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Creating an Online Directory for Tapping Community Wellness Resources with Judd Allen


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Creating an Online Directory for Tapping Community Wellness Resources with Judd Allen

  1. 1. Together, We Can Create Wellness Zones AmongAt Work Friends In theAt Home Community
  2. 2. WellnessNowCommunity Resource Directory• Connect people to local places for indoor exercise, health-oriented restaurants, farmer’s markets, yoga instructors, and 100+ other wellness resources.• Participants submit new listings and reviews which are moderated to assure accuracy.
  3. 3. Rationale/Benefits• Adds program resources without adding to your hassle or costs• Offers long-term solution• Reaches dependents• Supports local wellness infrastructure (buy local)• Delivers a valued community service
  4. 4. Community Wellness Ambassador Role• Seed the directory with initial resource listings• Write review of the reviews• Solicit reviews and new listings• Moderate submissions• Keep the local news fresh and inviting
  5. 5. Categories Eat Well Get Help with Relax Change Volunteer Wellness Be Fit Resources Learn Bring and Your Kids Grow Be Social
  6. 6. Resource Description
  7. 7. Comments and Reviews
  8. 8. Star RatingsFive star resources embody all dimensions of wellness. Itis purely a positive influence, is good for the environment,and is accessible to all members of the community. Nothingabout this resource would get you into unhealthy behavior.This resource brings out the best in people. Suchresources are true and active wellness champions.One star resources have some healthy aspects, butcannot claim to make wellness a priority. An example wouldbe a restaurant that has some healthy food options, but themajority of choices do not show consideration for health.Another example would be a bar that features good dancemusic, but the food and drinks could only be characterizedas unhealthy. Such an establishment could move up to twostars by offering some healthy options or by seeing to it thatno patron drinks and drives.
  9. 9. Resource Directory Goals• Provide information needed to take advantage of the resource• Expand the vision of wellness in the community• Offer up to date and accurate information• Celebrate participation (by providers and community members)
  10. 10. Opportunities• Make it easy for health professionals to send clients information about community resources.• Create a recognition system for wellness people and organizations.• Create a valued community resource that strengthens a community wellness brand.