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"It IS Your Attitude" seminar by Luis G. Lobo

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  1. 1. It IS Your Attitude by Luis G. LoboAssociation for Consortium Leadership “The Impact of Communications” 10-07-06
  2. 2. Why the book?The reality of massive change. The product of engaged
  3. 3. Your organization FIRST Is there a Mission? Is there a Vision? Are values established and embraced?
  4. 4. Your team members SECONDDo they know how they impact the organization? Ethically, Behaviorally, Financially.
  5. 5. Your Clients THIRD How is “Service” perceived by the client?Is the Sales-Service Strategy demand or supply driven?Is “Price” always primary? Can it be tertiary?
  6. 6. YOU! Why do you do what you do?Why do you do what you do, the way you do it? Is “Who you say you are” and “What you do” congruent?
  7. 7. How ATTITUDES are formed: By Example. By Lack of Leadership.By non-Reality based thinking. By consensual ignorance.
  8. 8. The failure or success of any organization; be it a business,not-for-profit, religious/social, or family union, is the outcome of the engaged leadership ordisinterest of the highest ranking member(s).
  9. 9. WHY do individuals (and then organizations) Fail? (WHY) Fear of Failure Inoculating Fear of FailureAdding Perspective to Events
  10. 10. The POWER of the Individual (Be who YOU are, Becoming the You you are to Be) Grounded by Values Reality Based Innovative and Creative
  11. 11. Seeing “IT” Through (Have Faith, Be Reason Able) Proactive sense of Being How what we do is NobleHas the given Reality Changed?
  12. 12. Leadership Counts(Keep it Simple, Say it Often, Make it Burn; You Matter!) The Power of “1” The Power of Repetition The Power of Clarity: “Why we do what we do”
  13. 13. Respect Fosters ItselfAcknowledge every engagementand small step towards the goal. DO NOT DETACH!Visit with those that can make or break your team.
  14. 14. What Can I Do NOW? Attitude TOP 10 1. Self-Coach your worthiness of happiness and success. 2. Dismiss untrue beliefs of competency. 3. The “Linus Complex” 4. READ, LEARN, READ. 5. Involve yourself communally. 6. Be the “Expert” 7. Enthusiasm – a good virus 8. Take off the “Horse-blinders” 9. Sweat profusely10. Be Kind to yourself and others.
  15. 15. READING LIST“The Seekers”; “The Creators”; “The Discoverers” – Daniel Boorstin.“The Visit” by Friedrich Durrenmatt.“Objectivism” by Leonard Piekoff.“The Grand Inquisitor”: The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoesvsky.“Undaunted Courage” by Ambrose.“Letter from Birmingham Jail” by MLK.“The Closing of the Western Mind” by Charles Freeman The Books of Job and Ecclesiastes.
  16. 16. Very interested in your commentsregarding the final chapter “When theDark Days Come and Linger, and They Will…” Email me at
  17. 17. “It IS Your Attitude” (because it IS!) Thank you! Luis G. Lobo
  18. 18. "In It IS your Attitude, Luis Lobo has expressed in a practical and effectivemanner the essence of how to battle the challenges of life, and WIN!Developing an enthusiastic positive attitude (EPA) coupled with a deeppersonal ownership of his success has resulted in Luis being a very effectiveleader professionally, and personally. A Great Story!"Kelly S. King, President & Chief Operating Officer BB&T Corporation"This book will nourish your mind and nurture your heart. Its substance is usefuland its style is interesting. Read it to learn and grow."Nido Qubein, Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co. and Founder. National SpeakersAssociation Foundation"This is not just a book, but a life transforming idea. Luis Lobo sure practiceswhat he preaches."Dr. Jaime Daremblum, Ambassador of Costa Rica to the United States