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AR Redefined as 'Amazing Relevance', Augmented World Expo AWE2013


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See ya later gimmicky Augmented Reality: less dinosaurs and more relevance! The future of AR is 'Amazing Relevance': human-centred design solutions that respond to a need with intelligence, in a deep relationship with reality, not just on top of real life. It IS real life.

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AR Redefined as 'Amazing Relevance', Augmented World Expo AWE2013

  1. 1. Notes: I’m going to do something a little different today: This is an Augmented Reality conference, butI’m going to talk about AR without showing any AR examples. I think it’s important we look outside ofAR for 15 mins today to gain some fresh perspectives on what is needed. I’d like to look at examplesoutside of AR to illustrate the design opportunities and challenges ahead.
  2. 2. Notes: We’re among friends here, so it’s ok to talk about it, this is our past, we’re moving on...we don’tneed to be shamed by it: for the most part AR has been a lot of gimmickry to this point. BUT the silverlining and good news is there is phenomenal potential and opportunity to move beyond gimmick bydesigning contextual experiences. Look at all of the amazing technology as an industry we havedeveloped; now the onus is on us put it to good use!!
  3. 3. Notes: Up until now there have been 2 predominant principles in AR. They are: overlay &transformationWhen I say transformation: I mean the illusion of something appearing to change in (visual)appearance.
  4. 4. Notes: A lot of AR looks like this.
  5. 5. Notes: ...and this....there are a lot of dinosaurs in AR. (This one has guns.) GIMMICK.There are way too many dinosaurs in AR.
  6. 6. Notes: Four eyed cat; fantastic, yes, but in the end, gimmick.(Look, I do appreciate artistic endeavours in AR being an artist myself, and there has been somebeautiful work done by artists in AR that plays on the fantastical. I’ve talked a lot about AR andstorytelling in the past. The thing we need to remember is to combine it with context and meaningfulnarrative.)
  7. 7. Notes: Again, an example outside of AR, but this is a nice one to show the ‘transformation’ principle.
  8. 8. Notes: “Transform stressful symbols into calm/”Cute project; still a gimmick.
  9. 9. Notes: Here’s a creative design: a clear kayak. This is something that as an industry we’ve been tryingto achieve with AR: to have less of a barrier between us and reality. We’re starting to get there withour devices becoming more ubiquitous...
  10. 10. Notes: I have a lot of interesting conversations with customs agents at airports. It usually starts out with thesimple question, ‘What do you do?’ Which I reply to with, “Have you heard of Augmented Reality?”! The last customs agent looked at me with a straight face and said, “Lady, I have enough problems withreality.” To which I naturally replied to, “That’s brilliant, I’m using that in my next talk.”! It’s true, we do have enough problems with reality!What’s missing in AR is meaning + context = relevance.We need to ask: How can AR be more responsive to human needs and move beyond gimmickry?! And so this is what we are doing at Infinity we are asking: How can AR be used to enhance our lives andour experiences, and we’re looking at it from a human perspective.
  11. 11. Notes: We need more relevance vs. more dinosaurs in AR.The dinosaurs aren’t helping anybody... And jokes aside, this is actually hurting us as an industrylong term. It’s time for us all to get to work. [In my talks I often make the connection between AR andcinema when it was first new, and how it was about the magic of the machine initially. Well the time isripe for us to go way beyond that: we can make something truly magical now in AR by making itrelevant and human-centred.]
  12. 12. Notes: AR as we know it is the PAST. The next phase of AR is human-centred design with a focuson contextual experiences.
  13. 13. Notes: At Infinity we’re proposing that we take AR and rephrase it as: “Amazing Relevance”.This is what we are working on at Infinity AR. We are working on the next generation of AugmentedReality. And it’s coming from human needs.
  14. 14. Notes: At Infinity, we’re working on human-centred design solutions.This is an example of a problem with a very human solution. Again, an example outside of AR, butrelevant and important as to where we need to go.
  15. 15. VIDEO
  16. 16. Notes: We must move from an Augmented Reality to Reality.**AR, or “Amazing Relevance”, is no longer just an overlay on top of real life; it is real life.
  17. 17. Relevance will replace gimmick
  18. 18. Notes: Overlay is replaced with a deep relationship with reality, not just something placed on top ofreality that is disconnected.
  19. 19. Notes: Human-centred transformations replace a surface level illusion of transformation, meeting ahuman need and offering a truly meaningful experience.
  20. 20. Notes: Genevieve Bell, Director of Interaction and Experience Research at Intel is someone Ipersonally admire. Genevieve has a unique background as an Anthropologist. We need this in AR.
  21. 21. Notes: (I personally believe that we’re closer to this than 10 yrs from now.)
  22. 22. Notes: This isn’t as far away as we may think.
  23. 23. Notes: The last example I’m going to show you is a banana phone.
  24. 24. Notes: Invoked computing video (
  25. 25. Notes: Perhaps Invoked Computing is the answer to the ‘clear kayak’ problem I showed earlierand ubiquity: the notion of any object transforming into what you need with no barrier. It justsimply is your reality and it meets your need in your actual setting and environment.
  26. 26. Notes: So remember, AR now stands for “Amazing Relevance”. We each have an incredibleamount of work to do in our industry, contributing our individual pieces to the larger puzzle tomake AR amazing. And I hope you’ll join us in this new path and direction. Thank you.