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10 Tips For Using Sell Downloads With Wordpress To Leave Your Competition In The Dust


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For instance, you can insert the customer's name, email address, transaction/subscription ID, the am...

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10 Tips For Using Sell Downloads With Wordpress To Leave Your Competition In The Dust

  1. 1. 10 Tips For Using Sell Downloads With Wordpress To Leave Your Competition In The Dust For instance, you can insert the customer's name, email address, transaction/subscription ID, the amount charged, currency code, item number, item description, recurring rate, recurring term/cycle, initial/recurring amounts, coupon code, coupon affiliate ID, and any custom field values. You can customize the subject, body, and even the list of recipients. For instance, you might decide to build additional fields into your Pro-Form template file, and process those in custom ways. You can configure which Membership Levels they apply to, whether they are required, if they will be shown during checkout or only in a profile, if they should be for internal use only, if they begin a new section in the form, specific field validation patterns, styles, classes, and other HTML attributes of your choosing. Text entry, multiline text entry, select menus that require a specific option, select menus that allow for multiple options, a single checkbox, multiple checkboxes, and multiple radio buttons. By default, s2Member only collects details from a user that are absolutely required to process a registration and/or transaction; e.g., email address, name, username, password, credit card, billing address, etc. With PayPal Pro, Stripe, or , you will also acquire a Virtual Terminal where you can process credit cards manually by logging into your merchant account. The s2Stream / Shortcode can be configured to provide an MP4 fallback if you like. Please note the following limitation: RTMP streams are currently not compatible with mobile devices. If your entire business model is based on the delivery of audio or video, RTMP can work to prevent users from gaining access to your media and then illegally redistributing it without your permission. Audio/video files streamed over the RTMP protocol can be viewed, but never downloaded. Once you've successfully configured s2Member to use both Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront together, s2Member will automatically serve your protected files over the RTMP protocol using an Amazon CloudFront Streaming Distribution—configured automatically by s2Member. For sites delivering protected FLV, MP4, OGG, WEBM and other streaming audio/video file types over the RTMP protocol, Amazon CloudFront is our recommendation. One of the great things about Amazon CloudFront, is its ability to stream/seek media files in the truest sense of the word. This allows you to serve protected audio/video streams through digitally-signed URLs. Once that is complete, you will then have an easy-to-use s2Stream / Shortcode (provided by s2Member). All of these services can be integrated with s2Member. S2Member has an optional integration with Amazon S3, Amazon Cloudfront, and with JW Player. See also: Protected Audio/Video Streams for additional considerations when serving audio/video streams. This is a popular technique for images, PDF files, and audio/video files. Without the download prompt, a file can actually be served Inline; i.e., within the browser. The s2File / Shortcode can then generate digitally-signed URLs that lead to those files—using either Basic or Advanced methods. S2Member makes it possible for you (as the site owner) to produce Download Keys (with help from the s2File / Shortcode), so that protected files can be served to anyone; where all Basic Download Restrictions are bypassed whenever you deem necessary.
  2. 2. Obviously, s2Member can't possibly predict every possible scenario, in every possible business model. This would be considered Content Dripping, and Simple Shortcode Conditionals can help with this too. In some cases, you might want to display something different, depending on the time of day it is; or depending upon how long an existing member has been paying you. Such as joining your mailing list, filling out a survey, visiting a certain Post or Page, filling in a value for a certain Profile Field, clicked a certain link, etc, etc. Maybe you want to display certain data, but only if a user has previously completed an action. Maybe you need to change the way something appears (or even what details are given), based on the current Post or Page, the current Post Type, what Tags it may have, what Category it's in, what Sidebar it's in, if it's Sticky or not, who authored the content, etc. Or, maybe you need to display something different to non-members, or to members with a specific type of access. Sometimes it's necessary to allow everyone to access to your content (i.e., everyone can land on a certain Post or Page and view it); but maybe you need to digital downloads review hide (protect) a certain part of that content. We consider all of this to be point-and-click functionality. It does this while letting your valid users pass through with ease. ReCAPTCHA uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive CAPTCHAs to keep automated software from engaging in abusive activities on your site. ReCAPTCHA is a free service to protect your website from spam and abuse. S2Member Pro-Forms come pre-integrated with Google's reCAPTCHA service For Free Registration Pro-Forms, this is enabled by default. If you plan to allow Open Registration, this is extremely important. A Security Encryption Key is unique to your installation. S2Member will use your Security Encryption Key to protect itself against hackers. In order to keep your installation of s2Member unique/secure, you should configure a Security Encryption Key. However, this also makes it possible for anyone to grab a copy of the software, and try to learn their way around its security measures. Just like WordPress, s2Member is open-source software. You can fine-tune this behavior through configurable options. This temporary ban, will only affect the offending link and/or username associated with the security breach. At that time, s2Member will place a temporary ban (preventing access) to a specific post/page, or to an account associated with a particular username. Once that limit is reached, s2Member assumes there has been a security breach. A single username, access link, and/or entry point; is only valid for a certain number of unique IP addresses. S2Member's Unique IP Restrictions work for Membership Level Access (account logins), Specific Post/Page Access, Registration Links, and other secure entry points. This is known as link sharing (aka: username sharing). This temporary ban, will only affect the offending IP address. Whenever s2Member detects an IP address (i.e., a remote user) that is consistently failing to enter a valid username/password, a temporary ban is created; preventing additional attempts from taking place for 30 minutes (configurable). S2Member thwarts this behavior by monitoring failed login attempts that occur within a short period of time. It is not likely that you'll be attacked in this way, but it's still a good idea to protect your system; just in case somebody tries this. As with any membership system, it is possible for someone to try and guess username/password combinations by attempting a Brute Force Attack ; whereby multiple/repeated logins are
  3. 3. strategically attempted with various username/password combinations until a correct guess is made. It's also possible to build themes/plugins around s2Member, where you can call upon the current_user_can() function in your PHP template files. Content can be protected through an easy-t- -use meta box in your Post/Page Editing Station, through a global configuration provided by s2Member's Restriction Options, or by integrating s2If / (Simple Shortcode Conditionals) into your content. In this way, it is even possible to offer paid Membership Levels > 0 at no charge whatsoever, and maybe for a limited-time only. They can also be used to configure a specific Membership Level, CCAPS, trial period, and more—specifically for Free Subscribers, and based on a specific Pro-Form instance. Free Registration Pro-Forms can be used to acquire new users (regardless of your global Open Registration setting). S2Member Pro makes it possible to allow Open Registration using Pro-Forms of your choosing—even if you don't intend to use Pro-Forms or a payment gateway. Or, you can choose to allow Open Registration; making it possible to acquire Free Subscribers that might later become customers by completing checkout and upgrading their account to a paid status. In this way, only paying customers can get an account. You can watch this video to learn more about the power of Custom Capabilities. Of course, you can also limit this sort of access using one of s2Member's many Restriction Options. Or, maybe they have paid you for something in the past, but they were since demoted back down to the Subscriber Role (so they no longer have Membership privileges; i.e., Capabilities). S2Member uses the Subscriber Role to classify Free Subscribers (i.e. people with an account—but they've not paid you anything yet). S2Member also makes extensive use of an existing Role in WordPress, the Subscriber Role. Again, this works best when you apply an Upsell Flow to a customer that is already registered. This way upsell choices can be associated with their account in real-time, preventing multiple transactional emails that may conflict with one another—depending on which options were chosen in the Upsell Flow path. Have your customers register (free) before completing checkout. This feature works best when you enable Open Registration with s2Member. Both PitchPlus Basic and PitchPlus Advanced are supported. S2Member supports PitchPlus Upsells —a ClickBank-specific feature.