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Bean Around The World 2009


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Published in: Investor Relations, Sports
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Bean Around The World 2009

  1. 1. BEAN Around the World 2009
  2. 2. BEAN was started in Seattle, WA, USA in 2002 as a casual young professional networking & volunteering group.
  3. 3. We quickly grew to be over 5,000 members in Seattle with dozens of events annually, thousands of volunteering hours donated, thousands of dollars raised for charitable organizations, and countless number of friendships created.
  4. 4. Then, at the end of 2008, we had a crazy idea: “ Can we get young professionals around the globe to network and volunteer?”
  5. 5. So, why are we doing all this?
  6. 6. BEAN is a young professional civic group. We are unconventional, humble, ambitious, smart, youthful and inclusive. We engage with each other and the local communities through social, networking and volunteering events. BEAN is a vehicle for fun memories and personal growth, and we encourage healthier communities and global collaboration. 
  7. 7. How did that go in 2009?
  8. 8. Total Chapters: 9 New Chapters in 2009: 7 Members: 8,600+ Officers: 78 Number of Events: 230+ Money Raised: USD$25,000+ Volunteering People-Hour: 5,000+ BEAN Around the World By Numbers
  9. 9. BEAN @ Hong Kong 香港 Launch Date: December, 2009 Membership: 100~ Chapter President: Garvey Chui & Vivian Hsu VPs: Jimmy Ren, Patricia Li, Karla Chien, Janice Lin Chapter Website:
  10. 10. BEAN @ Hong Kong 香港 2009 Highlight: Volunteered with Mother's Choice, an orphanage in Hong Kong, conducting arts and crafts with them, feeding the infants and in general playing with the children. 2009 Number of Events: 1 Chapter Website:
  11. 11. BEAN @ Minneapolis Launch Date: February, 2009 Membership: 100~ Chapter President: Kyle Nesgood VPs: Jordan Serre Chapter Website:
  12. 12. BEAN @ Minneapolis 2009 Highlight: Our outing to the ACME Comedy Club worked out great! We had a combination of a social event and a birthday celebration. Very fun! 2009 Number of Events: 12 Chapter Website:
  13. 13. BEAN @ New York Launch Date: December, 2008 Membership: 100~ Chapter President: Andrew Lamb Officers: Mike Lee, Meghan Buco Chapter Website:
  14. 14. BEAN @ New York 2009 Highlight: Our assistance with the Boys & Girls Club Brooklyn picnic for two hours of work - running games and helping prepare food for mentors and their kids. The event was a great success with over 100 mentor/mentee pairs attending the event that featured multiple carnival-style activities. BEAN volunteers earned t-shirts and endless amounts of "feel-good" points for their time contributions. 2009 Number of Events: 15 Chapter Website:
  15. 15. BEAN @ Philadelphia Launch Date: October, 2009 Membership: 50~ Chapter President: Brian Roberts VPs: Aimee Haynes 2009 Number of Events: 2 Chapter Website:
  16. 16. BEAN @ Phoenix Launch Date: July, 2009 Membership: 100~ Chapter President: Alicia Sutton & Dawn Stressman VPs: Erin Wilson, Jill McIlroy, Michael Bartley, Scott Campbell, Pamela Houser Chapter Website:
  17. 17. BEAN @ Phoenix 2009 Highlight: Our most successful service event was our August event at The Family School. At this event, we spent the morning cleaning up and a school playground and making sure the safety measures were up to code. The organizers at The Family School were ready for us with the tools we needed in order to complete the work. We were able to finish in approx. 3 hours. Even though it was ridiculously hot, we all felt a great sense of accomplishment when we finished. 2009 Number of Events: 11 Chapter Website:
  18. 18. BEAN @ San Francisco Launch Date: February, 2009 Membership: 150~ Chapter President: Jenni Ellingson VPs: Zain Iqbal, Cindi Cheaney, Lindsay Kemp, Derek van der Schroeff, Celso Wang Chapter Website:
  19. 19. BEAN @ San Francisco 2009 Highlight: ROCK (Real Options for City Kids) had the best turnout. We met at a playground on the weekend with group leaders from the local organization. We led soccer drills and played other outdoor games with the kids (K-6th) in the morning and afternoon. ROCK provides healthy, positive activities and opportunities for kids in low-income areas of SF. Everyone had a great time (oh yeah the kids too! ?) and provided very positive feedback, both on ROCK and BEAN sides. 2009 Number of Events: 13 Chapter Website:
  20. 20. BEAN @ Seattle Launch Date: February, 2003 Membership: 6,500~ Chapter President: Karin Zabel VPs: Ann Vu, Lisa Rivera, Angela Fisk, Leah Lockyer, Ellen Kwor, Dan Smith, Chris Bloczynski, Holly Wyrwich Chapter Website:
  21. 21. BEAN @ Seattle 2009 Highlight: We had a record-breaking TGAL fundraising campaign. The singles date auction and silent auction raised over $14,000 in one night making it the most profitable fundraiser and social event in BEAN’s history. Our Scholarship Program continues to reach out into our local Seattle community, fostering and supporting our young leaders. The $2,500 scholarship is specifically for students who exemplify service, friendship and leadership – the three core principles of BEAN. Our 1st Annual Pink Slip party in January 2009, which was our best networking event of the year. As the economy showed no signs of recovery, approximately 10% of BEAN members were unemployed and looking for ways to connect with others in city. This was the perfect opportunity to reach out, bring our members together and provide opportunities in our network. 2009 Number of Events: 70+ Chapter Website:
  22. 22. BEAN @ Seoul 서울 Launch Date: July, 2009 Membership: 300~ Chapter President: Jure Majnaric VPs: Hyeryung Han, Gabriela Corluka Chapter Website:
  23. 23. BEAN @ Seoul 서울 2009 Highlight: Ongoing monthly orphanage visit. Lots of members returned month after month to volunteer, and the visit is always over-booked. We teach English to the kids, and play with them, providing positive influence. 2009 Number of Events: 10 Chapter Website:
  24. 24. BEAN @ Shanghai 上海 Launch Date: September, 2008 Membership: 1,200~ Chapter President: Sheila Seiler VPs: Wan Hing Cheung, Lystia Putrano, Stella Yu, Joseph Lim, Joyce Roque, Sherry Liu, Albert Chang, Jimmy Wu, Audrey Du Chapter Website:
  25. 25. BEAN @ Shanghai 上海 2009 Highlight: The first Dental Hygiene Education event, where we managed 600 children and 90 volunteers, was the most amazing experience anyone I talk to from BEAN has ever had at a BEAN event. We didn’t know if we could pull it off, if we would get enough volunteers, what the students would be like- but it was great! There were problems, but for the first event to launch a comprehensive health program- it went extremely well! Our first anniversary had three live bands, four bars, and was extensively covered by the media. People had an AMAZING time! July and August each netted 120 attendees. The feedback we’ve gotten is that people like coming to free networking events, a rarity in Shanghai. We’ve started having a three-minute talk during each networking event to highlight an upcoming event or program and the crowd responds extremely well to this. 2009 Number of Events: 100+ Chapter Website:
  26. 26. So, how do we keep growing BEAN?
  27. 27. Volunteering & Fundraising Membership Growth Networking & Social Reputation & Marketing Leadership Development Think Global Act Local Chapters Expansion Virtuous circle for growth
  28. 28. Don’t forget to tell your friends!!! We need leaders for every existing chapter, for the HQ team that’s building the infrastructure and processes to support growth, and for potential BEAN chapters in every city around the globe with over 1 million residents. Contact: [email_address]
  29. 29. How about Aachen, Germany next?
  30. 30. Maybe Guilin, China?
  31. 31. How would young professionals volunteer in Jabalpur, India?
  32. 32. Do you want to network in Lipetsk, Russia?
  33. 33. Got any friends in Nashville, U.S.A.?
  34. 34. Know any leaders in Pretoria, S.A.?
  35. 35. We need your help to grow in Sharjah, U.A.E.
  36. 36. Just like we need help to get started in Vitoria, Brazil
  37. 37. Can you imagine a BEAN chapter in Yogyakarta, Indonesia?
  38. 38. Aachen, Germany Guilin, China Jabalpur, India Lipetsk, Russia Nashville, U.S.A. Pretoria, S.A. Sharjah, U.A.E. Vitoria, Brazil Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  39. 39.
  40. 40. Who are the people on BEAN’s Board of Directors?
  41. 41. Board of Directors Andy Mayo Andy is a retired executive from the financial service industry and former president of the Seattle chapter of the Kiwanis Club. He writes a blog about investing at and pursuing his interests in arts and social justice.
  42. 42. Board of Directors Cindy Harma Cindy is the Seattle Center Director of Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions. Cindy has both a Juris Doctor degree and a Master’s degree in International Affairs.
  43. 43. Board of Directors Deb Barge Deb is the owner of Event Management Support, Inc., which specializes in fundraising event planning for nonprofit organizations, such as the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Annual Gala.
  44. 44. Board of Directors Howard Wu Howard found BEAN in 2002 with a close group of friends to encourage networking & volunteering. He leads product teams in leading technology companies such as T-Mobile USA, Amazon and Microsoft. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration.
  45. 45. Board of Directors Jennifer Wilmer Jennifer is a User Experience Researcher at Microsoft with experience in web design, voice user interface design, natural language processing and software engineering. She has a Master’s degree in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience.
  46. 46. Board of Directors Larry LaMotte Larry is a the owner of CleanCheck inc. and Bizmozis, Inc.. He is a serial entrepreneur and has extensive experience in Architectural Design: Spatial Planning in residential and restaurant design.
  47. 47. Board of Directors Ona Anicello Ona was one of the original founders of BEAN and works as the Senior User Research for the Apollo Group and the Director of User Research at Fifth Element Usability.
  48. 48. Board of Directors Raghu Mudumbai Raghu is the Associate Professor of Neuro-Ophthalmology, Glaucoma at University of Washington. He also practices at Harborview Medical Center and VA Puget Sound.
  49. 49. Board of Directors Zeke Miller Zeke is a serial entrepreneur and has extensive experience in industries such as restaurant & hospitality, information technology, natural resources and event planning.
  50. 50. Who are BEAN’s HQ team?
  51. 51. Chief Executive Officer Howard Wu Chief Operating Officer Skye Lee Chief Technology Officer Andy Tyra Chief Volunteering Officer Sheila Seiler Chief Networking Officer Dan Smith Chief Marketing Officer Benson Chan Chief Financial Officer Mark Ye for all HQ officers
  52. 52. Questions? Want to help? Please email Howard Wu [email_address]