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Wellness Zones: Creating Supportive Environments with Judd Allen


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Wellness Zones: Creating Supportive Environments with Judd Allen

  1. 1. Wellness Culture Zones Among At Work Friends In the At Home Community
  2. 2. Rate the following statements 5 for strongly agree to 1 for strongly disagree1. I like hanging out with my friends, but when we get together we do some pretty unhealthy things.2. The people I live with are not really health-oriented.3. The tensions in our family often get me off track from pursuing personal wellness.4. It is pretty hard to find healthy places to eat and socialize in our community.
  3. 3. Rate the following statements 5 for strongly agree to 1 for strongly disagree1. My friends support my efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle.2. At our house, it is normal to eat healthy foods, be fit, relax, be social, learn and grow.3. Our family traditions support wellness.4. Our community offers an abundance of healthy activities.
  4. 4. A Practice Perspective on Culture ChangeProductivity Worker increased income 200% tripled Turnover Racismdropped by was 25% reduced
  5. 5. A Wellness Culture Makes Health Programs Work• Reach the hard to reach• Maintain healthy behavior• Increase lifestyle change success
  6. 6. Cultivating Healthy Behavior Norms Shared Touch Values Points Behavior Choices Peer Climate Support
  7. 7. Wellness Culture Tools
  8. 8. Peer Support through Wellness Mentoring Establishing Trust Setting Goals Identifying Role Models Eliminating Barriers to Change Locating Supportive Environments Working Through Relapse Celebrating Success
  9. 9. Wellness Mentor Training• Peers engage in lifestyle change while learning 7 core peer support skills.• Participants submit reports about their conversations.• You offer encouragement and feedback.
  10. 10. Worksite Culture through Systematic Change • What steps are required in orderSustainability PHASE I Preparation Involvement PHASE II Integration to PHASE III PHASE IV plan and design? Analysis Set Objectives Develop Leaders Align Cultural Touch Points Evaluate Introduce the Progress Vision of the New Culture to Celebrate Success All Levels Renew and Extend
  11. 11. Worksite Culture through Wellness Leadership Share the Serve as wellness role models vision Align Monitor cultural progress touch and points celebrate success
  12. 12. Worksite Culture through Climate Sense of Community
  13. 13. Supporting Household Wellness Champions Creating a Mobilizing Shared Peer Wellness Support Vision Aligning Using Cultural Wellness Touch to Points Strengthen Climate
  14. 14. Conversations aboutHousehold Wellness Culture Choosing Your Path to Household Wellness
  15. 15. Family Cultures Influence Wellness Families are Diverse All Families Do Not Live Under One Roof Families Can Have Wellness Stories Families Can Have Wellness Norms Families Have Touch Points Family Relationships Can Be Nurtured by Wellness
  16. 16. Community Eat Well Get Help with Relax Change Volunteer Wellness Be Fit Resources Learn Bring and Your Kids Grow Be Social
  17. 17. Community Resource Directory Connect people to local places for indoor exercise, health-oriented restaurants, farmer’s markets, yoga instructors, and 100+ other wellness resources.
  18. 18. Our Own Wellness Zones AmongAt Work Friends In theAt Home Community