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Origins of Opal


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A brief description of the gemstone Opal. Describes different types, meaning and origin of opals.

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Origins of Opal

  1. 1. a gemstone that consists of silica and water, typically semitransparent and shows varying colors against a dark background
  2. 2.  Australia produces 97% of the opal in the world Ethiopia just had a new source discovered in 2008 Mexico has one of the oldest opal mines Opal comes from many places…
  3. 3. Tesfay Desta is a miner from Ethiopia who mines opal. He visits both Europe and the United States to sell his opals. This is how opal looks in its original form. This particular piece is an 8 ton piece of opal from Australia. It is worth over $1 million.
  4. 4. This is Ethiopian Opal ready to be cut This is cut Ethiopian opal ready to be polished This is a different angle of Australian opal in its natural form. Ethiopian opal is similar when it is still mixed with rock. Ethiopian Opal
  5. 5. Mexican Fire Opal When the opal is not able to be extracted or is not of sufficient quality, they are cut into egg shapes. At this location, vendors sale the Mexican Fire Opal by the jar in both cut and uncut material.
  6. 6. Opal inspires and fosters love, passion, loyalty, and spontaneity. It can also help promote self-esteem, concentration and healing. Each color and type of opal has a more in depth meaning as well. Opal Stone Meaning Opals in jewelry are best by themselves or paired with diamonds. Finished opal cabochons ready for jewelry