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Wire woven heart pendant


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1. File both ends of the 18G Wire, Straighten it with a polishing cloth, then bend it at about a 90 degree angle at 4 inches from one end.

2. Place the Sharpie Marker on the Outside of the angle, on the shorter side of the wire and bring the wire around the marker to create an open loop.

3. Using your mandrel, create an open loop i the longer side of the wire.

4. Bring the shorter end of the wire from the bottom, up around the longer side and press the wire down to the small side of the heart shape.

5. Bring the longer side of the wire around the bend you just created, towards the bigger side of the heart shape until the gap between the two is about 3mm. Unhook the two wires as shown and hammer the heart shape slightly to sturdy it.

6. Wrap one end of the 26 ga. wire twice around the longer end of your frame about 2mm from the bend. Bring the long end of the wire under the side and wrap it around once. Bring the weaving wire up and feed it down the right arm of the frame.

7. Wrap the wire around the right arm of the heart once, then back up under the other side again. Continue weaving like this, moving the outer wire close against the heart shape as you go.

8. Continue weaving until you reach the top bend of the heart frame, then trim the excess weaving wire and bend it against the frame.

9. Use your round nose pliers to create a small loop at the end of the wire, then contune curling in to create a spiral in the big curve of the heart frame.

10. Trim the short arm of the fram to about 1.25 in. Then hook it through the gap i the bottom of the woven side. Bend it back against the short side and create a small loop. Continue curling into a spiral.

11. Attach a jump ring to the top of the heart and add a chain to wear as a necklace!

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Wire woven heart pendant

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