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My experiments with being an open scholar


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Talk given at Professional Development Workshop at OISE Dean's Graduate Conference, March 4, 2010.

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My experiments with being an open scholar

  1. 1. My experiments with being an open scholar Stian Håklev Publishing and Presenting Workshop, OISE, 2011 CC BY
  2. 2. The Open Scholar, as I'm defining this person, is not simply someone who agrees to allow free access and reuse of his or her traditional scholarly articles and books; no, the Open Scholar is someone who makes their intellectual projects and processes digitally visible and who invites and encourages ongoing criticism of their work and secondary uses of any or all parts of it--at any stage of its development. Gideon Burton,
  3. 6. Can we do more?
  4. 14. MA thesis
  5. 36. Being an Open Scholar Improves the quality of your research Increases your connections, reach, opportunities “ Flattens” the world of academia Dont’ have to do all, but try some of it!
  6. 38. Thanks! Stian Håklev [email_address] http://reganmian. net