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The Wired Nonprofit Excerpt


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A sample of slides used from the Wired Nonprofit class at NYU SCPS at the Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising. From Marcia Stepanek, Tom Watson and Howard Greenstein

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The Wired Nonprofit Excerpt

  1. 1. Excerpted Slides from:“The Wired Nonprofit” NYU Class forSXSW Panel Picker Application 2013
  2. 2. The Wired Nonprofit: Strategy and Practice NYU Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising FDGR1-GC-3105 Spring 2012
  3. 3. the professors:• Marcia Stepanek @CauseGlobal• Howard Greenstein @howardgr• Tom Watson @tomwatson
  4. 4. “we’re now in thesecond social media age -- between backlash and re-invention.”
  5. 5. Guest List• Ramya Raghaven, YouTube - 2/29• Andrew Rasiej, Founder, techPresident - 3/3• Jon Vidar, The Tiziano Project - 3/3• Bicephaly - 3/3• Jake Porway, Data Without Borders - 3/7• Jason Hansman, Community Mgr/ - 3/21• George Weiner, CTO, - 3/28• Suzanne Seggerman, Games for Change - 4/4• Eli Pariser, “The Filter Bubble” - 4/11• Carol Cone/Mari Kuraishi-Global Giving - 4/25
  6. 6. “We’re at this very early stage of a true revolution. The people are turning to each other, away from big entities. The Singularity that Ray Kurzweil talks about? F--- that. The true singularity is when people use networks to “do it ourselves.’Scott Heiferman, CEO, cofounder, Meetup - 2/14/12 Social Media Week
  7. 7. “Superfans” and other enthusiasts
  8. 8. #takebackthepink
  9. 9. “don’t get mubaraked.” (“Caught not utilizing social media to listen and thereby being rendered irrelevant.”) - Kristin Taylor
  10. 10. Measuring influence
  11. 11. 3 Types of ‘Social’communities and networks and swarms (oh, my!) and swarms (oh, my!)
  12. 12. KONY2012
  13. 13. #StopKony had 12,000 tweets per 10 minutes at the height of events; #SXSW only 900
  14. 14. Occupy’s ‘Swarm Strategy’
  15. 15. Define Your Audience. who do you need to reach? who do you need to hear?
  16. 16. SocialBro
  17. 17. Define how to reach your goals.
  18. 18. Brainstorm the Tool Options
  19. 19. Decide which channels are right.
  20. 20. Mapping a Campaign 101
  21. 21. HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW: Case Study United Airlines Customer Case
  22. 22. from The New Yorker