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Save the forests ian


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Save the forests ian

  1. 1. By:Ian AndressSAVE THE FORESTS
  2. 2. Why We Should Save Trees The world is being destroyed because of paper We use wood that we don’t even need We litter the paper that we don’t need We soon won’t be able to breath We litter paper and destroy trees
  3. 3. What we have done Jungles are almost extinct We have destroyed trees everywhere
  4. 4. How we can stopDon’t use that much paper, oil plants, cardboard, and anything that uses up trees
  5. 5. picture
  6. 6. People think we shouldlitter to kill trees notsave them
  7. 7. How we can help to save ourenvironment. Please try to help save our environment and try to pick up trash every day. Don’t use so much trees
  8. 8. Please Help Our Trees The End