Operational Analysis
  34. 34. Operational Analysis
  35. 35. Operational Analysis
  36. 36. • 100’s of custom reports • Too many mistakes • Inconsistent approaches • Too much to test Next Generation Reporting