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Families Step Up with Leah Holzwarth


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Families Step Up with Leah Holzwarth

  1. 1. Families Step UpBuilding Healthier, Stronger Families Leah Holzwarth, MS, ACSM, CWPM Baptist Health South Florida Wellness Advantage
  2. 2. Baptist Health South Florida Healthcare system in South Florida  Six hospitals  30 Urgent Care and Diagnostic Centers  Florida Keys to Broward County 15,000 employees Close to 75,000 admissions in 2011 Operating revenue of 2.3 billion 223.1 million in community benefit
  3. 3. Wellness Advantage Founded in 2000 Focus strictly on employee health and wellness Nationally recognized  National Business Group on Health  American College of Occupational Medicine  American Heart Association  Wellness Councils of America Average 140,000 touches/year Cost Avoidance of 17 million
  4. 4. Families Step Up Background Spring 2006 – develop a class for BHSF employees with overweight children Fall 2006 – Families Step Up is born 4 sessions on Saturday mornings 2 hour class Registered Dietitian, Registered Nurse, Exercise Physiologist Focus was on healthy eating, exercise and biometrics Physician clearance for all participants
  5. 5. Updates Spring 2008 Class moves to six weeks Class is on week day evenings One session set aside for a Family Therapist Fall 2009 Family Therapist replaces Registered Nurse Class is extended to eight weeks Dinner is provided at every class Focus is on play, healthy eating, communication, play, and family time
  6. 6. Current Class information Average class size is 7 families  Average family size is 4.5  Half have mom and dad participating  Quickreview of data show most successful families have an engaged dad or father figure Over 60 families have participated
  7. 7. Where we are todayFamilies Step Up is offered twice a yearEight sessions – 2 hours in lengthDinner is served at every classBiometrics taken at first class and at 6 monthfollow upsEmphasis on decreasing screen time,increasing play and healthy eating,communication and stress management,being together as a family unitInclude all family members
  8. 8. What is in a session Dinner Introductions  Parents introduce  Same every time Educational - Talk about a new skill Model behavior – demonstrate how it is done Homework reinforces new skills
  9. 9. Goals for the family Dinner together at least 4 nights with TV off Decreased screen time to no more than 60 minutes (not including homework) Family play Family meal preparation Ultimate goal - to have child grow into their weight
  10. 10. Outcomes Close to 90% perfect attendance At least one health metric improvement in all family members at end of program Average is 3 improvements Parents show improvements first Stories Alec, Chris, Richard, Deborah, dinner, salmon
  11. 11. ChallengesGetting all the medical releases inFull parental engagementKnowing how much information to giveConsistent follow-up
  12. 12. Questions?
  13. 13. Thank you!Contact InformationLeah HolzwarthCorporate Director, Wellness AdvantageBaptist Health South Florida12420 SW 127 Ave.Miami, FL 33033(O)786-596-1209(F) 786-533-9220leahh@baptisthealth.net