State of Wellness: Massachusetts


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State of Wellness: Massachusetts

  1. 1. A Healthier Mass InitiativeA HealthyMass Initiative
  2. 2. Welcome & IntroductionsA HealthyMass Initiative 2
  3. 3. Agenda• Mass in Motion• Working on Wellness Initiative• Question & Answer A HealthyMass Initiative 3
  4. 4. Mass in MotionA HealthyMass Initiative 4
  5. 5. Mass in MotionA statewide obesity prevention and Wellness Initiative designed to• decrease the number and percentage of both adults and children who are overweight and Obese in Massachusetts and• decrease the prevalence of chronic disease associated with a specific focus on addressing unhealthy eating and lack of physical activity A HealthyMass Initiative
  6. 6. Mass in Motion Objectives• Make the promotion of wellness and the prevention of overweight and obesity a top public health priority• Create conditions that encourage, nurture, and promote wellness A HealthyMass Initiative
  7. 7. Mass in Motion• Call to Action• Burden documents• Statewide Regulations – Calorie Posting – BMI in Schools – 60 minutes of PA in childcare sites• Executive Order 509: Healthy Food Procurement• Supporting legislation• Statewide Communications Campaign• Social Media Outlets• Expansion of Worksite Wellness Initiative• Municipal Wellness & Leadership Grants A HealthyMass Initiative
  8. 8. Working on Wellness InitiativeA wellness initiative for employers A HealthyMass Initiative 8
  9. 9. Why Focus on Employers?• The impact of worksite wellness programs on adults and their families can be significant considering 66% of adults, or 3,122,010 people, are in the Massachusetts workforce.• Currently about 7.34 % of the Massachusetts workforce is 65 years or older. The rising cost of healthcare coupled with an aging workforce places an additional burden on the employer community.• The number of overweight teens is increasing and ultimately this population will enter the workforce with chronic conditions. The combination of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke places a burden of ill health and lost productivity on employers. A HealthyMass Initiative 9
  10. 10. Mission & Vision• Vision: All worksites in Massachusetts will provide social, cultural and physical environments that support optimum employee health and well-being• Mission: To promote worksite wellness through information, training, regulation and technical assistance A HealthyMass Initiative 10
  11. 11. Goals• Short-term – Build an infrastructure that is sustainable and expandable – Initiate a program that begins to make our employees, their families and their communities healthier• Intermediate – Promote healthier worksites – positive investments for employees/employers – Consistent, positive and measurable impact on HR issues such as absenteeism, productivity, recruitment, retention• Long-term – Improve the overall health status of our employees – Establish healthier communities, health systems, improvement population health (employers, communities) – Reduce costs A HealthyMass Initiative 11
  12. 12. DPH Role• Provide leadership and oversight• Provide technical assistance and training to sites• Provide conference calls with faculty experts to participating sites• Promote participation in the Working on Wellness model• Conduct assessment data (baseline, 6, 12 months)• Identify program sustainability and expansion opportunities• Promote the process and outcomes of the initiative• Program to local, state and national forums and the media A HealthyMass Initiative 12
  13. 13. Program Development Cycle Obtain Mandate for Wellness Initiative Implement Compose Plan Wellness Team Plan Research & Discovery/Iden Approval tify Needs Plan Formulate Development Goals A HealthyMass Initiative
  14. 14. Expected OutcomesIdeally, employers participating in the initiativewill achieve successful results in one or more ofthe following areas at the end of one year:• Changes in policy, systems or physical environment• Changes in employee behaviors and/or satisfaction with wellness program• Other long-term measures for success (costs, absenteeism, etc.) A HealthyMass Initiative 14
  15. 15. Training Program• Program initiation (complete steps 1-3)• Training Workshop (complete steps 4-6)• 6 Month Outcomes meeting (review steps 1-7)• Monthly teleconferences (content, shared learning)• Final Outcomes meeting (results, plan for sustainability, ongoing communication and technical assistance) A HealthyMass Initiative 15
  16. 16. Employer Groups• Phase I: Began in June 2008• Phase II: Began in January 2009• Phase III: Began in March 2010 A HealthyMass Initiative 16
  17. 17. Participating Employer Groups• 28 Employers (~30,000 employees) – 9 State agencies – 2 Public businesses – 14 Private businesses – 3 Municipality partnerships• * 2 employers did drop out of the initiative during the year because of a corporate reorganization and downsizing due to reductions in budget and staff A HealthyMass Initiative 17
  18. 18. Employee PopulationBusiness Size Working on Massachusetts(number of Wellness Sites Worksites withemployees) 10 or more employees11-24 0 (0%) 29%25-49 4 (14%) 21%50-99 3 (11%) 7%100-249 7 (25%) 5%250-499 5 (18%) 1%500-999 5 (18%) <1%1000+ 4 (14%) <1%Unknown 37% A HealthyMass Initiative 18
  19. 19. Massachusetts Health RisksRisk Factor * MassachusettsObese 18%Living with Asthma 9%High blood pressure 24%High cholesterol 33%Diabetes 6%Smoking 19%Physical inactivity 45%Low consumption of fruits and 71%vegetables•Adults 18 and older•Source: MA BRFSS 2000-2006 A HealthyMass Initiative 19
  20. 20. Top Health Risks Identified by Employees• High Cholesterol• Overweight/Obesity• High Blood Pressure• Smoking• Mental Health A HealthyMass Initiative 20
  21. 21. Top Interests Identified by Employees• Weight loss/weight management• Physical activity/exercise classes• Stress management• Back care• Financial wellness• Health screenings A HealthyMass Initiative 21
  22. 22. Examples of Implemented Policies• Written healthy vending machine policy• Healthy food for meetings and catered events policy• Incentives/rewards for healthy habits• Flexible work arrangements• Policy allowing staff to participate in wellness activities on work time• Stay home when sick policy• Incentives for participating in smoking cessation programs A HealthyMass Initiative 22
  23. 23. Examples of Implemented Environmental Changes• Improvements to the stairs• On-site exercise classes• Healthy snacks in vending machines• On-site exercise facility• On-site smoking cessation classes• On-site walking paths with mile markers• Point of purchase nutrition information in the cafeteria, at company meetings, and in vending machine• Improved showers/locker room areas• On-site healthy food options• Free nicotine replacement therapy for staff• Implemented emergency response plan with AED’s on each floor A HealthyMass Initiative 23
  24. 24. Programmatic Highlights• Monthly educational seminars and lunch and learn events• Running, walking and “Walk and Wheel” clubs• Monthly wellness newsletters• On-site massage therapy• On-site exercise programs (yoga, strength training, dance classes, Zumba, Qi Gong,)• Weight Watchers at Work® programs• Monthly blood pressure clinics• On-site smoking cessation classes A HealthyMass Initiative 24
  25. 25. Programmatic Highlights Continued• On-site CPR/AED training and certification• “Ask the Registered Dietitian” Blog• Take the stairs campaign• On-site health screenings• Pedometer challenges, exercise competitions, and biggest loser competitions• Healthy pot luck events• Links to community resources that provide health services• Nutrition and exercise e-mails to all staff A HealthyMass Initiative 25
  26. 26. Planned Next Steps A HealthyMass Initiative 26
  27. 27. Planned Next Steps• Recruit 10-12 additional employers to begin Phase IV in Spring 2011• Target employers from priority Mass in Motion municipal wellness and community grants to participate in Phase IV• Begin to form workplace collaborative in priority communities A HealthyMass Initiative 27
  28. 28. QuestionsA HealthyMass Initiative 28
  29. 29. Contact Information Lisa Erck Consultant- Working on Wellness Initiative Maria BettencourtWellness Director- Prevention & Wellness Division A HealthyMass Initiative 29
  30. 30. Thank you!A HealthyMass Initiative