Shipping - Principles Worth Pondering


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There's lots of books and articles out there that touches much on product management. I say, no need to repeat lah. You can read yourself. Lol.

So, I think it's a good idea to have some interaction. I am gonna share my journey as a product designer/manager and principles I have learnt and am learning which we can openly discuss over. Sounds good? I hope so!

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Shipping - Principles Worth Pondering

  1. 1. Shipping Principles Worth Pondering Howie Chang
  2. 2. 99% of the hundreds of products you use every day – from the desk you’re sitting at to the coffee you’re drinking – you aren’t consciously aware of, you don’t notice. 1% you will notice, but 99% for a bad reason – the coffee’s cold, the desk is wobbly – which leaves just 0.01% of the total the products you notice because you love them. !
  3. 3. ! • The Digital Movement • Creative Technology Ltd • Venturing out into the unknown • SP, RP • buUuk • Viki • RedMart
  4. 4. • You are not the mini CEO - product managers/team leads are servants and exist to serve the tech/business/ux team. • Start with the user and work outward. I try to start with a blog post, internal and external FAQs. • Validate your assumptions. Do not waste engineering cycles. Examples? • Major on the major. Solve a hard problem that lots of people share. • Seek first to understand, then to be understood (Stephen Covey). Don’t jump in with a concluded mindset. • Build the simplest thing that can possibly work. For us at RedMart, part of it means going Mobile First. • You ship what you have, not what you want. Product management is saying no. • If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. (Lord Kelvin) Define actionable metrics, not vanity metrics. • Always be shipping. That’s how I measure my performance against. What’s yours? • Be humble. Always. Less ego goes a loooong way. :)
  5. 5. “The truth is, product management morphs into whatever is needed by the organization. If the powers that be want you to manage the ERP configurations, or … used worldwide to close orders, or to buy the developers coffee, you will do it. All the “we need to be strategic!” mottos go out the door when you are tossed into the tactical morass.” – Geoffrey Anderson
  6. 6. Suck it up. Be patient. “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1