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  1. 1. Idea’s• For my Double page spread I decided that I wanted it to be in Look magazine this was because not many of their spreads focus on teenagers so this would give for a wider audience also for their magazine and would challenge the conventions of the magazine. I like the idea of a diary which would be how the double spread would be presented.
  2. 2. The Metro•••••••••
  3. 3. Codes/Conventions of newspaper advertisement• Codes/Conventions of double page spread• Colour scheme should be basic preferably following the magazines colour scheme to avoid too many colours being used• The picture arrangement could be either of the following: one large image on one half of page with writing on the other side one large image taken up the whole page of the double spread small images and writing on both pages• The quotes can be used in the headline, on the picture or in the standfirst. The standifrst is used to introduce the artice and is usually positioned underneath the headline and tells the reader what the article is about• Double page spreads usually have a drop capital to show the reader where to start reading and is common for the first paragraph to be in bold and in bigger type size than the rest of the writing.• The headline ususally in stylised font and doesnt really tell the audience anthing about the article rather it is used to grab the readers attention. It is common for headlines to be puns or songtitles.• The byline is where the persons name that wrote the article and usually photograph credits• The articles are written informally in the form of the journalists writing so that their personality comes through in their writing The strapline which is at the top of the line tells you the subject matter