Better Marketing in the Social Media Era


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Introducing the one resource you'll need if you want to move your marketing to a new level of relevance, proof and real value.

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  • Awesome, the money is in the value you bring to your crowd.
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  • Better Marketing in the Social Media Era

    1. 1. Better Business In Your Social Media Context
    2. 2. It’s A New World Use someone reliable for your: • Presentations and coaching • Marketing plans and content • PR and media programs • Events and special events
    3. 3. The Key To Success In today’s business context: Engage with your • Customers • Prospects • Employees • Community of Supporters And create a culture of Success
    4. 4. What’s everyone looking for? Ownership of their future More faith in themselves -- and the people they work with
    5. 5. HistoryLink Essay: Korean Americans in King County -- A Snapshot History Search Encyclopedia Home | About Us | Fun & Travel | Study Aids | More Links | Contact Us | Sponsors Advanced Search Shortcuts Cyberpedia Library Washington State < Browse to Previous Essay | Browse to Next Essay > History Korean Americans in King County -- A Snapshot Search Encyclopedia History Essay 3251 Cybertours Printer-Friendly Format Slide Shows Korean Americans may be our least visible Asian American ethnic community. Y et this fast-growing Washington Milestones population may also be one of the Puget Sound's most resourceful, energetic, and culturally rich immigrant Frequently Asked groups. In three waves, beginning in 1885, Korean Questions laborers, war brides, students, and professionals have Washington Counties gradually come to the United States. During the 1950s, Korean Americans became an economic force in the Cities and Communities Pacific Northwest, with one-third of Washington's convenience store operators now of Korean descent. Transportation As of 2000, Washington state was home to 46,880 Koreans. Many live in Federal Way, in Seattle's State Ferries University District, in Shoreline, and in Tacoma's Fern Forests Hill neighborhood. What they've brought with them to our region makes for a fascinating story that parallels Rolls of Honor their homeland's turbulent modern history. Johsel Namkung (b. 1919) Seattle and King Co. A Rich Cultural Heritage Courtesy Wing Luke Asian Museum History "..I am very glad for the sake of our country that we Seattle Neighborhoods were pioneers in ... bringing the last of the exclusive countries within the pale of Western civilization." King County Milestones --Commodore Robert W. Schufeldt, principal U.S. negotiator of the May 1882 Treaty of Amity and Commerce. King County Proud of peacefully planting the American flag before Communities a Korean tent at Chemulp'o [Inch'on], the good Seattle Ten-Minute Commodore may have been the first American to History underestimate the resourcefulness, tenacity, and independent spirit of Korean people. He wouldn't be Seattle Thumbnails the last. As Brian Lehrer writes in The Korean Americans, "Korean Americans have been virtually Seattle City Light unknown in the United States for most of this century ... finally it seemed that each airliner arriving from The Seattle Public Seoul brought another immigrant family." Library Despite these new arrivals, and despite the presence of King County First many Korean American citizens, Korean culture and Citizens values are a mystery to most King County residents, even those who do business with Korean merchants More History every day. Most have no idea of the richness of Tacoma Korean cultural heritage. National History (1 of 8) [5/7/2007 11:04:44 AM] They know they can get high quality articles and newsletters, site and marketing content, business programs, PR and media and much more -- when and how they need them!
    6. 6. The Brunswick Exchange August 2003 s for Unity, Attendance, Participation, Involvement, Enthusiasm and Awarenes The National Exchange Club’s 85th Annual Convention In August the inimitable P.J. “Frenchie” Member’s Memories: Blanchard gave Club members a (very detailed) report on the 2003 annual conven- tion, held July 16-19 in beautiful downtown Floyd Faust Birmingham. Exchangite Floyd Faust has been a Club stalwart for decades, and is famous You’ve Arrived In his farewell message, outgoing National President “Gus” Parker of Macon, Georgia for running our popular annual Turkey Shoot. Floyd recently discovered an early . . . if Moon Shepherd Baker is handling your insurance reminded members that ”Believing and connection with his favorite Club. Achieving, It Can Be Done!” In 1954 Floyd was a star hitter and Highlights of the convention included the fielder for the Georgia-Florida League’s Since 1987, Moon Shepherd Baker has provided extraordinary insurance services to many of the recognition of Miss Brittany Adkins Brunswick Pirates. One Pirates game region's top construction and development firms. at Edo Miller Park, between the local (Smyrna, TN) as 2003 National Youth of the Year, and Miss Sarah Brown (Beavercreek team and the Waycross Bears, was OH) as 2003 “Accepting the Challenge of sponsored by the Exchange Club--years Our clients appreciate getting immediate service that far exceeds industry Excellence” youth. before the Club became an important standards. They like getting certificates of insurance in thirty minutes, instead part of Floyd’s still very active lifestyle. of three days. They love letting us do most of the paperwork for them. And Kathleen “Katie” Smith (Owatonna, MN) was named 2003 National Exchangite of the At that “Merchants Night” Game, 5,031 they know they’ll get great customer care, even if it means advising them to Year. folks took advantage of free tickets stick with their current agent. offered by the Club and local merchants. Frenchie said he was quite impressed Fans were treated to a 3-2 victory by with the “Liberty Day Georgia” publication young Floyd and the Pirates; the turnout We're obsessive about having the fastest, highest quality apartment insurance available. That's just handed out at the convention, which set a ballpark attendance record. includes the texts of the Declaration of Inde- one reason major clients call our service "Hands down, the best in the industry!" Floyd’s baseball career was sidelined pendence and Constitution, presented by the Lions Clubs of Georgia, the Georgia Bar later that year by an injury. But by Don't take our word for it. Give us a call at !713" 957#8112 and let us prove it. Foundation, Holtzman Realty (Hinesville) then he was something of a local sports and Publix Supermarket Charities. legend, especially for his batting and base stealing. He went on to coach * Builders Risk * General Liability * Commercial Property * Umbrella Liability The first national convention was held in the county champion softball team for Toledo, Ohio in September, 1917. McDonald’s, and is fondly remembered by countless players and fans. CONTACT Jeremy Truitt, Bill Baker or Damian Rojas for more information at: Newsletter of Contact: Carey “Trip” Giudici The Exchange Club of Brunswick, GA 912.571.1237 / 713.957.8112 / Here are more ways our clients have expanded their markets, built communities, and grown membership . . .
    7. 7.                 Houston, November 10, 2009                  Mr. Carey Giudici,        The IO‐hub team and I would like to thank you very much for your outstanding performance last Friday November  th 6 . We have very much appreciated your methodology and ability to facilitate the process for our group to come  up with a “mantra” to reflect our own identity. It has been a very good team building experience as well. We are  now all sharing a common vision as to what we are looking for in working together and the values we are sharing  and willing to put forward while serving our clients.  We look forward to expanding this work with you in defining a company mission statement and a slogan.    I will certainly not miss an opportunity to mention my appreciation for your work around me and feel free to use  me as a reference if someone wishes to get a feedback from one of your customers.    You have a promising future with your approach and I wish you all the success you deserve.      Kind Regards,                  Philippe Flichy          13731 Camara Lane  Houston, TX 77079 USA   +1 713 464 5305   www.IO‐ . . . and a few more of our great clients.
    8. 8. Now you can build your business around a loyal community to make more money in less time!
    9. 9. It’s time you had more black ink and blue skies . . .
    10. 10. Begin your journey Contact Carey C. Giudici betterwords