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Super Bowl Media Value Report (onine and digital media value)


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Utilizing the powerful digital media listening technology of General Sentiment, this report discusses and quantifies how Super Bowl advertisers maximized (or didn't) their investment in commercial time on the game.

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Super Bowl Media Value Report (onine and digital media value)

  2. 2. | MEDIA VALUE REPORT TM MEASURING THE VALUE OF NEWS & SOCIAL MEDIA EXPOSURE Across the Internet, in news, blogs, tweets and other social media, millions of people are talking about brands. This “buzz” of course, can be created organically or by deliberate activation programs…and now, it can be measured as a Media Value equivalent. The General Sentiment Media Value Report™ calculates the dollar value of the buzz, content, and conversation taking place online. Perhaps the one time of year that marketers demand their advertising multiply its value across the digital landscape is during Super Bowl season. The National Football League’s title game long ago became the ultimate stage for TV advertising; and this year’s thriller with the Saints topping the Colts set the new standard as the most-watched event in TV history. Yet, with commercial time going in the neighborhood of $3 million per :30, the stakes are even higher: what kind of “bounce” can a campaign get just by being a part of the spectacle? With this report, General Sentiment will examine the online exposure of brands that advertised on the telecast, covering the three weeks leading up to and immediately after the game. Who has benefitted most from the buzz around their campaign? THE CONCEPT MVR Sentiment Exposure Analysis Weighting Many news and social media publishers Sentence by sentence, General ...and weights the viewership of that create new documents every day. Sentiment detects the sentiment in document to create the Media each document related to a topic... Value Report WHAT WE DO The General Sentiment Media Value Report (MVR) measures the ‘Purchase Equivalent’ value of a brand’s exposure, as determined by the sentiment, frequency, and exposure of news mentions and social dialogue. This special edition MVR includes Super Bowl- advertised brands and ranks them on a mix of these metrics over the 20-day period concluding the day after the game. The weighting and values we used can be manipulated as variables in customized reports, which are available to our clients (see last page for customization and contact information). HOW WE DO IT General Sentiment uses patent-pending technology based on five years of research conducted at Stony Brook University. The system automatically determines the volume of mentions and sentiment value regarding a brand, company or person. Combining this data with website traffic and online news readership figures, the MVR provides critical insights by determining the purchase- equivalent dollar value of the brand exposure across more than 30 million sources. For this special edition, weighting includes factoring in negative, positive, and neutral contexts at escalating values fixed across all brands. Dollar value is calculated using a fixed value per viewer across all mentions. © General Sentiment, Inc. 2010 2
  3. 3. | MEDIA VALUE REPORT TM SUPER BOWL 2010 GENERAL SENTIMENT INSIGHTS Conversation measurement allows us to monitor the pulse of public attention, and to zero in on the companies and brands advertised on the game telecast. Since each of these brands enjoys some inherent level of measurable conversations and mentions online on an ongoing basis, we have established benchmark levels for each brand (what they would, on average, be achieving in the terms of natural conversation expressed as Media Value over a similar time frame), then looked to see the volume and nature of additional conversations taking place in the weeks leading up to the game and the 48 hour period during and immediately after. To create the overall General Sentiment scorecard, we ranked all advertisers on: 1) total Media Value dollars generated vs. benchmark; and 2) total Media Value change created on a percentage basis vs. benchmark. We then averaged the values of those two rankings to create the overall ranking. Our Top 10 list includes an interesting mix of advertisers who ran commercials that proved popular, and some that were panned; Super Bowl “regulars” who often dial up the creative intensity for this game and are now building digital media extensions to maximize the event; some brands that used the game to essentially introduce themselves to the world, and did so successfully; and a few surprises, including one company whose commercial didn’t clear and thus never aired. COMPANY HIGHLIGHTS Values shown represent incremental Media Value and percentage change vs. brand’s 20-day media value benchmark 1. DORITOS +$2,027,506, +329% SM A year after taking top commercial honors in the USA Today Ad Meter poll behind a creative contribution from its adoring public, Doritos rises to the top of the General Sentiment Super Bowl Media Value ranking this year. While they yielded the Ad Meter top commercial spot this year (finishing #2 with one of the four commercials they aired), the real story for Doritos started well before this year’s game day, when reflections on its bold move to a consumer-created commercial last year kicked off much of the talk about this year’s Super Bowl ads. The more-than-just-TV-ads integration was helped by generous doses of digital and social media events supporting the brand during the weeks leading up to and immediately after the game. 2. HOMEAWAY +$882,324, +994% Bringing the Griswolds to life onscreen in the form of a :30 spot wasn’t the only driver of success for the launch of HomeAway. housed a 15 minute short film that tied in with the commercial, and offered visitors interactive games and a contest with $40,000 in prizes. A Facebook group page and a Clark Griswold fan page has attracted hundreds of thousands of fans, much of it accumulating in the weeks leading up to the game. 3. MANCRUNCH +$623,356, +>1,000% As the world now knows, this would-be advertiser’s spot was rejected by CBS and never aired. Nonetheless, news coverage and social chatter gave the brand a high media profile where virtually none existed before. YouTube views of the rejected spots measure in the millions. Was it strategy or serendipity? By being rejected, has been talked about, viewed, parodied, and become a media darling, generating over $600,000 in Media Value…by not spending up to $3 million to air on the game. © General Sentiment, Inc. 2010 3
  4. 4. | MEDIA VALUE REPORT TM 4. HONDA +$8,319,913, + 83% Honda launched its new Crossover model in September and reportedly lured more than 4,000 fans to its Facebook fan page in one day. But, almost every “fan” posted negative comments. Tweets ran on the sour side as well. The social conversations and news media pickup continued into the Super Bowl season, which included activity around the Consumer Electronics Show and a range of event marketing and tech site ad placements. The “Squirrel” spot that ran in-game was not well received, but it was supported with online tactics such as an MSN home-page takeover, Fox Sports homepage roadblock, and YouTube asthead. Is the sentiment great? No, but the brand is being seen and talked about in high volume. 5. GO DADDY +$1,155,122, +122% SM Judging by the USA Today Ad Meter results, GoDaddy’s creative approach is wearing thin. But, in terms of Media Value surrounding the commercials themselves, the domain name purveyor kept itself among the leaders in leveraging their Super Bowl investment. Teasers and other interest-building tactics were activated, and much of the conversation volume leading up to the game centered on one of the company’s commercials being rejected by the network; curiosity led to spikes in traffic to brand-related content all over the web as consumers sought out the ad they wouldn’t get to see on the game. 6. BRIDGESTONE +$664,282, +160% The official sponsor of the halftime show, Bridgestone primed the pump for its investment by releasing trailers of its two Super Bowl ads before the game, and behind the scenes footage on its web site to spark conversation. The brand’s home page was redesigned to reflect the Super Bowl theme, and included prominent integration of a Twitter feed, Facebook fan page, and YouTube channel (views are in the multi millions). This relatively simple end-to-end integration, together with well-received creative, generated nearly equal amounts of Media Value in the 18-day run-up to the game as in the 48-hour game-day time frame. 7. SNICKERS +$714,854, +127% The Snickers commercial featuring Betty White and Abe Vigoda was a hit with viewers, and Snickers was SM able to parlay its #1 ranking on Ad Meter into a top-10 finish in our ranking. In fact, the brand generated more media value in the Super Sunday-Monday (two-day) timeframe than it did in the entire pre-game period measured (18 days), largely on the strength of broad and swift news outlet pickup. Without the heat generated from the commercial’s success, the brand would have fallen to the middle of the pack in media value. 8. DOCKERS +$538,845, +239% “Tis better to give than to receive…” was it Shakespeare who said that? Or some marketing geek named Corey? Dockers alerted Super Bowl viewers of the free khaki giveaway on their website to land them in the number one and two positions on Google for a 24-hour period from Super Sunday to Quarterback Monday. The freebie is supported by an integrated program that includes smartphone apps, viral tactics, and social media, helping generate some buzz and news coverage for the brand before the ad aired. 9. BUD LIGHT +$1,159,929, +91.3% Bud Light didn’t disappoint with multiple spots throughout the game, all unexpected, but in character, and generally well-received by USA Today poll responders. But the brand’s investment went well beyond TV, including teaser emails announcing the spots and a “big game ads” web site; an assortment of street-level guerilla tactics; and creation of other streaming content. Its Facebook page includes both teasers and outtakes from the commercials. The brand reportedly also has a sponsored link position related to searches for Super Bowl ads that last for two weeks post-game, all of which keeps it atop news coverage of game ads and helps spur organic social conversations, resulting in significant Media Value. 10. FLO TV + $374,850, +266% FloTV vaulted itself from a cool new product known mainly to leading edge technophiles, to the forefront of the mass market. Three ads created for the campaign spotlighted by the Super Bowl appearance included a remix of “My Generation, a song which is tied into Haiti relief fund efforts, which raised the profile and volume of conversations that circled back to FloTV. Views and news coverage of the brand were boosted by two other engaging commercials featuring Jim Nantz and James Brown. This combination of a cause-related aspect, fun spots, and a technology that appears to be the next “what’s next,” has vaulted the brand forward. © General Sentiment, Inc. 2010 4
  5. 5. | MEDIA VALUE REPORT TM SUPER BOWL MEDIA VALUE RANKING The General Sentiment Super Bowl Media Value Rankings are compiled by taking the average of ranks for: 1. Ranking on incremental dollar value generated over the 20-day Super Bowl period vs. the brand’s 20-day benchmark average. 2. Ranking on incremental percentage change in Media Value over the 20-day Super Bowl period vs. the brand’s 20-day benchmark average. Example: a brand that placed 20th in overall dollar change and 8th in overall percentage change would have produced a score of 14 (20 + 8 /2) to arrive at its overall ranking. Total Value expressed is the sum of online sentiment/mentions via news media sources and social media sources. © General Sentiment, Inc. 2010 5
  6. 6. | MEDIA VALUE REPORT TM 2010 SUPER BOWL MEDIA VALUE WINNER: DORITOS Doritos claimed the top spot in the General Sentiment Super Bowl MVR rankings, on the strength of a reasonably strong ongoing online presence that gave it a solid base to activate more conversations. News and social media activity were ignited by a strong in-game presence that worked on two fronts: Frequency (multiple commercials spaced throughout the game), plus Entertainment Value (creative that was well liked by its intended audience and therefore talked about). Doritos earned the top spot by having a good foundation to begin with, then executing better than the competition on game day...kind of like the Saints. SENTIMENT ANALYSIS Doritos maintained its positive sentiment profile throughout the measured period and showed significant spike in volume as a result of its in-game spots, far eclipsing Honda, which owned a significant advantage over the field prior to the game. New players (HomeAway and FloTV) experienced volume upticks post-game and the emergence of positive sentiment profiles. ASSOCIATIONS Rank Name Count 1 Super Bowl 1,200 2 Crash 420 3 House Rules 380 4 Frito-Lay 360 6 Pepsi 300 9 Casket 180 SENTIMENT WORDS HEATMAP The buzz behind Doritos came Positive Negative heavily out of the West Coast all the way into the Rockies, as Important Amateur well as second-level population Attractive Victim centers in the Midwest and Mid- Atlantic. Surprisingly little heat Interesting Ugly was evidenced in the Northeastern Excitement Offensive media centers with the notable Bold Unrealistic exception of the Providence, RI area. New Orleans – home of the Saints – was also a big contributor. © General Sentiment, Inc. 2010 6
  7. 7. | MEDIA VALUE REPORT TM THE EXECUTIVE SENTIMENT DASHBOARD General Sentiment offers its cutting-edge technology as a real-time service: the Executive Sentiment Dashboard. The Media Value Report is generated using the same innovative tools that you can use to get a big-picture, real-time snapshot of public opinion of brands or people important to your business. It’s a perfect overview for the executive level decision maker. PRODUCT FEATURES SENTIMENT INDEX VOLUME TRACKING This is the pulse of public opinion. The sentiment The General Sentiment system is a natural language indicator provides a big-picture view of whether any processor and is able to perform entity disambiguation significant changes in opinion have occurred. Watch and extraction, accurately identifying and tracking all this like a stock-ticker. entity mentions across more than 30 Million sources. Q-SCORE HEAT MAP ASSOCIATIONS Our Partnership with Q-Scores, Heat maps show the geographical The General Sentiment system a leading polling based market representation for media buzz helps discover new relationships research company, allows us to and incorporates the market size by analyzing written associations complement online sentiment of each publication in its region. between entities. results with the benchmark survey metric used for measuring overall consumer appeal. This data is provided as an overlay on our dashboard. © General Sentiment, Inc. 2010 7
  8. 8. | MEDIA VALUE REPORT TM CUSTOMIZE FOR YOUR COMPANY As the old saying goes, “Any publicity is good publicity.” The General Sentiment MVR helps you analyze and value the discussions that are taking place about your product or service every day online. Although this report focuses on brands that advertised on this year’s Super Bowl, the same information and format is available for your own company, covering any time period. After a consultation with our experts, you can customize various aspects of the General Sentiment MVR for an analysis of your company and your competitive marketplace. • Sentiment Weightings – E.g. “Only Positive news is worthwhile to my business.” • Location Value – Specific sources are of particular value to your business. • Visualizations – Geography, sentiment source attribution, timelines, pie-charts, etc. General Sentiment provides a customized weekly report detailing your Media Value updates for the previous week. Monitored regularly, these reports will have a significant impact on decision-making as it optimizes your marketing, advertising, & PR efforts. Analysis for the Super Bowl Media Value Report provided in partnership with Scarlet Heifer, a creative marketing agency that provides provocative brand-to-consumer connections and digital experiences. Scarlet Heifer, 414 Broadway, NY, NY 10013 | | 212.625.3999 CONTACT GENERAL SENTIMENT Contact us at 802-321-0361 or email at SUPERBOWL@GENERALSENTIMENT.COM to discuss your organization’s needs and learn more about what General Sentiment can do for you. © General Sentiment, Inc. 2010 8