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Behavioral targeting is one of the fastest growing online marketing tactics used by marketers today. With this year’s spending reaching over $1 billion and projections for budgets to exceed $2.5 billion by 2010, this powerful approach shows no signs of slowing down. From the old days of pop-ups to the new ways of advertising personalization, we’ve seen behavioral targeting become more advanced and in turn more effective. This event will include interesting facts, powerful strategies, and emerging tactics that will help you accomplish your ultimate marketing objectives with behavioral targeting.

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HiMA Presentation - Specific Media

  1. 1. PRESENTED TO: The Rise of Behavioral Targeting we deliver specific audiences to advertisers December 4, 2008 Paul Oronoz Regional VP, West Coast Sales
  2. 2. What is Behavioral Targeting? PREMIUM • Targets consumers whose recent online behaviors indicate interest in a given product • Focuses on people, rather than content, targeting consumers in a less competitive environment • Among fastest-growing advertising strategies, estimated to reach $3.8B by 2011* 1 2 3 Identify Segment Target Demographic: Males, 18 – 34 Behavioral / Contextual: Sports & Recreation:: Motor Racing:: NASCAR Geographic: CA, TX, NY © Specific Media 2008 *eMarketer, June 2007 Confidential / page 2 www.specificmedia.com
  3. 3. Who Is It? PREMIUM Identify the Pop Star Data Points: Female Great Dancer Great Data Point: Great Dancer Dancer 80s Point: Data Icon Female © Specific Media 2008 Confidential / page 3 www.specificmedia.com
  4. 4. The Magic of Behavioral Targeting PREMIUM y Ad log no ch Te © Specific Media 2008 Confidential / page 4 www.specificmedia.com
  5. 5. Behavioral Targeting Methods PREMIUM Traditional Behavioral Targeting METHOD #1: METHOD #2: • Targets endemic category sites that cater • Collects 1 – 2 data points across a small to particular audience segments network of sites, then segments users LIMITATIONS: LIMITATIONS: • Reaches general rather than specific • Generates profiles based on limited data audiences CAMPAIGN RESULTS: CAMPAIGN RESULTS: • Limited scale • Limited scale • Targeting inaccuracies • Targeting inaccuracies © Specific Media 2008 Confidential / page 5 www.specificmedia.com
  6. 6. Advancements to Behavioral Targeting PREMIUM • Counters inefficiencies of conventional behavioral targeting models • Provides more data points on more consumers online • Increases speed to identify and sort the most valuable data points on consumer profiles • Increases the scale and accuracy of behavioral targeting Behavioral Targeting Technology Overview Behavioral Targeting Overview Behavioral Behaviorally Consumer data Targeting Index targeted ads applied served © Specific Media 2008 Confidential / page 6 www.specificmedia.com
  7. 7. Behavioral Targeting Comparison PREMIUM Conventional Segmentation Advanced Segmentation • Visits travel aggregate site • Requests hotel room quote from travel site • Visits weather site • Reads Couple’s Vacation Getaways article on news site • Searches Las Vegas hotels Travel • Reviews blog about weddings Shopper • Visits Las Vegas wedding site • Located in Los Angeles Vegas Hotel Travel Shopper © Specific Media 2008 Confidential / page 7 www.specificmedia.com
  8. 8. Advance Behavioral Targeting Index: Who Is It? PREMIUM Identify the Basketball Player Data Points: Houston Rockets Chinese National Team Plays Center Data Point: 7’ 6” Great Dancer Female Plays for the NBA Data Point: Male © Specific Media 2008 Confidential / page 8 www.specificmedia.com
  9. 9. Frequently Asked Questions PREMIUM • What differentiates behavioral targeting? Available segments, reach, publisher network, reporting, access to ad server, experience and flexibility. • What insights should you gain from media partners? Profiles on potential customers. • How can you measure online campaign impact? By leveraging ad effectiveness and offline purchase reports. You can also track sales and actions through an ad server. • Where will my ads appear? Ask your rep for a full or partial site list. It is important to note that some publishers restrict networks from full site disclosure. • How do I get started? Evaluate, research and test with an experienced and flexible media partner. © Specific Media 2008 Confidential / page 9 www.specificmedia.com
  10. 10. Behavioral Targeting Recipe For Success PREMIUM Data Network Utilize an extensive data network to ensure scale & accuracy. User-based Behavioral Targeting Employ user-based, not content or site-based behavioral targeting. Retargeting Increase the frequency and reach / activity of your best potential customers. Ensure Positive Brand Associations Partner with a premium network of quality publishers. Share your Goals with your Media Partner Help your partner help you. Let your media partner help with optimization. Test New Segments Explore & test market segments outside assumed behavioral profiles. Dynamically Generated Ads (Advanced) Use your entire catalogue to serve a custom ad for each potential customer. Online and Offline Performance (Advanced) Measure everything, including how your campaign affected offline sales. © Specific Media 2008 Confidential / page 10 www.specificmedia.com
  11. 11. Thank You PREMIUM Paul Oronoz Regional VP, West Coast Sales Specific Media www.specificmedia.com 424.702.1941 / paul@specificmedia.com Ashley Murdter Senior Account Executive Specific Media www.specificmedia.com 214.926.4130 / amurdter@specificmedia.com © Specific Media 2008 Confidential / page 11 www.specificmedia.com