How to Web Startup Spotlight: 4 month follow-up report


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Check out how the 32 startups that participated in Startup Spotlight in 2012 have evolved and how being in this program helped them develop their business.

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How to Web Startup Spotlight: 4 month follow-up report

  1. 1. FOLLOW-UP REPORT* How to Web Startup Spotlight 2012 * 4 months after the program
  2. 2.  4 days of workshops, pitching, accelerator presentations, investment panels, mentoring sessions and 1 to 1 meetings with accelerators and investors  32 early-stage startups from 8 countries in the CEE region  12 accelerators from Europe, USA & Canada  20.000$ cash prizes 2012 PROGRAM OVERVIEW
  3. 3. LAST YEAR’S FINALISTS 32 startups from 8 countries …
  4. 4. airbnb-for-boats-wins-at-howtowebs-festival-for- cee-startups/ … that all got into the international spotlight
  5. 5. PARTICIPANT STARTUPS CAME FROM: Romania Croatia Poland Bulgaria Greece Estonia Hungary Serbia
  6. 6. 1. “We have closed some deals around developing tools on our platform for startups at HTW” 2. “We have won IXIA Business Hitech Contest” 3. “Switched customer segment” 4. “Found several interested accelerators” 5. “Lots of feedback”
  7. 7. 1. “We have achieved some connections and with that some deals are pending to start” 2. “We’ve got two offers for VC investment” 3. “We have a partnership, but not papers signed” 4. “We actually received several proposals to enter accelerators. We did not shake hands because we chose not to apply at the moment” 5. “The service we wanted to deploy on did not find the time to integrate with us” 6. “Yes, it didn’t end up yet. We just agreed the termsheet concerning an angel investment” 7. “We were accepted into Seler8er but decided to get traction first” 8. “We have started negotiating with an investor. We didn’t close the deal yet, the process is still open”
  9. 9. Incrediblue (Greece) • got investment from OpenFund • publicly launched product • launched “Geeks on a boat” project at TNW Amsterdam conference
  10. 10. GoodMomming! (Romania) • got accepted to GrowLab • moved to Silicon Valley • rebranded product to Early
  11. 11. Gameleon (Romania) • Got accepted to Eleven • Got accepted to Mozilla WebFWD • signed partnership with Softlayer • won several pitching contests around Europe
  12. 12. MavenHut (Romania) • Got 500k VC investment • Won The Next Web Romanian Startup Awards for startup of the year, best co-founder, best web app • launched second product • reached Top 100 Grossing Apps (money makers) on Facebook in Oct. 2013
  13. 13. “It was one of the better, if not the best conferences we attended around this company. All the mentors and investors at the event were very relevant. Also many of the people speaking did a great job! ” “How to Web Startup Spotlight was one of the best events which we visited in Europe. Really great guests, well prepared meetings with mentors and investors, lots of opportunities to meet and talk with people. We haven't closed any deal after that but we keep in touch and work with lots of great people we met there. ” “We found the experience quite useful in terms of mentoring especially. Much higher level of mentors compared to any other event in the region. ” Sellbox Useful at Night Green Horse Games
  14. 14. Apply for Startup Spotlight 2013, until October 20th !