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Stories for life: Facebook rapport


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Rapport fra kampanje for Visitnorway på Facebook

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Stories for life: Facebook rapport

  1. 1. Norway Global Campaign SummaryFebruary 3, 2011
  2. 2. ContentsCampaign OverviewCampaign Performance Facebook Insights DemographicsApp Screens Conclusion2  
  3. 3. CampaignOverview
  4. 4. Campaign Overview •  Social media campaign featured on Facebook; fans participated in a sweepstakes by selecting their favorite video for a chance to win a trip for two to Norway. •  This campaign gave users the opportunity to view and interact with video clips focused on several different Norwegian activities. •  Sweepstakes conducted for 8 weeks, October 7th through December 8th •  Participants were encouraged to publish a personalized news feed on their walls and invite their friends to enter the Sweepstakes •  Impressions were amounted via a combination of social network communication channels including posts, feeds, and invites4  
  5. 5. CampaignPerformance
  6. 6. Campaign Performance Campaign Elements Stats Fan Growth During the Sweepstakes 6,000 Application Installs 2,426 Invites Sent 2,327 # of Comments 1,250 # of Contest Entries 1,347 •  Strong fan growth for a very targeted market; fan growth was 4x number of entries •  More invites sent than contest entries •  Almost every contest entry included a comment 6  
  7. 7. Facebook Insights Report Campaign  dura0on   Campaign  dura0on  7  
  8. 8. Demographics •  Almost equal number of male vs. female •  Highest number of participants came from Germany and UK *Data excludes users who do not specify: Age, Location, Sex8  
  9. 9. Media Consumption 9  
  10. 10. Ad Campaign •  Took place in 3 countries: Germany, Netherlands, and the UK •  Impressions: 20,688,346 •  Clicks: 14,126 •  CTR: 0.068% •  CPM: $0.36 10  
  11. 11. App Screens
  12. 12. Win a Trip12
  13. 13. Win a Trip •  Each  selec0on   included  a  video   about  a  place  in   Norway  13
  14. 14. Win a Trip •  Fans  were   encouraged  to   view  the  video   and  say  why   they’d  like  to  do   this  ac0vity  14
  15. 15. Win a Trip15
  16. 16. Win a Trip16
  17. 17. Win a Trip17
  18. 18. Win a Trip18
  19. 19. Win a Trip19
  20. 20. Prizes20
  21. 21. Prizes21
  22. 22. Prizes22
  23. 23. Prizes23
  24. 24. Invite your friends24
  25. 25. Conclusion
  26. 26. Conclusion •  The Norway Adventure Campaign helped establish a strong community of Norway-lovers across multiple countries through »  Engagement application and video sweepstakes integration into Page »  Paid media campaign on Facebook and banners for campaign on and partner sites •  Contest entries were moderate but sharing and interaction was high »  There were actually more invites sent than contest entries, as users shared this with friends who might be interested in winning a trip to Norway »  There were almost as many comments as entries, showing high levels of enthusiasm »  The user comments were authentic messages about Norway seen by friends on Facebook •  Visit Norway – official travel guide increased by 6k fans during the campaign and is seeing good levels of interaction on Page and with posts »  Fan growth was 2-3x normal rate during contest duration »  Lasting community consists of enthusiastic fans who share their love of Norway and who will continue to enter contests and post pictures on the page, creating ongoing viral spread of the Norway Global site26