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Gold Sponsorship Keynote: Soaring Through Emerging Technologies in the Big Data Era


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2018 HPCC Systems Community Day Gold Sponsorship Keynote

If you are thinking emerging technologies and innovation, some of the things that come to your mind are: Chatbots, BlockChain, Adaptive Systems, Infosys Sense platform, AR/VR, BlockChain, Incubation–as–a-Service (IaaS) and more. In this talk, Prasad will share his experiences of working with clients in Emerging Technology and Innovation, and some of the work the Infosys team is doing in the Big Data space.

Prasad leads Infosys Center for Emerging Technology Solutions (iCETS). His focus continues to be on Emerging Technology Exploration and build up on ideas for our clients. Under Prasad’s leadership, iCETS has incubated and delivered impactful IPs and solutions that have helped several Infosys customers. He has set up Living Labs for our clients and at our Innovation Hubs in US and India. For LexisNexis Risk solutions, Prasad and his team delivered a few ideas like ECL builder for HPCC Systems, BlockChain use case for Insurance and will continue to work on more.

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Gold Sponsorship Keynote: Soaring Through Emerging Technologies in the Big Data Era

  1. 1. Soaring Through Emerging Technologies in the Big Data Era Prasad Joshi Vice President, Infosys Center for Emerging Technology Solutions (iCETS)
  2. 2. Irrevocable – Irreplaceable – Exponential We are in the middle of a transformation
  3. 3. Aviation Company - Innovation Program Bike Manufacturer - Joint Innovation Center Australian Bank - Innovation Living Lab Life Sciences - Design StudioPostman of the Future Toyota’s Driver Awareness Research-Vehicle Infosys Confidential
  4. 4. Rapid Experi- mentation Problem Finding Innovation Showcase Minimum Viable Product from to Solving problems In-house ideation Small R&D groups Siloed focus Identifying problems Listening to the end users Innovation at every level Interdisciplinary learning Approach to Innovation Infosys Live Labs
  5. 5. Infosys Innovation Approach Innovation Ecosystem Innovation with Infosys Design Thinking Living Labs Culture of Innovation Trends & Sensing Start-ups & Universities Zero Distance
  6. 6. Big Data Historic data was ingested and a fully non-linear, supervised machine learning model was build and deployed. The model detected fraud in real time. Incoming transactions were assigned a probability based on the likelihood they were fraudulent. The model also provides details on which variables were significant in predicting fraud. The dataflow is automatically recorded for regulatory compliance. The model is especially designed to deal with highly imbalanced datasets that are typical of BENEFITS $50M+ annual cost savings Update fraud models once a day instead of once a year Improved customer satisfaction with 10% lift in accuracy Insight into reasons for fraud, with full audit trail
  7. 7. Knowledge and Learning BENEFITS Contract Complian ce Improved Staff Productivit y Reduced Costs and Manual Effort Improved Efficiency Nia Contracts Analysis ingested a set of Agreements and applied Deep Learning to train on inputs provided by the client’s legal team to create a knowledge base powered by Neural Network (NN) that captured key clauses, inter-relations using semantic modelling, contentious clauses, risk levels and guidelines. Using this model, the end user simply inputted a new agreement and the solution would advise on the risk score, contentious and non-contentious clauses. This decreased manual effort, increased productivity and allowed the legal team to
  8. 8. US Localization HPCC Systems CoE • Enhance HPCC Systems Platform - iOT, Blockchain, Analytics • Global Delivery Model for joint execution • Data Testing Support Infosys As an SI Infosys – A Partner of Choice Technology Hub - Indianapolis Technology Hub - Raleigh 25 People 10+ HPCC Projects System Integrator HPCC/E CL Web Apps R- Package IoTHire: 10,000 American workers by 2019 Build: Six Innovation Hubs across US Train: Build World class Training Facility in Indianapolis. Collaborate with Universities
  9. 9. “Strategy leads to Direction. Innovation leads to Differentiation.” Let’s Innovate!