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How to Make a Chic Cluster Bracelet


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Chic Cluster Bracelet Tutorial

Materials Needed:
• 18 gold flat head pins
• 24 gold square beads
• 4 small gold beads
• 2 medium gold beads
• 7 teal pearl beads
• 2 small pearl beads
• 2 medium pearl beads
• 1 large pearl bead
• 11 gold doubled coil jump rings
• Stretch magic
• flat nose pliers
• wire cutters
• round pointed pliers

Step 1:
Thread your gold square beads onto your string and after 7 or 8, start adding a jump ring in-between each bead

Step 2:
It should look like this

Step 3:
Thread your medium pearl onto a head pin and cut about an inch off

Step 4:
Use your round nose pliers to create a loop

Step 5:
Repeat steps 3-4 with your remaining beads

Step 6:
Begin adding your beads to each jump ring in a random pattern

Step 7:
Use your rounded pliers to add your pearls for good support

Step 8:
Your cluster should begin looking like this

Step 9:
Continue adding more beads to your cluster

Step 10:
Your cluster should look like this when all beads have been added

Step 11:
Cut off access string and tie a secure knot

Step 12:

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