Social media and sports marketing


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Social media and sports marketing

  1. 1. Brett HowsleySocial Networks and Sports Marketing
  2. 2. About Me• Born and raised in Reno, Nevada
  3. 3. Feather River College• Played baseball from 2007-2008.• Two conference and Regional championships.• Ranked top 10 in the nation.
  4. 4. College• I am currently a Senior and Marketing major.• I will be graduating in May 2012.
  5. 5. Grad School• University of San Francisco.• MBA in Sports Marketing and Management.
  6. 6. Career• Work for the San Francisco Giant’s organization.
  7. 7. Sports Marketing• Sports’ marketing has been defined as the subdivision of general marketing that focuses specifically on the promotion of sporting events and sport teams..
  8. 8. MainObjectives • Fill the stadium in economic times like this. • Create awareness. • Generate sales. • Create relationships with the fans, organization and athletes. • Create shareholder value.
  9. 9. • Defined as: forms of electronicSocial Media communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (videos).
  10. 10. Marketers Best Friend Social Media is allowing marketers to promote to thousands, if not millions, of customers on a daily basis.
  11. 11. Social Media Marketing • Companies spending of social media advertising is expected to increase each and every year. • Organizations who do not buy into social media will slowly begin to fade out of the business industry.
  12. 12. Top Social Networks• Facebook: 7 billion• Twitter: 182 million• Pinterest: 104 million• LinkedIn: 86 million• Tagged: 72 million• Google+: 61 million (Total Visits for March 2012)
  13. 13. Sports Marketing and Social Media• With the creation and continuous growth of social media, marketing for sports organizations has never been easier.• Allows organizations to keep all loyal and interested fans up-to-date on everything surrounding their favorite teams and athletes.
  14. 14. Sports Marketing and Social Media Con’t • Social Media affect on Sports
  15. 15. Tips for Sports Marketing through Social Media1. Know your target base2. Know your options3. Network. Network. Network4. Utilize the athlete/Know your contacts5. Be versatile
  16. 16. Encourages Interaction amongst Fans Questions Complaints Criticisms Celebrate with team
  17. 17. Enhanced Brand Awareness• Popularity through social media.• Fans become spokesperson for organization (word-of- mouth marketing)
  18. 18. Reaching Fans• Reaching fans across the nation at the same time.• A simple Tweet or Post is being read and shared by thousands across the nation.
  19. 19. Facebook• Mass audience (millions)• Remind fans of games• Deals/Promotions• Line-Ups• Injuries• Buzz• Photos/Videos/highlights• Merchandise• Constant Updates
  20. 20. Idea’s Contests• Post and/or engage most on organizations Facebook page.• Fan Photos (most likes or comments).
  21. 21. Twitter• Real-time interaction• Commentary and play- by-play analysis• Pictures• Fans interactions (Comments, questions or responses)• Athletes interaction
  22. 22. Twitter Amongst Athletes• Athletes across the nation are always finding fans Tweets interesting and • Matt Barkley Twitter constantly are giving their fans feedback.
  23. 23. Idea’s • Post fans tweets on scoreboard during games. • Allow fans to vote for best player and play of each game.
  24. 24. Pinterest• Awareness• Fan Interaction• Athletes, teams and sports moments
  25. 25. Idea’s• Sport organizations can create their own board and pin pictures of their coaches, players, merchandise or highlights.• Contest: give away tickets or autograph’s to fans who pin most pictures from games or events sponsored by team on organizations board.
  26. 26. Only the beginning • As time goes by, ingenuity and creativity will start to expand and the use of social media with sports will only continue to grow.
  27. 27. Thank You