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Process of structure’s


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Process of structure’s

  2. 2. DRAFT 1Episode one
  3. 3. Introduction •Put images Presenter talking about After break of statistics of facts whilst showing up on What willPresenter will introduce talking how negative screen happenedthe show and title – channel 4 you view on after breakare now watching…… youths in this Talking about how youths modern are portrayed throughWhen that is done we’ll have a society music vids and news/t.v Fastinstrumental playing low in the forwardbackground whilst presenter is •Voice over Example of videos andtalking whilst this is shots Then slow happening down with Interview people to see youths •We will have what they think and if they sayingWe will Show what is going to case studies agree that this is howhappened in this episode on youth youths really are portrayal were not Challenge the view that as bad asHave music playing in the •Begin our youths are rebellious you thinkbackground whilst forward of the own5mins is being showed experiment Have voice over of with having a presenter talking whilst youth with shots of positive things that hoodie going youths do come up into shop Statistics of how many
  4. 4. DRAFT 2Episode one
  5. 5. Red-2 minutesBegins with channel 4 advertVoiceover“what coming on next-this will happen when the advert is shownStarts of with an instrumental beat: footage (Riots in Peckham) (crime watch) (Girl fighting with another girl)–wanted to show that we are talking about girls in our documentary as well as boysInstrumental music will stop playingVoiceoverWhile there is montage there will be a voiceover of a news reporterMontageImages of news reports appearing on screen-The archival and montage will appear fast on screen-Person running with a hoodie, while police is catching them, runs out of breath
  6. 6. Blue-2 minutesGreen 1 minute -How are youths portrayed through the media?Montage This question will be answered by:Images of graphs (showing Police manstatistics) will be shown Youth worker/mentor Psychologist/ sociologist (miss Rayner)Voice-over with the Adults-(possibly parents)montagewill explain what the graphs -Do you think youth are portrayed in a negative orare showing positive way? This question will answered by youthStatistics-How many youths have The interviews will lead us to show what may be thecommitted a crime cause of how youths are-Crime rates from previous Portrayed, we will then talk about Films and TVyears-Some statistics from groupresearch PowerPoint Archival footage Show clips on some of the films and TV programmes we are going to look at
  7. 7. One day (Film)-characters Style of clothing -What this representation shows Language spoken (slang) -stereotypes Props they are holding Location set X-factor-TV programme Frankie cacozza- given £3000 and blew it on cocaine -what he has done and got involved inNews- showing crimes which youth have got involved in youth being violent-London RiotsWe will then challenge this by showing the audience there are positive aspects(showing that people shouldn’t make judgements)Freedom writers-FilmYoung adults going to school by adults having faith in them after a tough childhoodlife they hadNewsShowing GCSEs/ A-level results from students-young people going to university-Young and talented –Diversity/one direction/N-Dubz
  8. 8. Yellow-20 seconds Music will play and will go quiter when the presenter starts talking presenter will end the episode by talking about what will happen in theNext episode- “Wealth and poverty”Archival footageClips of wealthy areas in London-Bayswater -Medieval-Holland park -Else court-Medieval -High street Kensington Used to try and compare them which link inClips in working class areas With the heading “WealthHarlesden and poverty”-Brixton -Rough areas in london-Hackney -Council estates
  9. 9. DRAFT 2Episode Two
  10. 10. Quick Title Statisticsrecap of ‘How youths are represented through poverty and wealth’first Movingepisode Live archival footage of youths( poor and wealthy) graph of th‘how saying what they do with their time level ofyouths instrumental of fast beat song- Giggs- ‘talkin your school passviolence hardest’ from 2000-and gangs Text comes up ‘ less fortunate youths are usually seen to 2011 withinare be hanging around parks and estates’ youths inrepresent- Vioce over saying while text is on screen povertyedthrough Montage of images of Peckham, Brixton, elephant castle, How manyTV and Acton estates - youths in estates , London riots wealthyfilm’ youth pass vs. school –Fast video Montage of wealthy youths- playing piano, singing, in usual gradesclips lessons ( classical music plays here) , shopping for clothes they get vs. London riots stealing from shops. Crime rates Vioceover‘ this is a clear portrayal of youths in the media within poor who are poor, it seems to be that youths do conform to youths-( they these stereotypes and the riots is a clear portrayal of that’ have nothing to do and so
  11. 11. outside elephant and castle high street Images of Primark, Harlesden, church road, Iceland, Bardo then ‘ from this we can see that lower class youths images of oxford street- usually...... Selfridges, top shop, ESPIRIT, And middle/upper class usually... (depends on Gucci and Hyde park results we get) ‘ there is a chavy portrayal of lower class youthsInterview- Brixton in the media such as in films-Ask youths- lower class fish tank( the main character wears same clothes everyday, beat down trainers – we have a parent1. Where would your mum shop who drinks and brings any man in the house and for food Iceland or Waitrose ho that affects her kids- they become violent, use foul language , and also smoke- follow footsteps2. What about clothes? Would of parents you rather Primark or top shop or Selfridges? This view is that lower class youths dont end up anywhere due to their social backgrounds3. How much allounance do you get a month We will challenge this by showing Show footage of youths that do end up well suchInterview- Chelsea and Fulham as N-Dubz- Tulisa who had no gcse’s and madeAsk youths- middle/upper class her self better and show high schools where youths do really well- Wembley high 95% pass1. Would you ever shop in rate .
  12. 12. We will show the different portrayal of wealthy youths What will-IMAGES OF CELEBS- Paris Hilton, Kelly Osborne, Mary Kate Olsen and happenvoice over of how they are drug users and its easier for them to access in nextdrugs due to the fact that they have the money, they know the people episodewhereas lower class adolescents dont have connection to the strongestdugs like cocaine Music videos(PRESENTER TALKING ABOUT THESE POINTS) and-They turn to dugs( Paris Hilton) as they have easy access to it. games-- closed minded how-Don’t know much about life whereas lower class s appreciate life more youths- ‘ rich commit crimes but less likely to get a lot of time in jail to how they arehave financial support from parents. represent ed-End with how the media portrays youths very generally as there are cons throughand pros to being wealthy and being of lower class. that
  13. 13. DRAFT 2Episode Three
  14. 14. Episode Three structure Previous TITLE:episode: - Statistics/‘How Voiceover:‘’ Representations of Youths’’ Reportsyouths Talking about: - ( stats onare - GTA4- How youths are seen negatively- style of first draft)represent clothing - Wwe- sistered - Grime Videos- violence, sex, drugs killed bythrough - Rock Video’s- Marliyn Manson- rebellious attitudes brotherpoverty - Boy getsand disease ofwealth’ - Interviews playing too - Going to the shop GAME, speak to worker: much.Fast clips - How many youths buy games?of music - Whats the most popular game?videos; - Sell rates of GTA4?jessiej, rhianna - VOICEOVER’’ VERY CLEAR YOUTHS ARE Blue:50 cent INFLUNCED….’’Archivalfootage of MUSIC VIDEOliveconcerts EMMANUELLAN-DUBZ