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The balloon debate


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The balloon debate

Published in: Education
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The balloon debate

  1. 1. Speaking and Listening Activity:
  2. 2.  To be able to work together as a team  To argue your case for staying in the balloon  To understand how to reach a joint decision Get into groups of three/four. I need seven groups altogether.
  3. 3.  The balloon is heading for the sea!  There are too many people on board for it to make it to the desert island and safety.  You have to decide which 2 people will be thrown from the balloon and which people will survive to face the trials of the desert island.
  4. 4.  the skills needed on the desert island  any useful skills that your character has based on their occupation/job.  any extra skills your character might have from hobbies or younger life So first – what skills will be useful on a desert island?
  5. 5. Tell me why your character should not be thrown to their deaths off the balloon! Along with reasons why. I will choose one person to speak to Defend your character! Give one/two/three reasons why your character should stay on-board.
  6. 6. 1. The footballer has recently set up a charity for underprivileged (poor) children in Uganda (Africa). 2. The Doctor has been suspected of having lied about his degree and may not be a real doctor. 3. The teacher is a P.E. teacher. 4. The dentist has a long history of medical problems – he is always ill! But his hobbies are orienteering and hiking. 5. The gardener used to be in the Marines but was dishonourably discharged (thrown out). 6. The fireman recently won a medal for bravery. 7. The tramp has survived on the streets for seven years.
  7. 7.  You need to justify why your character should retain their place in the balloon.  I will choose someone new to discuss your reasons.  You also need to decide who doesn’t belong on board.
  8. 8.  The island is uninhabited and remote.  The balloon contains a First Aid kit.  The island is home to several poisonous snakes but no large predators.  The island has a selection of fruit trees which are difficult to access due to their long, smooth trunks.
  9. 9.  Now is your last opportunity to make your case.  Other groups can challenge your reasoning/ideas so be prepared to argue for your choices and against their opinions.