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Effective Benefit Plan Administration


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There are many legal liabilities a benefit plan administrator can face if he or she does not properly handle their plan. Here are the most important things to remember as you are acting as teh

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Effective Benefit Plan Administration

  1. 1. Plan Administrators Workshop November 27, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda • 10.00am. Refresh the basics •Enrolments, Terminations, Troubleshooting • 11.00am. Beyond the basics •Maintenance Drugs •EI Premium Reduction Program •Government Benefits •Paramedical Expenditures •Legal Issues • 12.30pm Lunch • 1.30pm Prize Draw • 1.35pm Martin Walker from Co-operators • 2.30pm Trends in Fraud, Drug Laws & OHIP Offloading • 3.00pm Stress-Busting Techniques from Evelyne Mitskopoulos
  3. 3. You are an “agent of theinsurance company”What does that mean?
  4. 4. We have seen Murphy’s Law happenrepeatedly.The rules of insurance are not fun,convenient, or easy to remember, butthey must be followed.
  5. 5. Administration• As the administrator: • Inform Beneplan of any new hires, changes and terminations. •Examples: change in name, marital status, dependents, beneficiary, addition/removal of Co-ordination of Benefits, current address ->most important. • It is important to include the main reasons for any changes made within 31 days of the effective date. •Changes reported more than 31 days after the dates of change may require health evidence of insurability
  6. 6. The Plan Enrollment• It is strongly recommended that you enroll new employees as soon as they are hired, and then Beneplan will be able to track their effective date.• Please avoid enrolling employees or their dependents late.• Employees are eligible to enroll if they satisfy the following: - Must be covered under provincial government health insurance plan. - Must be an active full time employee
  7. 7. Accuracy isParamount
  8. 8. Chooseonly oneoption
  9. 9. Still mustprovide info ondependents(spouse/children) ifhave DGL
  10. 10. The Enrollment Forms•The employer must submit the form no later than 31 days ofsatisfying employee/dependent’s eligibility requirements toBeneplan Administration.Waiving the Waiting Period- In order to waive the waiting period the employee must have hadprevious benefit coverage within 3 months prior to the hire date,specifically life coverage.-The “Application to Waive the Waiting Period” form must becompleted by the employee and submitted to Beneplan.- It is an application, not a request. Do not promise anything tonew employees until you have heard back.
  11. 11. Dependents are covered if… • They are first covered under OHIP or another provincial plan • If the dependant child is under age of 21 not working more than 30 hours a week. • If the dependant is over age 21 but under age 25 and registered as a full time student in Canada. • If the dependant child is permanently incapacitated at any age, proof of infirmity must be submitted within 31 days of the child reaching age 21. • If the dependant’s spouse is a person of the same or opposite sex to whom you are legally married, or which whom you have lived continually in a common-law relationship for more than 12 months and publicly represent as our spouse.
  12. 12. Late Applications
  13. 13. Late Applications• If employees fail to enroll in the Plan within 30 days of meeting the eligibility period, they are deemed to be late applicants• The employee and his/her dependents must submit “Health Evidence Form”• Original form must be submitted to Beneplan for approval by the Co-operators• Additional medical information may be requested• It is possible that some or all of the requested benefits are declined temporarily or permanently
  14. 14. Late Applications • This is one of the most common way which P.A.s create liability for their employers Enrolment Form Submitted With Date Effective Health Benefitsof Hire Date evidence Approved Date of DeathDo you think the insurance company would pay their life insurance claim?
  15. 15. Late Applications Enrolment Form Submitted With Date Effective Health Benefitsof Hire Date evidence Declined You must tell the employee that he/she does not have benefits
  16. 16. Expatriate Coverage:Your employees abroad • Consider if you need to obtain expatriate coverage for them • OHIP is not interrupted when a Canadian leaves country under 180 days • Possible to obtain an extension from OHIP under some circumstances • OHIP does not pay for drugs and dental (unless emergency) • Neither OHIP nor your Out-of-country coverage will pay for routine items (doctors’ visits, etc) • Out-of-country coverage only covers “emergencies” only and lasts 90 days (60 if over 65)
  17. 17. Inpatriate Coverage:Foreign employees coming to work for you • Group health insurance plan only covers employees who have OHIP or provincial HIP • When people arrive to Canada, they must wait 3 months before OHIP is effective • If you want to provide health insurance to them in that 3 month window, you must purchase it from a separate company • • 1-800-379-9628
  18. 18. Out of Country Coverage • Absolutely critical to call the number on their out of country card before paying the any foreign medical provider • Upon calling, the insurance company negotiates a fair market price with the medical provider • If they are not called, it is possible the employee will be overcharged and not be able to claim the full amount upon return to Canada • Communicate this to all employees
  19. 19. Many Hospitals are For-Profit$70,000 4-night hospital stay in PA(motorcycle accident)$15,000 1-day hospital visit in LV(ear infection)$30,000 4-night hospital stay in India(Owner of company said, “What? I am from thatpart of the world. I can buy a hospital for $30,000”).Fair market pricing appliesCanadians are frequently overcharged
  20. 20. Terminations / Non ActiveEmployees • The employee quits or resigns with notice - The termination date would be the last day worked. • The employee is being fired for cause - Terminate the coverage on the day the employee is fired. • Voluntary leave of absence - The company may choose to suspend or extend benefits during the absence. - Let us know before you offer to extend benefits. - Your decision must be communicated in writing to the employee. - If the company chooses to extend benefits, the company must apply for a Letter of Agreement (LOA).
  21. 21. Terminations / Non ActiveEmployees • Company Lay off – the layoff expected to be less than 13 weeks • The Employment Standards Act (ESA) states that companies that lay employees off temporarily up to 13weeks, are not deemed to have terminated these employees; • In this case, the company may choose to suspend benefits during such layoff or may choose to extend benefits during the layoff. • If the company chooses to extend such coverage, the company must apply for a Letter of Agreement (LOA). • All benefits, with the exception of short/long-term disability, out-of- country coverage and weekly indemnity can be continued, up to 13 weeks. After 13 weeks, only health & dental may be covered, up to 35 weeks. • This must be documented by the way of LOA.
  22. 22. Terminations / Non ActiveEmployees• Company Layoff – the layoff expected to be more than 13 weeks - The Employment Standards Act (ESA) states that companies that layemployees off for longer than 13 weeks, the employees are not deemedterminated if the company extends all their benefits. - In this case the company must apply for a Letter of Agreement (LOA). - All benefits, with the exception of short/long-term disability and out-of- country coverage can be continued, for a period of up to one year. This must be documented by the way of LOA.
  23. 23. Terminations6. Benefits during the notice periodThe ESA requires that all benefits, including disability, must continue,whether the employee is actively working or not, for the number ofweeks, set out by the Employment Standards Act (ESA) For Ontario: Working for 3 months or more; less than 1 year (1 week) 1 year or more; less than 2 years (2 weeks) 3 years or more; less than 4 years (3 weeks) 4 years or more; less than 5 years (4 weeks) 5 years or more; less than 6 years (5 weeks) 6 years or more; less than 7 years (6 weeks) 7 years or more; less than 8 years (7 weeks) 8 years or more (8 weeks)
  24. 24. Terminations / Non ActiveEmployees Ask us before you offer a package! • Severance - Extension of benefits beyond the “Notice Period” requires legal documentation between the employer and the insurance carrier. - All benefits would be extended, with the exclusion of any disabilities (short or long) and out-of-country coverage (on health). - The employer must inform Beneplan if they wish to extend benefits beyond the termination date or notice period. - An LOA is required in this case. • Survivor Benefits - In the event of an Employees death, the coverage for an insured dependent with respect to extended health care and dental benefits will continue for usually two more year. - Premiums are paid entirely by the employer.
  25. 25. Other Leaves-per the EmploymentStandards Act (ESA) Compassionate Leave (Family Medical Leave) • Under the ESA the employee is eligible to family medical leave up to eight weeks job-protected leave. • The coverage will be extended for all benefits in effect prior to the leave. Employers must continue paying their share of benefits premiums.
  26. 26. Other Leaves-per the EmploymentStandards Act (ESA) Pregnancy/Maternity/Paternity Leave • Under the ESA where an employee takes maternity/paternity leave, the employer must keep all of the benefits that were in force prior to the leave. • If premiums for WI and LTD are paid during maternity/parental leave, the employee will be eligible for disability coverage. • If premiums are not paid, there would be no disability coverage. • No letter of agreement is required here. What if the employee pays a portion of the benefits? • Employee must continue to pay during leave • Usually done by sending cheques to the order of the Employer • If he/she does not pay, send 2-3 letters of warning before cutting off the benefit • However, we recommend you continue paying the premium anyway, and thus continuing the disability benefit, to protect against the worst case scenario
  27. 27. Other Leaves-per the EmploymentStandards Act (ESA)• Emergency Leave - Under the ESA if the employee is entitled to personal emergency leave then the employee will be on an unpaid, job-protected leave of up to 10 days each calendar year. - The employer must continue benefits while an employee is on personal leave.• Vacation Periods Extended - If the employee on vacation (either in or out of country) and the employer decides to allow the employee to extend the employee’s vacation, then coverage for all benefits would continue to be in force, depending upon the duration. - No letter of agreement is required here.
  28. 28. Sick Leave Sick Leave - Under the ESA if the employee is on sick leave or short term disability then he/she has the right to continue with their employment contract. When an employee needs to take extended time off: 1. Notify Beneplan 2. Fill out an ROE for EI sickness benefits – select the appropriate box 3. While the employee is on STD, start to apply for LTD – get forms from Beneplan 4. LTD waiting period is 4 months (usually) 5. If sick leave is extended, apply for Life Waiver of Premium – ask Beneplan 6. If they come back to work, notify Beneplan again 7. Keep him/her on benefits for the first 6 months – refer to your booklet to see how long they stay on benefits 8. While they’re on benefits, they’re required to continue to keep paying their portion of the premium 1. If they fail to do so, you can terminate them from benefits, but must give ample notice first (similar to maternity leave)
  29. 29. ...but it’s the employer’s choice
  30. 30. Not Actively At Work • “NAAW” employees are not covered for benefits • If an employee dies while NAAW, insurance company declines life claim • Spouse usually sues all parties and usually wins a settlement • Prevent this by letting us know as soon as someone goes off work
  31. 31. What to do with unusual situations 1. Let us know as soon as possible 2. Ask us before you offer a benefit package in severance 3. Communicate clearly with employee the risks in writing 4. Follow the rules of insurance
  32. 32. New Rules for AD&D and CI• The federal budget presented on March 29th, 2012, outlines a new rule which requires employers to include Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) and Critical Illness (CI) premiums with employee’s taxable incomes.• If the employer is paying for the AD&D and CI benefit, employee must pay tax on premiums• Starts in 2013 – so the T4s you prepare for 2013 in late 2013/early 2014 must include these amounts under ‘taxable benefits’• Includes contributions you make from March 29-Dec 31/2012 for benefit coverage in 2013 (to avoid loophole)• For Quebec employees, this only impacts federal income tax. There is already a provincial rule which considers these benefits.
  33. 33. New Rule for Weekly Indemnity• Starting in 2013, benefits paid out for self-insured short term disability (weekly indemnity) plans will now be subject to CPP and EI deductions in addition to the income tax it is already subject to.• If you have STD/WI with Beneplan, we will take care of that for you
  34. 34. Don’t Forget…• Life insurance (including DGL*) is a taxable benefit – add to T4s• Employees must pay if LTD benefit is non-taxable upon collection• If LTD benefit is non-taxable, and you do not charge employees for their portion of the premium, you must add the premium onto T4s• New dependents, beneficiaries, etc*Dependent Group Life
  35. 35. Update salaries immediately• If you have a plan where benefits such as Life or LTD are calculated as a % of income (e.x. Life is 2x income; LTD is 66.67% of salary), you must report new salaries• There have been cases where the plan administrator forgets to update salaries, an employee becomes disabled, and the salary on file is $50,000 – but he is actually now making $80,000.• The insurance company paid based on what is on file. Further, LTD premiums are dependent on volume of coverage.• The employee sued for the difference.
  36. 36. While on Long Term Disability (LTD) - No premium for LTD• In case an LTD claim is approved or in case of total disability of an employee as a result of accident, sickness or disease where no LTD coverage is available, the employee maybe eligible for premium waivers of life, AD&D and/or DGL if covered.• Your employer should have a benefit coverage policy that allows the disabled employee to continue health and dental benefit for a particular period of time as spelled out in the policy. Beneplan inserts this automatically, but you have authority over this clause.Applying for Life Insurance Conversion• Within 31 days of group life insurance termination, the employee may obtain an individual policy with The Co-operators without providing evidence of good health.• The employee has to call a Co-operators agent to do so.
  37. 37. Troubleshooting Claims • It is important to note here that no claim will be accepted or processed if submitted after 12 months of service date. • Has the pharmacist entered the Carrier Code instead of the Group Policy #? •The carrier code means the insurance company •The carrier code for dental is 606258; for drugs, it’s 97 •These are not the group policy #s
  38. 38. Troubleshooting Claims • What is the error message? •“This person is not covered” •Are all names spelled correctly? •Is the address the same? •Has your dependent recently turned 21? • “This benefit is not covered” •Call 1-800-667-8164 or log online to to find out maximums • If you still experience issues, have the pharmacy call 1-866- 394-3648 or have the dentist call 1-800-667-8164 for help. • Pay and submit a Claim Form to be reimbursed.
  39. 39. Maintenance Drugs• When you begin a new drug, insurance companies dispense 30- day-supply for the first 2 dispenses, then a 90-day supply• Reason: they anticipate drug switching• This eliminates wastage• If you’d like a 90-day, call 1-800-667-8164• They’ll adjust your record• Tell your pharmacist how much of a supply you want
  40. 40. EI Premium Reduction ProgramEmployment Insurance (EI)EI is second payer to any employer-sponsored wage lossreplacement plan.The wage loss replacement plan may be either insured or self-insured.The government recognizes that utilization will be less under EIwhen an employer plan is in place, therefore they introduce thePremium Reduction Program.
  41. 41. EI Premium Reduction Program A program which is designed to reduce the employer’s EI premiums payable if that employer provides wage loss replacement coverage that meets Human Resources and Skills Development Canada’s requirements To be considered for premium reduction, a plan that provides short-term disability benefits must: - provide at least 15 weeks of benefits; - match or exceed the level of benefits provided by EI; - pay benefits to employees after 14 days of illness or injury; - be accessible to employees within 3 months of hiring; - cover employees on a 24-hour-a-day basis. - pass on the savings to employees for their portion
  42. 42. This amount must be passed onto employeesCompany Party / Cash / Benefit Plan …Src:
  43. 43. How EI Sickness and WI programs interact• The WI program is a replacement for EI sickness benefit• You elect to have one or the other• If you wish to keep the EI sickness program, but you don’t like their maximums, or their waiting periods, it’s possible to co-ordinate both benefits by using the supplementary unemployment insurance sickness benefit (SUB)• The SUB plan must be registered with EI• The SUB plan needs to be drafted to indicate exactly what’s offered• EI requires a 2-week waiting period, the SUB plan can make payments during these 2 weeks without interfering with EI sickness plan• EI would offset some payments from the employer, however, if a SUB plan is in place, EI will not offset any top-up payments to improve the maximum
  44. 44. Government BenefitsOther Ontario Health Programs Trillium Drug Program (TDP): - Was designed to assist Ontario residents who have high prescription drug costs in relation to their net household income. - Eligible drugs are listed in the Formulary. - Additional drugs may be eligible if approved through the ministry’s Exceptional Access Program. New Drug Funding Program for Cancer Care (NDFP): - Was formally approved in May 1997. - It is administered by Cancer Care Ontario, on behalf of the ministry, and provides about 75% of the overall funding for new and approvedintravenous cancer drugs administered in hospitals. - The other 25% is for older drugs which were approved prior to the creation of the NDFP and is covered by the hospitals’ budgets.
  45. 45. What if Trillium rejects me forcoverage?1. Make an appeal to the Exceptional Access Program (EAP)2. If that doesn’t work, call the drug manufacturer to explain your plight and ask to help subsidize the cost. This sort of ‘negotiation’ happens more often than you’d think.3. If all else fails, write to the Toronto Star and hope that your exposure, or response from an editor, can help get you an exception from the EAP
  46. 46. Legal IssuesRisks which fall under your scope ofresponsibility as plan administrator
  47. 47. #1 Rule: Let Beneplan Know• There is an infinite amount of unusual and technical situations which could put you on the hook• Always double-check everything with Beneplan• It’s our job to know the fine print of your 100-page contract inside & out “Someone we laid off in February just died. I forgot to tell you but I’m telling you now. What do we do?” “We want to lay some people off – before we do, what are the rules of benefits around layoffs?”
  48. 48. Case: Disabled Employee vs. Employer• Employee developed MS slowly over a period of 3 years• Employee asked employer “should I start applying for LTD?” * Employer said “Don’t worry about it right now.”• Employee continued to pay LTD premiums• Employee got worse and could no longer work full time.• Employee submits the LTD claim form but is rejected on grounds of “partial disability”• Employee sues employer, Manulife, Unum, Beneplan• Judge placed blame on Employer (plan administrator)• Manulife and Unum were not at fault, but Judge said “yeah, but…you’re the insurance company.” Implying, ‘in reality, you have money, and you can afford to help out.’• We’ve seen this mentality with judges countless times applied to employers as well * Here is where the P.A. could have called Beneplan to avoid the suit
  49. 49. Your Duty of Care• If an employer sees than an employee is about to do something legal under normal circumstances, but indeed that employee could be causing harm to themselves, the employer has a duty of care to warn the employee
  50. 50. “Ought to have known”• If an employee is acting in a certain fashion that under normal circumstances indicates that they’re facing a problem then the employer, then the employer, having the duty of care to inform, cannot hide behind the expression “I did not know.”• In the common law, employers “ought to have known” if there is enough circumstantial evidence.
  51. 51. Lesson • Plan administrators have a positive duty to accurately and fully disclose to plan members all info that might reasonably be expected to affect employee’s benefits • Silence can be held against you
  52. 52. Refusal of Benefits • Life insurance and Long Term Disability should be mandatory or a condition of employment • We’ve seen: •An employee opt out of all benefits (incl Life) •…Pass away •…Spouse sues employer •…Spouse wins settlement
  53. 53. Refusal of Benefits • Some new law firms are targeting these cases specifically • Intent to go after the plan sponsors (not insurers) for failing to perform duties as plan administrators • Make these benefits mandatory and avoid refusals altogetherSource: Dave Patriarche, Mainstay Insurance Brokerage Inc.
  54. 54. Prize Draw
  55. 55. Martin WalkerThe Co-operators Life Insurance Co.
  56. 56. OHIP OffloadingHow to protect your plan against spikes in claims
  57. 57. Cancer drugs becoming OralPlease put in a cap on your prescription drugs
  58. 58. Prescription Drug Fair Market Pricing• Pharmacists lost a significant amount of profit when Ontario Minister of Health Deb Matthews outlawed kickbacks for generic drugs• The government left unregulated the amount which pharmacists can mark up drugs to the general public• We’ve seen a steady increase in the mark-up of prescription drugs• If there was no mark-up, the pharmacy would have to charge $20 dispensing fees. That’s the true cost of running that business.
  59. 59. Prescription Drug Fair Market Pricing• Your plan members are only reimbursed the fair market price by The Co-operators• Solutions •Educate employees to negotiate or switch pharmacies •Preferred pharmacies (Alliance Pharmacy Group) •Custom drug formularies (In the works with Beneplan & Co- operators)
  60. 60. 2012 Fraud Trends• 10-30% of claims are fraud / ‘innocent’ gaming the ‘system’• We hear your employees call and ask “how can I alter this claim so that it’s paid even though I don’t have coverage?”• Mentality of ‘oh well, insurance companies have tons of money.’• It’s important that your employees realize that your employer is footing the bill – not the insurance company.• If they are taking advantage of anyone, it is their employer.• Escalating benefit costs are not sustainable, and will only lead to benefit cuts.• We are willing to conduct info-sessions to communicate this & also encourage people to use, but not abuse
  61. 61. 2012 Fraud Trends• Dental receptionists submitting false claims• Dentists up-coding for treatment• Pharmacists fabricating claims – RCMP gets involved if it’s ODB• Head of fraud detection at OHIP told us off the record that they’ve uncovered more fraud as a result of new pharmacy regulations• Paramedicals rife with fraud, especially compression hose & orthotics• Entire mafia rings dedicated to paramedical fraud •White collar crime is more lucrative, less physically dangerous, and lower penalties if caught
  62. 62. How Fraud Starts I can get you a $400 store credit for free. Just get a prescription from a chiropractor for compression hose. I’ll give you a receipt for compression hose, which you claim through your benefits. Then you can buy $400 worth of products from me.Drug Store We have an If you put RMT on staff. If through $2,500 you put in claims from through a $500 my wellness claim for centre, I’ll give massage, we’ll you a $500 cash give you a $500 kickback. spa credit.Chiropractor Spa
  63. 63. How to combat Paramedical fraud?• Request the benefit(s) you are concerned about to be subject to pre-approval• This cuts down paramedical expenditures by 2/3rds• This leaves room for you to grant more money to the people who truly need it vs. those who use it “just because”• 2 pairs of custom orthotics for $60 at Costco• Can direct Beneplan to pay these claims for you
  64. 64. Narcotic Abuse • Narcotics Monitoring System implemented by the government in May 2012 • Sends red flag immediately to pharmacist if there was poly-pharmacy or double-doctoring • Generic OxyContin has been allowed for sale, and we will monitor claims usage
  65. 65. Questions?1.800.387.1670x226 Evelyne Mitskopoulos paramedicals@beneplan.netx249 Vincenza Principato vinenza@beneplan.netx252 Yafa Sakkejha yafa@beneplan.netTwitter @Beneplan
  66. 66. Natural Stress RemediesEvelyne Mitskopoulos, Director of Wellness, Beneplan Inc. 1-800-387-1670 X 226
  67. 67. Definition of StressThe confusion created when one’s mindoverrides the body’s basic desire to choke theliving daylights out of somebody whodesperately needs it. Evelyne Mitskopoulos, Director of Wellness, Beneplan Inc. 1-800-387-1670 X 226
  68. 68. “Stress” refers to any reaction to a physical,mental, or emotional stimulus that upsets thebody’s natural balance.People, bills, work, noises, extremetemperatures, pain, illness, trafficStress is an unavoidable part of life. Evelyne Mitskopoulos, Director of Wellness, Beneplan Inc. 1-800-387-1670 X 226
  69. 69. 2/3 of doctor visits are for stress-relatedailments90% of diseases are stress relatedIf you control your stress, you controlyour immunity to disease Evelyne Mitskopoulos, Director of Wellness, Beneplan Inc. 1-800-387-1670 X 226
  70. 70. Stress Symptoms• Fatigue • GI disorders• Low energy • Headaches• Mood swings • Tooth-grinding• Appetite changes • Need alcohol to calm down• Insomnia • Shallow breathing• Lowered sex drive • Nervous twitches• Heart palpitations • Cold hands• Memory problems • High blood pressure• Lack of concentration • Muscle aches or back problems Evelyne Mitskopoulos, Director of Wellness, Beneplan Inc. 1-800-387-1670 X 226
  71. 71. Results in “fight or flight” response due toincreased production of adrenal hormones.Body steps up its metabolism of proteins, fats and carbs to quickly produce energy. Evelyne Mitskopoulos, Director of Wellness, Beneplan Inc. 1-800-387-1670 X 226
  72. 72. •Increased secretion of adrenaline•Elevation of blood pressure•Acceleration of heartbeat•Greater tension in muscles•Digestion slows down or stops, fats andsugars are released from stores•Cholesterol levels rise•Composition of blood changes slightly(clotting)•Release of cortisone and cortisol (suppressesimmune system) Evelyne Mitskopoulos, Director of Wellness, Beneplan Inc. 1-800-387-1670 X 226
  73. 73. ParasympatheticNervous SystemPuts the body at restso that it canstimulate sexualarousal, salivation,urination,lacrimation (tears)and digestion Evelyne Mitskopoulos, Director of Wellness, Beneplan Inc. 1-800-387-1670 X 226
  74. 74. Don’t worry, be happy (Yeah, right)Evelyne Mitskopoulos, Director of Wellness, Beneplan Inc. 1-800-387-1670 X 226
  75. 75. Nutrient DeficiencyResponse causes excretion of amino acids,potassium and phosphorus, depletes Mg inmuscle tissue, stores less calcium & more•Poor nutrient absorption, and unable toreplace them adequately• Free radical damage, slows healing, wearsout body, increases susceptibility to illness
  76. 76. Daily rituals to beat stressEvelyne Mitskopoulos, Director of Wellness, Beneplan Inc. 1-800-387-1670 X 226
  77. 77. Exercise – vigorous walk is all you need
  78. 78. Meditate & Breathe Deeply.Set the day’s tone firstthing in the morning.
  79. 79. Diet of 7 servings of fruits & vegetables takes the stress off your digestive system
  80. 80. Lots of Hydration to support brain function & forkidneys to rid the body of waste & toxins
  81. 81. Sleep – less than 6 hours leaves you slower& irritable (7-9 is ideal) Evelyne Mitskopoulos, Director of Wellness, Beneplan Inc. 1-800-387-1670 X 226
  82. 82. LaughIt releasesendorphinswhich is anatural stressbuster and givesthe heart musclea good workout.Don’t take lifetoo seriously!
  83. 83. Have an“attitude ofgratitude” –livingthankfullyevery dayreduces stress
  84. 84. Recommendations•Don’t ignore hunger, thirst or exhaustion•Eat diet of 50-75% raw foods•Avoid processed foods, artificial sweeteners,preservatives, carbonated soft drinks, chocolate,fried foods, junk foods, sugar, white flourproducts, limit red meat•Limit or eliminate caffeine, alcohol, tobacco•Have a regular time out → solitude Evelyne Mitskopoulos, Director of Wellness, Beneplan Inc. 1-800-387-1670 X 226
  85. 85. Brain-Gut Connection•Were now discovering that the composition of thismicroflora has a profound impact on your health. Forexample, we now know that your intestinal bacteriainfluences your:•Genetic expression•Immune system•Brain development, mental health, and memory•Weight and chronic & acute diseases•Take probiotics daily to balance gut flora Evelyne Mitskopoulos, Director of Wellness, Beneplan Inc. 1-800-387-1670 X 226
  86. 86. Supplements•GABA – 600 to 750 mg, 2X daily•Complex B Vitamins – 100 mg daily•Plus extra pantothenic acid B5 – 500 mg daily•Vitamin C – 3,000 mg daily•Calcium – 2,000 mg daily•Magnesium – 600-1,000 mg daily•Zinc – 50-80 mg daily•Sleep: Melatonin – 1.5 mg daily, taken 2 hours beforebedtime. If not effective, increase gradually to 5 mg. Evelyne Mitskopoulos, Director of Wellness, Beneplan Inc. 1-800-387-1670 X 226
  87. 87. HerbsHoly Basil1,000 mg dailyKava kavaRelaxes the mind and bodyPassionflowerCalmingSkullcapFor nervous disordersValerianKeeps nervous system from beingoverwhelmed and powerful sleep aidChamomileNerve tonic, sleep aid(do not take if allergy to ragweed) Evelyne Mitskopoulos, Director of Wellness, Beneplan Inc. 1-800-387-1670 X 226
  88. 88. “We’ve got 1000 different diagnoses and diseases out there. They’re just the weak link. They’re all the result of one thing: stress.If you put enough stress on the chain and you putenough stress on the system, then one of the links will break.” -Dr. Ben Johnson Evelyne Mitskopoulos, Director of Wellness, Beneplan Inc. 1-800-387-1670 X 226
  89. 89. Request Evelyne to visit your office forwellness presentations and speak toemployeesEvelyne Mitskopoulos C.N.P.Director of Wellness1.800.387.1670