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Google Verify Authorship Flowchart - A step by step guide


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So… Why Isn’t My Authorship Appearing In Search Results?

Even if you have set up your authorship properly, be forewarned! Matt Cutts said in his keynote at Pubcon in October that Google may be tightening up authorship (and rich snippets) next year in an effort to provide the highest quality authorship results, with a possible reduction of authorship results of up to 15 percent.

What does that mean for you as an author? Matt stressed that authorship (and rich snippets) will likely be shown for the highest quality sites. So keep striving for high quality content, follow Google’s webmaster guidelines, and keep building your authorship authority. None of these approaches, of course, is a guarantee, but I expect it’s the best way to keep your authorship snippet intact.

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Google Verify Authorship Flowchart - A step by step guide

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