Use social media to help you go from starlet to star


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For the Toastmaster District 8 conference in St. Louis, Mo., May 18, 2013.

Use Social Media to Help You Go from Starlet to Star!
Session Leader: Genevieve Howard, M Ed

The place to be in the 1930s and 1940s was Classic Hollywood. Where's the place to be now? In social media like Facebook and Twitter! Learn how to add glamour to your online presence. We'll talk about setting goals for your communication efforts. You'll receive handouts to help you create your own action plan and apply what you learn. Whether you want to be seen as chic, elegant or dashing, you'll learn how to understand your audience and get them interested in your image and message. You'll leave ready to make your name top billing!

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Use social media to help you go from starlet to star

  1. 1. Use social media to help you goGenevieve starletto star
  2. 2. Today’s Top Billing•Goal•Appearance•Audience•Content•Care andupkeep•Futuresuccess@HowGen
  3. 3. Goal@HowGen
  4. 4. @HowGenIf you don’t know where you’regoing, how will you get there?
  5. 5. Appearance@HowGen
  6. 6. Look your bestEddie Albert and Grace Brandt@HowGen
  7. 7. Look atyourpageswith a setdesignerseye.Scenic designer Robert Edmond Jones@HowGen
  8. 8. Set thestage so itmatchesyour brandand thetone ofyourmessage.@HowGen
  9. 9. @HowGen
  10. 10. Make it consistent!@HowGen
  11. 11. Audience@HowGen
  12. 12. Connect with your audienceYour audience is NOT “everyone.”@HowGen
  13. 13. Target youraudience.@HowGen
  14. 14. The morefocusedyouraudience,thebetter!Joan Banks@HowGen
  15. 15. When youraudience turnsagainst you…@HowGen
  16. 16. Avoid being ahorror showLon Chaney @HowGen
  17. 17. Content@HowGen
  18. 18. Postdesirablecontent@HowGen
  19. 19. 300 million photosuploaded toFacebook every day@HowGenPeople like photos!
  20. 20. Blogs, videos, links,polls, quotes, questions:what makessense foryou?Carole Landis@HowGen
  21. 21. What isyour goal?@HowGen
  22. 22. Care and upkeep@HowGen
  23. 23. Keep up with your new connectionsGrace Kelly and Clark Gable@HowGen
  24. 24. Interact!Greta Garbo, Armand Kaliz & Antonio Moreno@HowGen
  25. 25. Be kind and thank those who help you.Clark Gable @HowGen
  26. 26. Check in with your audience.Clark Gable@HowGen
  27. 27. Future success@HowGen
  28. 28. Make dates to succeedClark Gabel @HowGen
  29. 29. Create an editorial calendar.@HowGen
  30. 30. Decide how often youll post.@HowGen
  31. 31. Top Billing• Starbucks• Lion Brand Yarn• Old Spice• Longmeadow Rescue Ranch@HowGen
  32. 32. Toastmasters• Toastmasters International• District 86• Broken Arrow• Erne Speakers• Downtown Toastmasters@HowGen
  33. 33. Q & AAssessment and PlanHandout@HowGen
  34. 34. Your turn toshine!Estelita Rodriguez @HowGen
  35. 35. Photo creditsPhotos without photocredit are fromWikimedia Commonsand the Library ofCongress.Photos with photocredits are under theCreative Commonsattribution license.@HowGen
  36. 36. Thank you!Genevieve