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Equitable Governance in Multilingual Wikipedia


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Talk given at Critical Points of View - WikiWars conference at Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore, January 2010. NOTE: Audio available here: Video will be added.

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Equitable Governance in Multilingual Wikipedia

  1. 1. ? , ? ? , , ?
  2. 2. Equitable Governance in Multilingual Wikipedia CC BY chargrillkiller @ flickr Stian Håklev, WikiWars, Bangalore January 2010
  3. 3. That’s how many people feel all the time with things going on in English
  4. 4. Some history
  5. 5. Current situation
  6. 6. Many barriers to participation, but this is key!
  7. 7. Not just Wikipedia!
  8. 8. Is/should WP aim to be truly multilingual/ international?
  9. 9. Pragmatic vs. idealist approach
  10. 10. No perfect solution - but let’s be creative and try to improve the situation!
  11. 11. Two kinds of users people who don’t speak English at all people who speak some English, but need support
  12. 12. Background knowledge map of governance processes day to day vs. long-term strategic questions demographics
  13. 13. Online/textual communication Crutches: Already lot’s of online tools to aid reading, but people drown in information. Can we provide indices, ways for them of finding the important discussions/ contributions?
  14. 14. Online/textual communication Non-English speakers: translation, but very demanding. reduce amount of text to be translated reduce number of languages (combine, eliminate) ambassadors and better integration between discussions in different languages
  15. 15. Real-world communications Crutches: Translated Powerpoints, live tweeting/IRC transcripts Better integration between regional conferences, Blogging from conferences in different languages
  16. 16. Thank you! ! ध"यवाद! ! ‫!$#"ا‬ CC BY bitzi @ flickr Stian Håklev,,